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LINKSKREIG! Monday Monday Edition

For over an hour, the sound of people trying to direct each other in multiple languages through farms, woodlands, and across riverbanks was punctuated by shots. First, it sounded like single rifle blasts, then came bursts of three, and then longer, heavier automatic fire. However, when Papastathis appeared on Wednesday afternoon to direct us to the new location, he denied absolutely that we had heard what we heard. “Only tear gas is being fired,” he insisted to a group of a dozen journalists on the tracks. Greek Troops Open Fire on Refugees While Vigilantes Attack Aid Workers and the Media

The Staggering Toll of the Russian Revolution – The late Rudolph Rummel, the demographer of government mass murder, estimated the human toll of twentieth-century socialism to be about 61 million in the Soviet Union, 78 million in China, and roughly 200 million worldwide. These victims perished during state-organized famines, collectivization, cultural revolutions, purges, campaigns against “unearned” income, and other devilish experiments in social engineering.

 Jennifer would have saved the party   Now at 46, it was Jennifer’s turn. Beautiful, athletic, and smart, she would have the tenacity to give President Donald John Trump a run for his money by actually seeking to flip his voters. And after her loss, she would make no excuses, instead of working that much harder to win in 2024. Except she died on January 23, 1973, the day after the Roe v. Wade decision and exactly a month after her mother learned she was pregnant. With abortion now the law of the land — a right! — she aborted Jennifer. Her mother was not too young, not poor, and not single. She just did not want another child.

When you see this “product” please apply those stickers that say, “Yummm! This was so good I licked this container and put it back.”

Irrelevant Details:  Even that illusion is breaking down as individuals keep making unapproved choices, although they are still mostly within the noxious confines of mainstream politics. Trump wasn’t deposed. Brexit is happening. The Yellow Vests continue their protests. Matteo Salvini is the most popular man in Italy. Angela Merkel’s reign is fading in Germany. Democratic officialdom is apoplectic at the possibility that Bernie Sanders might win the nomination, coalescing around a corrupt child groper who appears to be suffering from dementia.

The evil that is Sanders: This is a man who lived through more than 50% of the 20th century, a century that saw socialism in its various forms send around 100 million people to early graves through murder, war, torture, and slave labor. Bernie was around for that. He was born during WWII; he saw what happened in North Korea; he saw what happened in Vietnam; he saw what happened in Cuba; he saw what happened across Latin America and Africa; he saw what happened in the Soviet Union; and he saw what happened in China. That he can still believe in socialism despite seeing the misery it relentlessly inflicted around the world means that he’s either completely evil or he’s a fool . . . and I don’t think he’s a fool.

We are in the vanguard of public evil; yet in saying so I imply that the same “trends” have advanced throughout the Western world. The innovations are rarely if ever voted upon, here or elsewhere. Instead, the public is exhaustively “re-educated” to the new position, by organized propagandists in media and state. The “debate” on each issue consists of demonizing and smearing the few who offer any kind of argument. They are few because they know what happened to the last person who stood up — for what had through thousands of years in all human cultures been accepted as the good and the true.

I hesitate to coin a neologism, but it seems to me that architects, though not architects alone (they are but the canaries in the coal mine), suffer from pulchriphobia, that is to say a fear of beauty. To be more exact, it is not beauty that they fear so much as the revelation to others of what it is that they consider beautiful, or the revelation of their incapacity to produce anything of beauty.

The Meteorite Hunters Who Descended on the Carancas Fall In rural Peru, a chunk of rock made landfall with a tremendous blast. Meteorite hunters rushed to get a piece of the action. Then things got weird.

Where does the term ‘virtue signaling’ come from? Some say it goes back to 2015, when British journalist/author James Bartholomew wrote a brilliant piece for The Spectator called ‘The awful rise of ‘virtue signaling.’’ Some say it goes back to the Rationalist blog ‘LessWrong,’ which was using the term at least as far back as 2013. Even before that, many folks in the Rationalist and Effective Altruism subcultures were aware of how signaling theory explains a lot of ideological behavior, and how signaling can undermine the rationality of political discussion.

