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Stop fighting the policy. Fight the people. Grind their bones to make your bread.

04 July 2022
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mind Dump

The serious people of the world increasingly recognize that the cabal of evil including Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are the Hitlers and Stalins of this semi-modern world. Comparison to Hitler and Stalin in no way implies a ‘violation’ of Godwin’s Law.

If anything, Hitler and Stalin may end as minor historical figures compared to what is unfolding.

It’s time to stop taking the bait and talking about the bullshit Global Warming scam and information war, the sex changes, pronouns, masking, death-vaxxines, idiots taking a knee as Kult salute, the terrorists of Black Lives Matter, and drug-addlers of ANTIFA, who all do bidding for evil psychopaths such as Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab. All that is not the topic.

When you have arson…you hunt arsonists. If you spend your life fighting fires (policy in this case), you will lose never realizing you had to neutralize the arsonist or he would burn down the earth.

Stop fighting the policy.

Fight the people using these policies to commit global genocide through fake vaxxines, starvation, war, and disease. Those same people pus invaders across our borders.

Who warned you about potential famines continuously since January 2020? Most of my readers see it now, and a long time ago. The average citizen still seems mostly oblivious — like Do Do Birds. Honking around like baby seals while the Schwabs and Gates of the Kult club their heads.

Notice before January 2020, I never warned other than occasionally saying be a prepper or be prepared. But since January 2020 I have warned no less than 3,000 times about the coming famines.

The famines will come. The math is the math. More mouths than meals. And famine creates famine.

This growing resistance in Holland, Germany, and more, is late — and they are attacking the policy instead of the people who are intentionally doing this to commit genocide and forever control digital money, food supply, communications, and every breath we take they will be watching us.

Imagine Gates and Kult owning most food production. They can add any chemical they like to the cricket meatballs.

The things we are seeing now in the Netherlands are nothing compared to the wars and starvation of 2023-24. Nothing. Dutch inflation exploding while some people believe Turkish is already over 70%.

Countries are lining up to go Full Weimar.

This thing will collapse and go kinetic.

Farmers are protesting policy on nitrogen or some other bullshit. None of that matters. Don’t even waste time studying that. The details about soil and all that are decoys. Aim for the people doing this. Stop talking about Nitrogen and CO2. All irrelevant.

Greenhouse gasses? Carbon credits? I don’t want to hear about it. Irrelevant. Anyone who tries to enforce “carbon neutrality” is an enemy. Stop arguing. Neutralize them. Fire them. Don’t take their calls. Foil their every move.

Governments will float the idea of seizing farmland and opening to others. This is an old communist trick both Stalin and Mao used. Hitler did similar. If you kill Jews, you can take their stuff. If you agree that Dutch Farmers are bad, you can have their property. (Later the Kults kill these useful idiots and take all the wealth.)

I’ve been monitoring Dutch farmer radio comms this morning. They started assembling at — arguably — about 0300. Some became impatient and wanted to go forward before assembly was complete. And so if you are on the streets here you may see packets of farm vehicles spread all over.

The farmers, fishermen, and truckers, are our profound allies. But fighting the policy at this point… we are way beyond mere policy change. This is Global 1848.

The Kult of Davos is open, they want Revolution. “Build Back Better” is their battle cry. Now they are in the Destroy phase.

At this point, there is no way to stop a cascade of Revolutions. The question is — who will win?

This is not about policy. This is about meat. Not cows. Someone will win and clear the table. There will be no participation trophies. If the Authoritarians win, Losers will die in massive numbers, their pockets emptied, their children killed or enslaved. Authoritarian-psychopaths vanquish their enemies with finality.

Authoritarians are not invincible. They are highly vulnerable. The bones of bullies, dictators, and psychopaths litter the earth.

I’ve got to get into the field.

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  • Mike Anderson July 5, 2022, 12:50 PM

    Muerto el perro se acaba la rabia.

    • ghostsniper July 5, 2022, 1:48 PM

      To great evils, great solutions.

