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Strange Daze: MR WATTS owns a vast portion of Los Angeles and will speak to you for jug of water and a cup of coffee.

FILE UNDER: “To no ones surprise” Early version of Covid-19′ is discovered in Chinese lab |   Soil samples suggest coronavirus may not have jumped from wildlife naturally. Scientists from Hungary found a unique variant of coronavirus in examining DNA. Researchers also found genetic material from Chinese hamsters and monkeys

What the Truckers Want — The convoy is spearheaded by truckers, but its message of opposition to life under government control has brought onto the icy streets countless, once-voiceless people declaring that they are done being ignored. That the elites—the people who have Zoomed their way through the pandemic—had better start paying attention to the fentanyl overdoses, the suicides, the crime, the despair. Or else.

MR WATTS owns a Portion of Los Angeles, loves Garcetti & Kamala as YOUTUBER provides water & coffee

This is life on the streets of Los Angeles got raw… right now… with a man who rules LA from the mist-shrouded mountains of his own mind.  In terms of the “learned YouTube” style, it is an utterly artless video. JOHN Jon only reports. He does not edit. His videos first start and then “Stay with me” and then stop. This untechnical technique makes this slice of life video — in its very off-hand artlessness — both an archetype and an artifact of this time and that place. What place? Why that would be the slouching shambolic slough of dementia and despond that is the Los Angeles City Basin where the gay swirls of many-colored cultures are circling the rainbow drain.

White House Sends Kamala Harris to Europe to Lead on Ukraine Crisis Damnit. Now the whole war is gonna smell like that.

Bay Area Homeowners and Landlords Asked to Take in Homeless People Another nonprofit, the Homecoming Project, houses former prisoners. “Using donations, the nonprofit pays hosts in Alameda and Contra Costa counties $30 a day to house someone in a spare bedroom for six months,” the Mercury News reports. “Each former inmate is matched with a case manager to help them find a job and save money for a permanent home.” The organization does not house sex offenders.


Trudeau Demands Protesters Stop Shutting Down City So That He Can Shut Down City |  “Let me be clear,” said the frail little socialist girl claiming to be Trudeau. “Shutting down roads, limiting people’s movement, restricting people’s freedom, and shutting down the city is unacceptable. It’s the government’s job to do that. We must break the back of this fascist blockade so that I may freely shut down roads, limit people’s movement, restrict people’s freedom, and shut down the city.” Trudeau then dropped his mic and tried to exit the building, but got stuck trying to push on a door that said “pull.”

Ohio man builds igloo featuring multiple rooms — and he’s not done yet

The Runup To The Next 9/11 Has Already Begun… –  “The security landscape in Afghanistan changed dramatically on 15 August, when the Taliban took control of the country. There are no recent signs that the Taliban has taken steps to limit the activities of foreign terrorist fighters in the country. On the contrary, terrorist groups enjoy greater freedom there than at any time in recent history.”

WATCH: Alberta and Saskatchewan end vaccine passports |  Food and beverages will now be allowed at large venues, and mandatory masking for children will end Feb. 13 at 11:59 p.m., with capacity limits ending and all indoor masking requirements gone March 1. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe also announced that his province will get rid of its proof of vaccination or negative test requirements on Feb. 14.

Quebec Liberal MP Speaks Out Against Stupidity of PM Justin Trudeau Position on COVID Mandates, Immediately Removed From Position –    “I fear that this politicization of the pandemic risks undermining the public’s trust in our public health institutions. This is not a risk we ought to be taking lightly.  I have enough respect for my fellow Canadians not to engage in these easy and absurd labels.”

NO SHIT?    Joe Rogan Falls Back on Comedy in Latest Attempt to Evade Cancel Mob: ‘I Talk S**t for a Living’

The WEF is not going to go without a fight or without having great fear that they will be smashed by this world-wide movement Even then the WEF members will be sorely afraid of ending up like Mussolini hanging in the Milan Square and will fight to avoid that.

I think people greatly underestimate the overall importance of Ottawa and underestimate the difficulty of overcoming Trudeau. He and the WEF simply cannot afford to lose. I fear also that the People of the world cannot afford to lose in Ottawa. It will likely be the People’s last battle if they lose Ottawa.

