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Rant-O-Matic of the Day: What Are You Prepared to Do?

You might notice that when Antifa tries things outside their comfort zone, it doesn’t go well for them.

So you’re not going to lose ALL the fights, nor even most of them. Berzerkely, Boston, etc., are probably not going to go well for you though.

In case this wasn’t obvious, Charlottesville had an unfriendly mayor, unfriendly cops, unfriendly state police, unfriendly governor, and was ground zero for tens of thousands of leftists at the university. And it’s a lazy two-hour drive from D.C.

Let’s, by all means, hold an outright Klan rally there, and see how many normies are willing to get beat up for their right to free speech, shall we?

And BTW, let’s do not one single fucking thing to think this through pro-actively, even though we’ll have two months to get our shit in one bag.

And, oh yeah, let’s have the whole fustercluck organized by an (until 5 minutes ago) Occupy! organizer and Clinton/Obama supporter.

That will turn out well. And when it explodes in our faces, let’s let Lucy tee up the football for another try.

As I noted elsewhere, I have diligently perused every dead-tree and electronic list of pre-apocalyptic “Things To Do To Prepare For ________” that I could find.

By a strange coincidence, on exactly NONE of them, did I find listed nor explained, the entry “Protect Confederate monuments”.

If your list is different somehow, explain that one to me. Please show your work.

The Leftards’ 10-month crybaby hissyfits weren’t working for them – not once – and in fact was making them an object of scorn, mockery, and public derision, including from their own nominal supporters, until dumbasses showed up to play the Washington Generals to Antifa’s Harlem Globetrotters in Charlottesville.

Do what you can, not what you can’t. And if you’re going to f*** it up, for the sake of everything, try not to do your spectacular faceplant in front of God and everyone.

And that’s directed at everyone to whom it applies, not merely you, Comment writer, although you asked.

You or whomever, read the four links I posted in this post.
(Just to make it easy: hereherehere, and here.)
Make a farking list.
Then make a no-shit analysis of what you can do, and from there tell me what you should do, to get to where you can accomplish what you want to do.
This isn’t hard at all, if folks just go in order.

Then start looking at list of what to look at after you get beyond one person:
and here.

There are no short-cuts. Folks can continue to do this half-witted, half-cocked, and half-assed, and marvel at the results.

Or, they can do it by the numbers, and get marvelous results.

My suggestion only has a century or two or warfare (“a continuation of politics, by other means” -von Clausewitz) in support of the theorem.

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  • Howard Nelson August 23, 2017, 5:42 PM

    The Raconteur knows: if you let them cow you, they’ll milk you.

  • ghostsniper August 23, 2017, 7:44 PM

    “What Are You Prepared to Do?”

    As usual, in all things, a little more than is required.
    Learn that early and practice it always and you’ll create the game rather than chase it.

    Regarding the american communists, the very LAST thing they want to do is show up around here.
    We keep our fuses trimmed very short and pre-lit at all times.
    The gov’t/media clown show can coddle them all they want but out here in Realville they’ll get head slammed and hole punched pronto. Bet on it. (the female pseudo-vipers get a double dose and gang raped with baseball bats just because) Stay away.

  • Guildofcannonballs August 23, 2017, 8:42 PM

    I gots to be me.

    Twain called me The American and I don’t aim to be letting him down none, no sir.

    Think of me as Bob Duvall in Days of Thunder. Be me.

  • Casey Klahn August 23, 2017, 9:26 PM

    There was a happy series of wins where the Right defeated Antifa in detail. Berkley, Portland, DC. Then came the event derided by Raconteur: Charlottesville. It was analogous to a Kasserine Pass moment where the forces aligned against Antifa walked into a big circular ambush. All of a sudden Antifa had its SWT (ends with Tight, middle word is Wired – you get me), and now as a result they are getting an infusion of money to buy gas masks and AR-15s like they sported in Phoenix.
    The author is correct to deride the players at Charlottesville. Antifa did a good move for themselves: they organized their enemy into the group they could defeat, and who would now permanently tar all of the Right as Racists.
    Erwin Rommel himself would be proud of Antifa in this.
    Best to give them the field, for now. Pick better ground for the next battle.

  • Jim in Alaska August 24, 2017, 8:48 AM

    On the other hand;
    First they destroyed the confederate statues .
    I am not a confederate statue
    So I said and did nothing.

  • Old Surfer August 24, 2017, 3:59 PM

    It was a set up from the git-go. The organizer was an Obama stooge who earlier helped Organize the Wall Street camp outs. The useful idiots on the right just walked into it, tiki torches and all. Follow Ol Remus’ advice, stay away from crowds and let the left self destruct blue on blue.

  • R Daneel August 24, 2017, 6:34 PM

    re: Charlottesville. If you think this was AntiFa vs. the Right or alt-right or right anything, I got a bridge in Arizona to sell you. It is used but only lightly.

    Charlottesville was a set-up: “And, oh yeah, let’s have the whole fustercluck organized by an (until 5 minutes ago) Occupy! organizer and Clinton/Obama supporter.”

    And all the ‘smartestest’ folks bit for it hook-line-and-sinker. You been had. Think Reichstad Fire.