  • foo July 5, 2022, 2:47 PM

    Yon has done some great work in past.
    He sounds unhinged here…hope he is just plain wrong on this, but I am seeing youtubers who know farmers say much the same…
    Gov Noem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uw6R8T6KZi8
    Goya Food CEO on Bartiromo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pS9w_prltw
    local news: https://www.youtube.com/c/kgun9TV/about

  • foo July 5, 2022, 2:57 PM

    here is Frank Luntz, pollster who talks to regular people- noting the Biden admin refused to see his presentation when offered….he is talking about “sentiment explosion” but that drives behavior…which in turn can lead to hoarding, shortages…


    Here in SoCal the traffic on roads and in grocery store seems way down over the 4th of July weekend- I am guessing people are cutting way back…on travel and family bbq’s both.

    Remember that stocks in stores and warehouses are still from last years harvest….
    The follow-on impacts from the Ukraine is yet to show up.

  • foo July 5, 2022, 3:09 PM

    last one:
    I read this elsewhere- many small farmers are only producing for their own families.

    Actually- this is the one I was trying to find:

  • Sid V July 5, 2022, 4:25 PM

    I’ve got a boatload of ramen, canned soup, pasta, cereal but it probably won’t do the trick for what’s coming. Plus I’ve got two elderly parents to feed as well. And so when the SHTF I’ve got a list of people I know are to blame and I will exact my revenge accordingly. I’m not taking this lying down. People will pay for the willfull destruction of the greatest country the world has ever known.

  • Joan Varga July 5, 2022, 6:47 PM

    The police are firing on the farmers just now.

    • John A. Fleming July 5, 2022, 7:49 PM

      Just a whiff of grapeshot. The ancien régime is still alive and operating in Europe, and the people must from time to time be reminded that they are still serfs.

    • ThisIsNotNutella July 5, 2022, 8:23 PM

      Saw that on Gab. Incredible. And if a Dutch policeman can do that, anyone can. The Dutch are the most calm, sensible, rational, boring, plain-spoken folk. Mind-boggling.

  • Robert Orians July 5, 2022, 8:22 PM

    They allowed themselves to be disarmed and now they are fooked .

  • Foo July 5, 2022, 9:00 PM

    The Last Refuge reports:

    “In a short video resurfacing today, the farmers caught Dutch police units disguising themselves as farmers and infiltrating the protest. According to independent journalists who were recording the events, the plain clothes units were agitating for violence, a tactic to initiate a heavy-handed government response.”


  • Foo July 5, 2022, 9:03 PM

    More here: (in case TLR is ddos’d


  • Foo July 5, 2022, 9:04 PM

    More here: (in case TLR is ddos’d)


  • Lance de Boyle July 5, 2022, 10:28 PM

    For what it’s worth, Comrades…..
    When B. H. Obongo slithered into office, I said to myself, “Arrrr. There be some bad $^%t coming, Matey.” [It’s talk like a pirate day around these parts.] So, Be be be prepared, the motto of the Boy Scouts.”

    Despite the smug remarks and smarty-pants faces of Lucretia de Sade de Boyle (who thinks she’s the Supervisor and Grand Inquisitor at Chateau de Squalor) I began to lay in supplies.
    “What?! Another sack of junk silver? Ha Ha. Lunatic!”
    “Another rifle? What for?” [Never know when you need to outfit a squad.]
    “What are you DOing all this for?! You are insane!”
    “Who are YOU to ask? You couldn’t find a spark plug if it was screwed into your butt.”
    “Who’s gonna eat all that food?” [Not your ahole sister, her husband, and most of our “friends” whose shibboleth is “Tucker Carlson!!!” Oooo, Tucker Carlson. They can all eat grass and road kill.]

    This worked for me…..
    I went to the local vegan market (Arrrr, market) and eatery. Of course I wouldn’t chomp that garbage. It’ll poison you.
    I walked up to the friendly veganese clerk, who looked like he was at the point of death, and said “Hey, can I buy bulk from you?”
    He said, “Sure. Fill out this order form. The trucks deliver from Georgia every Wednesday.”