I do not agree that this is only about a non-violent confrontation. I don’t think the WEF will fold because of a lengthy nonviolent protest of a few thousand truckers. They have been working on this tyranny plan for 100 years. I think they will fold only if they are clearly weaker in strength than the People’s Army. Whether it is non-violent or violent confrontation, for either way to succeed requires great power standing behind the Truckers with obvious reserve waiting behind them.

This means the WEF must act now before the People’s Army grows too large with strong reserves. I expect action by the WEF soon to squash this uprising.

This is not about Trudeau, this is the WEF plan in place around the world. Everyone must be ready to heavily support the Truckers and step into the battle if they are attacked.”

The pathetic collapse of Team Apocalypse – by Alex Berenson  The control measures work just as well now as they ever have, which is to say not at all. If they did, we would not be headed into year three of Covid: The Little Epidemic That Could.

No, what’s changed is the fact that despite two years of lectures, most people now understands the uselessness of what we’ve done.

What’s changed are the polls.

I can only imagine the internal Democratic numbers are even WORSE than the public numbers (which have a bit of a left lean to them, as shown by the fact that they understated Trump’s support in both 2016 and 2020). And despite appearances, the Democrats do want to stay in power.

Thus the race to the doors of the last week.

The blue-state jab mandates will be next to go, though they may hang on a few more weeks. A lot of people don’t understand yet just how useless the shots have become with Omicron dominant. Also, they were imposed so recently that dropping them now would a whole new level of embarrassment.

Spottify Responds To Calls For Censorship

Ragnar Lodbrok
CEO Spottify
1 Courage Way

7 February, 2022

Spottify Team,

It has come to my attention that some of you feel hurtful for the words used by Joe Rogan on some past episodes of his podcast. I have been told this controversy continues to impact you and the company. Part of that is my mistake. I should have never submitted to your emotional fragility last year by removing certain episodes from our platform with figures you found controversial. I created a monster in you that has manifested into something that will be the end of this company if I don’t put a stop to it immediately. I am responsible for running a business, not a day care center.


I am hereby restoring all episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience to the platform effective immediately. Nobody will be censored on this platform for words or the words of their guests or their beliefs or ideas that anyone holds. There is already far too much censorship everywhere and we’re not going to follow those lemmings off that cliff into an abyss of frailty and ignorance that leads to worse outcomes for everyone. If you want to live in a society that is already there, feel free to move to one. Might I recommend China as somewhere that might appeal to you.

Some of you really need to get over yourselves. We have the best employee benefits in the world, including free psychological and psychotherapy support in our health care packages. Many of you clearly need to utilize these services to explore why you find controversy in words and other people’s beliefs. How you can claim violence and harm in words shows some of you may need to take serious time away to get much needed mental help. I’m running a business, not a bug house. We have no rubber rooms on campus and I’m sincerely worried for your well being.

There will be no more quiet rooms for healing, no more rooms or spaces for certain groups, no more team or department meetings dedicated to managing your feelings and emotions. We are running a music and podcast streaming platform and your energies should be put toward your work. You are free to engage those coping activities on your own time. . . .

Calgary Police Officer Blasts Fellow Officers: “‘I was just following orders’ is no longer an excuse…You signed up to help people…Stand with your fellow Canadians” [VIDEO]  “Today was a hard day for me. Something was taken away from me that I can never get back. Watching members of the Ottawa Police Service seize fuel from peaceful protesters, took away a long-held belief that I thought to be a lasting truth—and that is that the police are here when push comes to shove to protect and help people. I will never see my profession in the same light than I did before today.”

“What I saw, was the police doing politicians’ dirty work—like hired goons.”

“This goes against every reason why I chose this mostly thankless, difficult, traumatizing career with terrible hours. The reason I got into this profession was to help people,” he said.

He continued, “What is happening in Ottawa, with the clear political influence on the police to physically exert political will on peaceful protesters for nothing more than possible political gain, is so very wrong on so many levels.”

“I was just following orders is no longer an excuse,” he said.


René Girard’s apocalypse is now – UnHerd  Secularisation dissolves this compromise. It hastens the apocalypse, and thus the second coming of Christ, by ending the social rituals that had constrained the violence of competition: “all that remains is mimetic rivalry, and it escalates to extremes.” A society without religion, ritual, constraint, or limit, in which atomised individuals compete with each other in steadily worsening spirals of envy and hostility, is the clearing in which Christ will reappear.