Medium-rare burgers are taboo in Canada but may not be as perilous as thought “I’ve served probably 100,000 burgers and nothing’s happened,” said Greg, a Canadian restaurant owner who isn’t in fact named Greg but wished to stay anonymous, arguing that media attention could attract unwanted scrutiny from the health department. Greg sources his own meat and grinds it in-house, but he still treads a narrow legal line. “A lot of guys do it, but we do it under the radar. If we put our names out there … they’re going to stop it.”

California recently passed a law saying that all corporate boards need to be gender-balanced. A recent study finds that affected firms underperformed expectations as investors reacted negatively to them having to hire female board members less qualified than the male candidates they replaced. The paper says that “a back of the envelope calculation provides a total loss in value in excess of $60 billion”, which would mean this single bill wiped out an amount of value equal to the total GDP of North Dakota, or to the yearly price tag of Bernie Sanders’ free-college-for-all plan.

A Treasury Official in 1866 Put His Own Face on U.S. Currency 

Bill Clinton: My Tawdry Sex Sessions With Monica Lewinsky Weren’t About “Ministering” To Her At All. No, They Had a Medical Purpose — They Were About “Managing My Anxieties.” For her part, Hillary Clinton continues pretending that she was surprised by his “lies” and that she was actually wounded in a heterosexual-wife kind of way at the shocking news of his infidelity.

Connected Cows  One way or the other it seems only a matter of time till we’re all connected cows. The failure to create modes of user-controlled data is the greatest single political failure today. Law and politics are the only remaining bulwark of privacy. The technical battle is over. The West is only one real crisis away from a voluntary surrender of privacy.  If the virus doesn’t get us Skynet in some sense will.

One thing is for sure: In this hyperconnected world, the types who run our lives were slow to yell fire in case we insulted the Chinese. I’m not saying we should go back to treating them like coolies, but to remember that commies always speak with forked tongues. China should have been isolated as early as last December, but we were all too busy waiting for Nike sweatshops to deliver their cheaply made goods for our Christmas trees. Now we’re doing the sweating and half of Italy is shut down.  The White Suit and White Stuff

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  • OneGuy March 9, 2020, 8:16 AM

    Greece and Europe are under attack, being invaded. If they are using live fire to defend their country I applaud that decision.

  • Joe March 9, 2020, 9:28 AM

    Regarding the staggering toll of the Russian Revolution, I believe that you will find that a small but “select” group of people orchestrated the “Entire Revolution”. History has demonstrated that this “select” group has had their eyes on the United Sates of America for a long time. Their biggest obstacle that stood in their way was our Christian heritage coupled with the our can do attitude that one could only say is ingrained in our DNA. Now that this “select” group has just about demolished our Christian heritage through subversion of seminaries starting in the 1930’s and demolishing our can do attitude through subversion of our schools of higher learning, controlling of the press through censorship and distorting facts and the blatant practice constant innuendo, the only thing standing in their way is President Trump.

  • Sixtyville March 9, 2020, 10:23 AM

    When I was a wee tyke of 5 years old, my Eastern European grandmother who had managed to escape bot he Nazis and Stalin, told me that “Communists were devils”. I believed her then and have had no reason to change my mind since then.

  • I.C.Nielsen March 9, 2020, 11:20 AM

    2/3 stories about 100’s of millions of innocents slaughtered because of an ideology.

    3/3 stories about barbaric attacks on the Western experiment.

    More please sir.

  • James Graham March 9, 2020, 11:31 AM

    All anyone needs to know about Sanders: at the height of the cold war he honeymooned in the Soviet Union.

  • Bill March 9, 2020, 11:47 AM

    It’s about time they effectively repeal the invaders…. Now sink the ships too….

  • Skorpion March 9, 2020, 12:28 PM

    Re Greece: I’ve noticed that the farther South and/or East one travels in Europe, the less the local residents care about conforming to Wokey’s ideology of Western self-loathing and suicidalism.

