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Stupid Undergrounds

We are the alternative that they have left behind but cannot escape. We are the alternative to the endless alternative, the alternative to national guilt, national suicide, and national armageddon. We are the rebels who rebel against the rebels, the counterrevolution to the revolution, the people, who, when the noise has grown loud enough and there are fires in the streets, step out and show a better way.Sultan Knish: The End of the Alternative Media

“Apocalyptic cults and youth gangs, garage bands and wolfpacks, *colleges* and phalansteries, espionage networks trading in vaporous facts and networks of home shoppers for illicit goods; monastic, penological, mutant-biomorphic, and anarcho-terrorist cells; renegade churches, dwarf communities, no-risk survivalist enclaves, unfunded quasi-scientific research units, paranoid think tanks, unregistered political parties, sub-employed workers councils, endo-exile colonies, glossolaliac fanclubs, acned anorexic primal hordes; zombie revenants, neo-fakirs, defrocked priests and detoxing prophets, psychedelic snake-oil shills, masseurs of undiagnosed symptoms, bitter excommunicants, faceless narcissists, ideological drag queens, mystical technophiles, sub-entrepreneurial dealers, derivative *derivistes*, tireless archivists of phantom conspiracies, alien abductees, dupe attendants, tardy primitives, vermin of abandoned factories, hermits, cranks, opportunists, users, connections, outriders, outpatients, wannabes, hackers, thieves, squatters, parasites, saboteurs; wings, wards, warehouses, arcades, hells, hives, dens, burrows, lofts, flocks, swarms, viruses, tribes, movements, groupuscules, cenacles, isms, and the endlessly multiplied hybridization of variant combinations of all these, and more….

“Why this stupid fascination with stupid undergrounds? What is it about these throwaway fanzines and unreadable rants, these neo-tattoos and recycled apocalypses, this mountainous accumulation of declassified factoids, these bloody smears, this incredible noise? Why wade through these piles of nano-shit?

“Why submit oneself to these hysterical purveyors, these hypertheories and walls of sound? Why insist on picking this particular species of nit? Why abject criticism, whose putative task was once to preserve the best that has been known and thought, by guilty association with so fatuous, banal, idiotic, untenable a class of cultural objects?

“Why not decline, not so politely, to participate in the tiny spectacle of aging intellectuals dressing in black to prowl festering galleries and clubs where, sometime before dawn, they will encounter the contemptuous gaze of their own children, and almost manage to elide that event when they finally produce their bilious reports, their chunks of cultural criticism?

“No excuse, no justification: all one can put forward is an unendurable habit of attention, a meager fascination, no more or less commanding than that hypnosis one enters in the face of television; a rut that has always led downward and in the end always found itself stuck on the surface; a kind of drivenness, if not a drive; a *critique*, if you can forgive such a word, that has never located any cultural object whose poverty failed to reflect its own; a rage to find some point at which criticism would come to an end, and that only intensified as that end-point receded and shrunk to the size of an ideal. — Prologue to a Paper by Paul Mann | Postmodern Culture v.5 n.3 (May, 1995

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  • Rob De Witt April 23, 2022, 8:12 AM

    “Department of English” – as though that could originate anywhere else.

    What is he talking about?

    • ThisIsNotNutella April 23, 2022, 4:02 PM

      Ugg Man… Ogg Our Side. Savee? Ogg good. Don’t hit Ogg. Throw rock *that* way. M’kay?

      Also, two-and-a-half cheers for Dan Greenfield (Sultan Knish), the Thinking Dissident’s Mossad-aligned Mental Masseur. He’s reliable more often than not, but Dan Quincy Adams he most certainly ain’t.

  • Tom Hyland April 23, 2022, 9:53 AM

    And now for your consideration… an examination of stoopid as observed by Nazi-victim Bonhoeffer in this 5 minute video… underlined by classic Carlin in one of his greatest moments on stage. I offer two highly valued quotes….

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.”
    – Albert Einstein
    “You know, I often tremble when it’s apparent that I’ve accidentally confused a stupid person. Stupid people have been known to kill what they don’t understand.” – author Jason Daniel Chaplin

  • Dirk April 23, 2022, 7:39 PM

    We spent today at a high school track meet! Was awesome. but these boys and girls were squared away, polite helpful. Stood and sang the National Anthem. These were schools from Reno Nv, to Portland Oregon, to fifteen person track teams. Paisley Or, North Valley, Modoc.

    Hurdles were amazing. Boys and girls would trip and fall, crossing then hurdles. The others finished the race, then ran back to assist their down competitor. I observed all twenty participating schools demonstrate this decorum,

    Today we witnessed our future. Was refreshing.