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Comment of the Week: On how dangerous it is to believe your own BS

Dan Patterson writes:

Using the inertia of the successes in WWII, the US cruised through the post-war decades with an understanding that “We did it once and we’ll do it again”; all the prosperity that was created in those years supported theory and practice, and American society would rise to the occasion as one if necessary.

Cracks were present in that policy but only if you looked closely, and why would any normal citizen do that? The cracks widened until they could not be ignored, foreign policy began to have unpleasant repercussions, and the national personality became more feminine than masculine, more compliant than determined; citizens obese, under-educated, Balkanized, largely incapable of critical, independent thought much less action.

And the population is fed unending bales of lies, misleading presumptions, and flagrant propaganda. And as a whole no one blinks an eye.

Obvious machinations meant to cause panic are put in place, and reasonable people are shouted down. Children are forced to make associations not normal nor natural, and to resist is to invite your own demise.

And now the nation believes its own bullshit. Bullshit like “We have the most capable military in the world”. Bullshit we do. Have you SEEN the representative examples? Can you imagine going into full-on warfare in the dirt with the likes of the leadership and stated purpose we have defending our nation today? Compare us to Russia or China, wargame it. See what your chances are of coming out on top.

It is a very dangerous place we are in, much worse now than Europe in 1938, and with much more dire consequences. The enemy is not who we are told he is, and we are not who we think we are.

Dan Patterson July 29, 2022, 8:20 AM in RUSSIA NEEDS WAR FIGURES [Trans: “You got another thing comin’ “] by Alexander Dugin


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  • ghostsniper July 29, 2022, 10:57 AM

    Dan is right. You really are on your own. You and whomever you can incorporate into your team effort. Keep it in perspective. From which direction does your gravest concern derive?

    A big part of every one of my days is spent thinking about this stuff and it just ain’t fair. Old doods that have paid their dues should not have to think like this. But I have no choice, I am aware, and that comes with a cost. Making lists, some mental and some on paper and some on pixels. Lists of lists. Things to do, things to have, things to learn. Seems I’m always rushing to cover things on the myriad lists. Even when sitting on the porch watching the creatures in the yard I am going over the lists in my head. When there is a lull in the conversation with my wife, back to the lists.

    I really do wish things were different. Really. But I’m a realist and I am aware, and because of the former, the latter looms large, all the time. Ever expecting something, anything, to snap and then the freefall begins. Maybe I was born in the wrong century.

  • Barnes Is Reality July 29, 2022, 11:11 AM

    EPIC comment. Tip of the hat to all modern day Paul Revere lovers of the Republic.

  • KCK July 29, 2022, 11:31 AM

    Never underestimate your enemy, and never overestimate your own sillyass self. Dan, you nailed it!

    Any sober eye will see that our military has been slowly losing its way, from the top down. We’ve been blessed with amazing soldiery for decades, up to and including the recent MidEast conflicts. We probably are only surviving on the fumes of those past men and their exploits. I first noticed the sophist attitude of our academy officers, and how they scrambled to be “in” with the Ivy league, a couple of decades back. Fuck the Ivy League! A 1930s graduate of the USMA could eat a Harvard graduate’s lunch, and roast his nuts for dessert. Now? Unlikely.

    The same is true in American manufacturing, I think, and in its infrastructure, I am certain. Instead of building waterworks, we install windmills and Tesla plug-ins.

    By the same token, although we have an imbecilic leadership in our nation’s civilian, military, business, medicine – all of it – we are still stronger than the commie and former commie nations. It’s numbers. It’s weaponry.

    Whether we can get there and employ any of it is anybodies’ guess.

    As Dan has said, and Ghost said upthread, and as many have said (but I said first/ahem!): we are our own congress, military and police, now. The buck fukn stops here.

    • jiminalaska July 29, 2022, 12:22 PM

      Psalm 146:3

      • Casey Klahn July 29, 2022, 12:48 PM

        I couldn’t agree more. I’ll have my hand on the plow when He comes to save me.

    • Denny July 29, 2022, 3:28 PM

      When I saw the video of that full bird Colonel “escorting” the woman trainee across the finish line
      to supposedly pass and qualify at the U.S. Army Ranger School, I knew the American military was
      screwed, – probably forever. It later became more than obvious that she had been pampered (attested to by soldiers who had trained with her) through the school and the only thing she would ever excel at in the Ranger ranks would be getting pregnant or getting real Rangers killed in combat. I’ll never know how in the Hell this equality bullshit took seat in the U.S. Army and anyone who had a hand in it should be taken out and shot as willful traitors, – soldier style.

      I heard later that the effing Colonel who had babied her across the qualification line in the video was soon thereafter promoted to Brigadier.

    • Denny July 29, 2022, 3:41 PM
      • KCK July 29, 2022, 4:15 PM

        The word came down from on high: thou shalt pass women through Ranger School. And, Lo, it came about that wimmins began passing through Ranger School (after several cycles of failure on the magic way to ranger wimminz, a couple didz pass). If someone could just pink combat, that’d be nice.