I accept the existence of saucers,
I concede there’s a case
To be made for believing that something’s achieving
the conquest of space;

I find it completely convincing
Whenever I hear
That creatures from Venus were recently seen
As a spaceship drew near:

And yet there’s a problem remaining
That baffles me still.
I’m not disagreeing that some super being
Can wander at will

From one universe to another-
But if it be thus why on earth (so to speak)
Should he bother to seek
Any contact with us?”

— Anthony Brode

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  • Richard February 10, 2022, 3:08 PM

    Nice picture of Mr. Young. If I didn’t know better, I might think he’s a bitter old man. Does the LGBT community give him a pass? I’m thinking, but of course they do. Neil may be a hater, but he’s a hater after their own malicious hearts.
    Hey, Spotify! The balls in your court, whatcha gonna do? Zero tolerance, right? Right?!
    Ah, the Left. Were it not for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.

    • gwbnyc February 10, 2022, 4:09 PM

      tell me that aint the Grinch…

  • gwbnyc February 10, 2022, 4:34 PM
    • Mike Austin February 10, 2022, 4:50 PM

      And they would go 6 months or more without cleaning themselves. I don’t need to go into specifics, do I?

      • gwbnyc February 10, 2022, 5:44 PM

        their lips are sealed up that way. now stop your blubbering, Austin.

        • Mike Austin February 11, 2022, 6:10 AM

          I’ll try. I usually control my blubbering while in public, but it’s hard.

      • julie February 10, 2022, 5:56 PM

        They also urinate into their clothing. Better than freezing your nethers off, but it makes for an eye-watering acquaintance, on occasion.

      • James ONeil February 11, 2022, 10:25 AM

        Cut my Eskimo neighbors some slack Mike, perfume and nosegays weren’t big in past days Europe ’cause of of excellent hygiene. 🙂

        I remember reading also marriage was considered, in the middle ages, so purifying a sacrament that one needn’t ever bathe again after consummation.

        & no, no need to go into specifics.

        • Mike Austin February 11, 2022, 1:06 PM

          The cleanest people in History were also the most violent: Aztecs, pre-1945 Japanese, Muslims and Romans. The filthiest people in Europe were the Spanish—and they were extremely violent to boot. They boasted that the only part of their bodies that saw water was their finger tips when they were dipped in Holy Water before Mass. The Aztecs claimed they could tell when the Spanish were a few miles away because of the smell. The English were in 2nd place. As far as we can tell Elizabeth 1st never bathed or brushed her teeth. The French were in 3rd place, bathing maybe once every year. Foreign diplomats at the Court of Louis XIV complained about how bad the “Sun King” smelled.

          As for your Eskimos: I am fairly certain that none of them will ever be a Victoria’s Secret model.

    • jwm February 10, 2022, 7:30 PM

      Must be from the Auntie Arctic’s Secret collection.
      Imagine the- uh- pheromones…


  • julie February 10, 2022, 5:52 PM

    Dang it, I was all excited for a minute there, thinking that Spottify letter was legit.

    Sadly, it was far too good to be true. Just imagine if all the big tech companies suddenly found their testosterone and started functioning this way; the whole world would be greater overnight.

  • Nori February 10, 2022, 6:23 PM

    Suddenly,I’m hungry for an Eskimo Pie, I don’t know why. Do they even make them anymore,or have they been consigned to the Racist Food trash heap,like Aunt Jemimah?
    Does that “L” on the back indicate size?

    • John Venlet February 11, 2022, 10:54 AM

      Nori, I too love Eskimo Pies, but, unfortunately, 3 – 5 years ago they stopped making regular Eskimo Pies, and were only producing sugar free Eskimo Pies, so there went that summer time treat. I have not seen Eskimo Pies in any of our local grocery stores since they began only producing the sugar free type. And, if I recall correctly, when I was trying to chase down the regular, full of sugar Eskimo Pies, (I think Nestle owned the brand at that time), I was informed they were only making the sugar free Eskimo Pies for our own good. They are now known as Edy’s Pie, marketed by Dreyer’s, which is owned by Froneri. Guess neither you or I will ever have an Eskimo Pie again.