    Over six months I bought about 40, 25 pound sacks of wheat berries, lentils, beans, rice, noodles, and other stuff.
    Each about 25 bucks.

    Also bought 40, 5 gallon pails, with lids.
    Loaded the food stuffs into mylar bags, tossed in oxygen absorbers, sealed each with a hot iron, put the bags in the pails, tossed in more oxygen aborbers, and sealed the pails.

    All are stored in a cool, dry place, where I just might be forced to store my wife if she says “What?” one more time. “Go ahead. Say what.”
    I buy those huge plastic jugs of water most times when I go to the Harris Teeter, and store them as well.
    Now I’m going to the Dollar Tree. The boss said he’d be happy to sell cases of food–like soup, canned meat, honey, spices, and so forth. Aldis will do the same. I’ll store canned goods in plastic tubs, along with the pails and my wife.

    What’s your opinion, please…
    1. Store arms in storage locker, if properly oiled and bagged in silicon-soaked rifle socks?
    2. Store arms between the rafters and under the insulation in the attic? Who’s going to walk on the rafters to check? Those hefty cops will crash right through the ceiling.
    “Arrr, how’s the groin area, Matey?”
    3. Does a freezer make sense? A lot of money for a freezer and generator.

    I must say that, prophesy and preparation-wise, it sure is lonely around here. Like Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters….
    Either I’m well ‘roun the bend or everyone else (but a few persons) is living in a dream.
    Over and Arrr.

    • KCK July 6, 2022, 7:18 AM

      Freezer always makes sense. Pre-electricity farmers, who built my house in 1914, had a cooling room so I guess salt is your friend in there. The meat I’d need runs by the house, but stops when you whistle.
      Cosmoline is for storing arms and it is thick and greasy. Very hard to clean off and a real mess. But, don’t make any mistakes when you store that steel object long term. I’d study up on it, and I’m not sure. Ground burial with a false heat signature? Or a thermal deflector? Shit won’t fool dogs but once the dogs are there you’re about to do battle.

      Have friends with guns.

  • Gordon Scott July 5, 2022, 10:47 PM

    Freezer? I’m in the market for a larger model. I left three behind in Minneapolis, which went out of control again last night. The cops are operating at about 60 percent of what they should in terms of raw numbers. But it’s worse when you consider they’re unwilling to attempt to arrest anyone Vibrant ™. After all, if they make a mistake, the Attorney General will jail them for what amounts to life. They can’t hire anyone either; no cop is foolish enough to step into that trap. And that problem is manifesting statewide.

    Freezers . . . I’m in a place now where electricity should, should keep working. If it doesn’t, well, there’s a few hundred thousand long pigs that are going to die without it. It’ll be old, stringy, tough meat, but grind it down, it’ll do. Perhaps lay in a whole lot of salt and other jerky flavorings.

    I suppose that was one advantage of Minnesota: nature provides 5 months of freezer, if you pack it right. And there would be plenty of long pig there also.

    I saw a former BNSF yardmaster testifying to some body. He pointed out that about 12 years ago, when Australia needed wheat, they put together the trains to get it to the ports while keeping everything else going. But experts decided that BNSF didn’t need so many locomotives. Now there’s no margin, and stuff is piling up in the yards. Well, not the yards at LA, they get looted already. But he’s pretty sure we are already in a crisis. Atlas Shrugged, anyone?

  • Gordon Scott July 5, 2022, 10:57 PM

    Freezers: usually Craigslist is your friend here. Older is better. Yes, they use a tiny bit more electricity, but they don’t break. I just checked the Mesa area. There should be more used freezers for sale than there are. Even statewide there’s hardly any (besides the dealer listings of new ones). Hmm and hmm. I am going to have to watch the auctions carefully.

  • ghostsniper July 6, 2022, 7:22 AM

    Chest style freezer is the best, the cold doesn’t spill out onto the floor like an upright.
    Last summer I bought a 7 cf model and paid too much but everything was spensive at that time. I paid about $500 but you can get them for less than $300 now.