        One sergeant at Infantry School, fresh from Vietnam, “Men! war is hell, but actual combat is a mother fucker!”

        That would be one of several infantry courses I enjoyed (all men) in the 70s and 80s, and among the weiner-packers I schooled with, there was a drop-out rate always between 33% and north of 70%. Thas right. Mens could not handle infantry school. They went off to be other jobs armymen, but they were not allowed in the infantry because: FUCKING HARD. Ranger school is the no-holds barred rush week version of infantry training.

        I wonder how many nice Russian wimminz are fighting, right now, on the front lines and in infantry jobs. I’ll wait. Please tell me.

        Then, we need some trannies in the infantry, because: inclusive.

        See me when they begin passing those sweethearts through what used to be Ranger School. Maybe they’ll make the rocker patch rainbow colored.

  • Nori July 29, 2022, 2:18 PM

    “Put not your trust in princes…”
    Ah,but we did. Along with the foul Medeas,backstabbing us at every opportunity.
    Many wise people right here have said for years that we’re not voting our way out of this.
    “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Yogi Berra

  • Dirk July 29, 2022, 5:13 PM

    The US’s technology is greater than any dozen other nations on the planet. We have superior firepower.

    Where I absolutely agree is we lack talent, we lack leadership, and we lack the common sense to know the difference. We have clown world leadership. The world is laughing at us. You know it’s bad when even the French are laughing.

    I heard a phrase yesterday, “Mexican generals”, Our leaders walk around with All kinds of badges and medals and other bullshit pinned to their costumes. Frankly, it’s hard not to laugh.

    Being in an F-15 USAF training base community I speak with officers and enlisted not every day, but certainly two-three times a week. These men and women are integrated into the community. They are us, we are them.

    These guys are the Tip of the spear, the men and women who keep the bad guys off our troops. Fuck bad guys shit up close and personal, and from altitude.

    Our neighbor’s sons, TDY to Andrews AFB, rewriting air power publications, how to fight the F-15 Eagle into the future. How the F15 will integrate with the 22’s and 35’s? He’s an O5 LT Col now. We got a tour of the F-15s, last month at the air show. Tim and Micha gave us the tour. Both O5s.

    These were local boys who grew up right, with good heads on their shoulders. Privately their not happy with what’s happening, never the less they will both do their jobs, which are fixing and fighting the F15 Eagle.

    Micha was one of the Demo pilots at the air show. We didn’t know he was flying one of a flight of four.

    Just happened to be standing next to the hanger when he taxied in and shut the eagle down. I was surprised we were literally 25 ft away from the turning F-15. Micha climbed down the port side, and walked over to us, his family arrived, and we took the tour. We knew his entire ground crew, my wife had taught most in kindergarten, and she’s still close to all her students. When they saw Micha with us, realized it was Mrs. Williams, as they finished their post flights, they all came over and gave her a hug!

    Micah’s youngest daughter walked around the air show with Micah’s helmet on, the other daughter had his skull cap on. Their pride in their father is reflected in their smiles. It just felt special for all of us.

    Perhaps the special event for me was an Israel Two seater F-16, on static display. This thing looked like no 16 I’ve ever seen. This 16 had electronics bays everywhere. We learned later it’s so advanced that it requires a Rio, wiso, or tacco to operate the electronics” back seater” And this bird was a confirmed mig killer. Kinda cool.

    It’s interesting these are Guard Units, it’s like a giant happy family. When a salute is required it’s given, mostly a first-name basis.

    We’ve had high numbers of sorties these past few weeks, and have a hard-set squadron of F-5 s and T-38s here now. All are Gen 5 avionics packages. Pretty cool to watch them rotate and scramble east to a dog fight. They fight out just east of Lakeview OREGON and west of Burns OREGON.

    I think what I’m trying to say is this. We watch the shit show nightly on TV, but then we’re close enough to see how it all works where the rubber hits the road. Remarkable actually.

    • Casey Klahn July 29, 2022, 6:34 PM

      Air NG have some skilled and sharp warriors.

      Not the pointy end of the spear. I have to give umbrage. I’m sorry – until the pilots land their jet, jump out and scream “I own this ground!” they will not be the pointy end of the spear.

      But, they’re cool. I admit. I’d like to see them covered in shit, maggots and mud, and then I’ll really like them. Begrudgingly.

      Speaking of shit, I talk it fluently, don’t I?

      • ghostsniper July 30, 2022, 4:38 AM

        Well, there’s “Talkin’ shit” and “shit talkin'”.
        I can usually put up with the former, not so much the latter.

  • Dirk July 30, 2022, 5:09 PM

    No worries Casey, it’s all good, gotta admit when are boys are getting shot up, look up and see air power, any package,,,it brings with it a sense of relief. Any airframe which can loiter overhead and fuck shit up, is welcome.

    My ex son in law was an OCS Grad,,,,,,,active duty AF guy. he attended and graduated from the AF Combat Controllers series of training. Two-tours in the box. also did JTAC work.

    He’s a major now, running a reserve Intel shop out of joint base Lewis McCord.