      • Mike Austin February 11, 2022, 4:08 PM

        Real Eskimo Pies. Real Ice Cream Sandwiches. Damn those who would water down and adulterate those sacred things.

  • Sisu February 10, 2022, 6:36 PM

    Re: “FILE UNDER: To No Ones [sic] Surprise.”

    There are many related articles; yet here is a recent one I came across – https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-08-11-dr-mikovits-sars-cov-2-lab-made-virus-deployed-through-vaccine-supply.html#

    “When you take a synthetic part of a virus and you grow it in the monkey cells, you can get recombination events of all the monkey viruses, so it’s a monkey virus,” Mikovits confirmed, referring to the respiratory infections seen in covid-19. The HIV component comes from the Simian immune deficiency virus, which is also a natural monkey virus.

    But, I am neither a scientist nor medical professional. And, I am “unvaxxed” which may enhance or diminish the value of my expression.

    • Vanderleun February 10, 2022, 7:00 PM

      Did you get taken out behind the backstop a lot in high school, Sisu?

      • nunnya bidnez, jr February 11, 2022, 6:46 AM

        Do you remember thirty years ago when Farrakhan was claiming that AIDS was created in a lab (by jooos! no less) to kill off Africans?
        I’m beginning to think he might be right.

        • Tom Hyland February 11, 2022, 7:25 AM

          Harry Vox seconds your motion, bidnez. https://www.bitchute.com/video/JCnXnxC1ZRsR/

        • Sisu February 11, 2022, 7:36 AM

          nunnya bidnez, jr

          Your comment reminded me of Farrakhan’s claims, which were derided at the time. A quick search returns many related articles.

      • Sisu February 11, 2022, 7:31 AM


        Not, ever. Thus, your innuendo, sarcasm, … escapes me.

        For clarity –

        The fifth para. of your first link (Early Version of Covid-19 …): “The researchers also found genetic material from Chinese hamsters and green monkeys, …”

        I thought I was building on that article with my sharing a related link.

        • Vanderleun February 11, 2022, 8:00 AM

          Sorry…. i was just reacting to something else. Meant nothing by it.

          • Sisu February 11, 2022, 5:18 PM

            Ahhh. Just another reason to respect you. … Sisu

  • Anonymous February 10, 2022, 7:00 PM

    And, “besting” George Carlin’s “classic ‘truth'”, I would much appreciate anyone who could find a copy of Elbert Guillory’s, 2016 Louisiana State Senate Campaign video Ad wherein he discussed the semantics (in context) of the popular usage of that (mostly) term of endearment – “N!g gA!” …

    And, what did the (“I don’t know where I’ll sleep tonite.”; almost vegetarian) Mayor of the Great Metropolis, Eric Adams say bout all you privileged descendants of Europeans and places East thereof (irrespective of whether your ancestors were ever “sharecroppers” in the “States of the Confederacy” or had a backyard garden) … I know. Sorry, – That was just a Wise Crack … Er.

    • ghostsniper February 11, 2022, 4:51 AM

      as long as niggas say nigga everybody gets to say nigga

      • gwbnyc February 11, 2022, 7:07 AM

        honky, please.

      • Jack February 11, 2022, 2:14 PM

        My sentiments too. ‘dis nigga demand equalamty.

  • nunnya bidnez, jr February 11, 2022, 6:52 AM

    Was it Bobby Seale, or Eldridge Cleaver who said everybody should use the word nigger all the time, because it would take all the sting out of it, make it merely descriptive rather than an epithet?
    The Left has overplayed their hand by calling everyone else “rascist” or “fascist”.

    • Sisu February 12, 2022, 9:28 AM

      Vaguely recall the quote. I don’t believe cleaver or seale should be forgotten or celebrated; in fact BLM’rs could learn something of history from their writings, and know that they became irrelevant by the end of the 70’s.

      Regardless, it could have been Dick Gregory who said it:

      “Dear Momma- Wherever you are, if you ever hear the word “nigger” again, remember, they are advertising my book.”


      Or Godfrey Cambridge –

      Which strange enough segues to the “vaxx” and “5G” –

      A big loop right back to nunnya bidnez, jr’s comment above re: Farrakhan and “conspiracies” …

  • Anonymous February 11, 2022, 11:04 AM

    the US is finally saying “hold my beer”

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