  • ghostsniper March 9, 2020, 12:45 PM

    I tried some of that hummus a couple years ago, in a greek restaurant, with pita chips. Nasty shit. Both flavor and texture were foul. I ate 1 chips worth and no more. Even the pita chip, which I never had before, was flavorless – much like a flake of 40 year old roof shingle from a tear off. Don’t know what that hummus was made from, don’t care, could be ground up wood and dirt and yard clippings mixed with oily water. dunno. I figure it’s one of those stylish west coast yuppie things with no real substance, all flash.

  • OneGuy March 9, 2020, 1:17 PM

    Hummus is made from a bland pea and then the entire rest of the recipe is intended to make it taste like “something”. It isn’t good but it is the in thing to be seen eating. Eating a cheese burger destroys the environment never mind that it tastes great. But eating hummus saves the environment and the fact that it tastes nasty shows just how dedicated you are.

  • jwm March 9, 2020, 1:36 PM

    Just cruised the news over at Whatfinger. Now I don’t have TV, so I miss a lot of bullshit. Nonetheless, the last time I was over at the local burger joint I saw enough of the ABC Fake News Broadcast to realize that the networks were going hot from hell to generate as much fear and panic as they could. And of course, the subtlety of their efforts to blame it all on Trump was simply overwhelming. Locally I see lines at Costco stretching around the block to buy bottled water and toilet paper. Whatfinger tells me the market took a nosedive as fear of Orangeman virus spreads. The networks are purely criminal in what they are doing. If the TV stations were stormed by angry mobs, and the news staff and management lynched in public it would be a sign of some sanity beginning to return. I’m not holding my breath.


  • Casey Klahn March 9, 2020, 3:48 PM

    Virtue Signaling. Like BS, only it’s VS.

    Turkey is an evil country. But, as it now stands, they’re our evil ally. The future for Turkey? Some recompense will remit. idk what it’ll be, but they are certainly dealing with the devil in many ways.

    Got my TP at Target, after finding none at Costco. Told my wife and daughter, and son, to cut their usage in half. I use zero of it, myself. Don’t ask why.

    Last time I checked, this morn, only 1 case in eastern WA, and that poor soul died of the Kung Flu. I used to work directly across the street, in Kirkland, from the Corona Virus Retirement Home. Many, many years ago.

    Beauty and architecture. I agree that they have the office of creating beauty. If it doesn’t happen, it’s the almighty buck preventing them from their task. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t want Soviet architecture, either. That shit is dank.

    In this wonderful post, the commies killed 100 million or 200 million. Both numbers were used. You can bet your ass they have the numbers hidden somewhere. Worse than WW II, although by some measure the Chinese commie revolution was a partial result of WW II aftermath. Mao wouldn’t have rolled quite that way if it hadn’t been for the Japanese leaving a huge vacuum after the end of their China occupation.

    Not to go astray much, but just think for a minute what it would’ve been like to have to go into China and SE Asia to route out all of those GD Japs in an alternate endgame to the war in the Pacific. My own father, who wrote a check for absolutely everything he had (his life), to fight in Italy, then was scheduled to go into Honshu and continue his ass-kicking experiences. And then some assholes, mostly socialists, have the temerity to shit on our actions in ending the Pacific war.

    Anyway, China is certainly the dog’s breakfast now, idn’t it?

  • Mike Anderson March 9, 2020, 4:20 PM

    Hummus is just bland, hipster bean dip. Sorta like polenta, which is the Eurotrash version of grits. My how these city folk do give themselves such airs!

  • H March 10, 2020, 5:53 AM

    Polenta, ha. The next get-rich scheme will be to rebrand ordinary toilet paper as a more expensive something else.

    Emeril Lagasse explained it thusly, or near enough:
    Polenta, fifteen dollars.
    Grits, two bucks.
    Then he shrugged.

  • Jack March 11, 2020, 4:29 PM

    jwm, I have the same vision and hope for the media that you’ve mentioned but I don’t want it to stop there, no siree. I want it to include every GD socialist, real or wannabe and every left wing progressive of every age, gender, organization and occupation, every border jumper and every turncoat RINO that has ever mumbled one word in favor of the Left’s preoccupation with the destruction of the US.

    I know, that’s a buttload of jackwagons but it’s also a pretty good start.