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LVPD Body Cam

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  • Casey Klahn October 5, 2017, 6:46 AM

    Canadian man hit in the back of the head; the bullet tumbled along the skull and exited. Analysis: not an FMJ, but a civilian type expanding round. Low caliber. It had the energy of a “mallet blow.” Mr. Paddock got his best hit, a head shot, but it didn’t take.
    re: Michael Savage audio of the woman who heard multiple shooters and rumored a shooter in the crowd: I’m hearing echoes of a single shooter in some videos. Varying the pitch because of echo, and he did use different weapons. In WW II, if you were in the water, and the Jap zeroes were firing, the effective feeling was that they were hunting you in particular (first-hand account to me). In a violent, chaotic situation, your mind will “grow” a hunter, and perhaps esp. if the danger is overhead like that.
    Mark Steyn and Dan Bongino make the most sense to me this morning. However, the sheriff in Clark County is tipping some info and I think he’s doing it to reconnoiter the data set out there in the ether. Cunning cop. It’s a combination of something he knows, and much he wants to find out.
    I get that Paddock was “smart,” and that he planned ahead, and his tactical vantage point was good. Motive, please.
    BTW, I will concede to other commenters here that the holes in the story make for curiosity, and are telling in themselves. A hunter uses deductive reasoning to “tell” what the deer or the coyote is doing, and what he will do. A detective asks questions and makes suppositions, but allows for the data to rule out unlikely story lines.
    What is his NRA membership number? Where are his voting records? per Mark Steyn: even a deep spy agency would create a cover social media milieu to not draw attention to an individual. His totally dark web presence is creepy and unbelievable.

  • Mike G. October 5, 2017, 7:37 AM

    Or the lack of social media could be because in some ways, the shooter was a Luddite who didn’t use the internet much if at all.

    Some people are just old school. My brother, who is almost 60, doesn’t know anything about computers and although he has email, someone else has to show him how to use it. He does have a smartphone and knows how to text though.

  • Terry October 5, 2017, 8:00 AM

    The one facet to all the information/pictures, etc. that the people in control are disseminating concerning the event is that it is well designed theater. Too perfect in story flow and script. Look at how well the .gov hid the Kennedy assassination facts. And most of the people do not question the .gov in these matters. We most likely as others have stated, not know who was behind this slaughter. But so far my gut tells me there is a huge coverup in progress.

  • BillH October 5, 2017, 8:16 AM

    What’s the theory of the DayGlo vests the LVPD are wearing?
    To avoid shooting each other? Better night time targets?

  • Ray Van Dune October 5, 2017, 9:34 AM

    From my limited information and zero expertise, it seems like it took a very long time for the police to actually break into the shooter’s hotel room, and that they did so after he quit shooting, having killed himself. Can anyone help me understand if I am incorrect, or if I am correct but the delay was unavoidable? I fully realize that breaking into a room occupied by a heavily armed person is borderline suicidal, but I am not a trained police officer and the people on the spot were. I do not want to criticize, but to fully understand.

  • Casey Klahn October 5, 2017, 12:28 PM

    Ray, idt it was a long time, but only my opinion. Identify shooter’s position, which was not easy. Confusion of communication with the hotel, who did find out where he was but now you have to get that info to the police. Muster the SWAT team and get armed and briefed; now tailor your force for the room breach.

    Don’t forget, they had their hands full with that shot-up venue, the Vegas Strip running traffic below, chaos of medical responses.

    What was it? 70 minutes? Not bad, in my way of thinking. Can they improve on that with training? You bet they will, but they’re training for the last event and not the next one.