    I built a platform out of 2×4’s and 3/4″ plywood on 4″ casters for the freezer so that I could move it around if I want to. Clean out behind and under it, etc.

    The key to a freezer is organization and record keeping, so that you don’t waste cold air. Mine is at 0 degrees all the time.

    I took measurements of the insides then set down with paper and pen and did some figgerin’. Then I went to the Family Dollar store and bought 8 large gray plastic bins with latching lids. The lid of each bin is labled with a number from 1 to 8 on a piece of blue tape. The bins stack up in the freezer in 2 rows with a bunch of space under the sliding basket and on top of the compressor.

    The number on each bin coordinates with a clipboard on the wall next to the freezer indicating what is in each bin. When I want something out of the freezer, I consult the clipboard and find which bin it is in, open the lid and quickly stack the bins til I get down to the one I want. I sit that bin on a close by table and close the freezer lid. Open bin, remove or install whatever I want, put bin back and unstack the others. Usually no more than 1 or 2 mins. Then I revise the list on the clipboard to reflect the now diff quantities.

    Most people it seems just throw stuff in the freezer willy nilly then spend 10 mins rooting around in it trying to find what they want and freezing their hands in the process and wasting cold air. These same people have 6 year old stuff in the bottom of the freezer.

    One more thing. If you buy, say, packs of chops at the store that come in that plastic covered styrofoam tray you need to remove the chops and put them in properly sized zip bags in the proper quantities and squeeze all the air out before you zip all the way. That will help prevent freezer burn. I buy chops packed 10 or more to a pack, and then repack them in small zips with 2 in each. We would never want to cook all 10 chops at 1 time.

    I wish I had bought a freezer years ago, and now I am thinking about buying another one. 1 for meats and dairies (yes we freeze milk, cheese, and butter) and another for vegs, fruits and breads.
    It’s comforting having just about everything on hand and rarely having to leave and then enter the twilight zone, cause that means I need to buckle up with full utility and assault gear and that’s a pita.

    I would never consider buying a used freezer. I want a new one with a warranty and no nasty history.

    • Lance de Boyle July 6, 2022, 1:01 PM

      Terrific ideas! Thanks so much. Off to the used appliance store.

      • ghostsniper July 6, 2022, 7:14 PM

        When freezing milk allow about 1/2 a cup of headspace for expansion.

  • Gordon Scott July 6, 2022, 8:26 AM

    I like your organization system. I know how the bottom of chest freezers becomes the graveyard of food. I usually buy upright freezers for that reason. But if electricity is unreliable, chest freezers make more sense.

    I see your point on a nasty used unit. I can evaluate that at purchase. But starting about 1990 The Home Depot and Lowe’s started dominating appliance sales, and they told manufacturers to build to price point. Quality on the compressors, the key part. went to crap. Now they sell units with a one-year warranty on the compressor.

    But you can buy a 1970s fridge in avocado green that will run flawlessly. If it makes cold and the seal is good, I’ll take an older one any day. Freezers do have less trouble, but assuming good seal, good cold and no odor of death, I’ll save a lot and buy older.

    I like zipper bags. Quality matters, I don’t get dollar store bags. I have both freezer and storage grade and only use storage for short term stuff. But I bought a nice Food Saver vacuum sealer at the thrift store the other day for $12. It’s barely used, and vacuum sealing beats zipper every time, except for damp stuff. That I pre-freeze, then seal.

    There’s also an attachment you can buy that vac seals Mason jars. They’re heavy but they work well for things like spices, because you can reseal them over and over. They’re also vermin-proof.

  • Speller July 8, 2022, 2:17 PM

    “commit global genocide through fake vaxxines, starvation, war, and disease.”

    Privation. The war is to be fought against those who would kill us with PRIVATION.
    It is what tyrants have been using to kill vast numbers of civilians since the Boer War.
    They rounded up the people, put them in concentration camps, and denied them the necessities of life.

    The Plan is to turn the earth into a Prison Planet and deny us, increment by increment, the
    necessities of life.