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Rant0matic: “Zoomers ain’t our heroes” The Plague Of Heroes by Z Man

Inside the store they have arrows on the floor, meaning you have to walk up and down every aisle in a specific order.

Apparently, heroism now means having to examine every product on every shelf before you leave the store. This is actually dumber than the Soviet-style lines to enter the store. No one is going to traverse the whole store because they forget to get something in aisle one. As a result, people are violating the edicts and going about their business like sane people used to do.

I was one of those sane people, going against an arrow to get something when a Cuck and Karen in their TikTok costumes said something to me about the arrows. The Cuck did the “Sir! Sir!” bit, but I just ignored him. After I got what I wanted, I turned around and he was saying something, but I could not hear it because my hearing is not good and he was talking through his sissy rag. I was ready to ignore him, but then he did the same “Sir! Sir!” bit to an old guy who was violating arrow policy.

Having reached the age where I no longer bite my tongue in public, I said to the guy, “It is bad enough we have to put up with nonsense, we don’t need idiots like you pretending to be the police of us.” He then heroically said something about it “being about all of us” and I reminded him that the most likely way for him to end up in the hospital was to keep talking. The old guy, heroically chimed in with a vigorous “Fuck you, asshole” and a middle-finger at Cuck and Karen.

RTWT AT The Plague Of Heroes | The Z Blog

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  • James ONeil April 27, 2020, 11:34 AM

    Our local Safeway has one way streets, arrows on the floor, our Fred Meyers does not. It’s kind of nice that, here at least, in both stores, most folks just go where they want to get what they want.

  • Jewel April 27, 2020, 1:51 PM

    I ventured out to the grocery store where I used to work. It was a family owned smallish store called Musser’s Market. It was replaced with a Giant. I’d forgotten that I’d worked there before, because the layout was all changed, but I hated it. Only one entrance and exit. No masks, no service. A couple of snowflakes posted at the front to make sure you don’t go out in a group of more than one. No idle small talk allowed. Or aloud….the dulcet medicinal tones of the chesty, semi-altomatic, matronizing voice repeating, “Remember, we’re all in this together.” Big brother turned out to be Big Harpy. Smothered in an oppressive atmosphere of TIFYOGness. (This is for your own good) -ness. I found Soviet style empty shelves. Only the vegan crap was available in many sections they forced the real food to share with them.
    I left, with a few scant bags, and 78 dollars poorer. I feel mostly rage these days and at least that’s free.

  • Ootenvault April 27, 2020, 2:17 PM

    I loved your story about the two goobers in the grocery story. Old guys unite! Hope it’s OK to steal your ‘sissy rag’ description.

    Tom in NorCal.

  • ghostsniper April 27, 2020, 2:38 PM

    Take note of who these cucks and karens are, you may have to shoot them in the face soon.

  • Tom Hyland April 27, 2020, 6:15 PM

    Remember that jerk who tried to light his sneakers on fire? Happened almost 20 years ago in airspace above Europe somewhere. Didn’t happen above America! To this day when you go to the airport you have to take your shoes off…… BECAUSE!!! Got it? Any time the weasels advance an inch they never give up the territory. These one-way decals on the grocery aisle floors disgusted me immediately. Say you’re walking the “correct direction” when you suddenly realize you passed the mayonnaise. You turn back… alas… you’ve been wrestled to the floor because walking towards another person is now considered an act of violence. The decals are at Albertson’s in Santa Fe. Trader Joe’s hasn’t done this… yet. The best action is to COMPLAIN LOUDLY when you arrive at the check out. If everybody describes the breakdown of human society REALLY LOUD maybe they won’t start doing this shit.

  • jwm April 27, 2020, 7:11 PM

    I remember when the war on tobacco morphed from discouraging smoking into unhinged fear mongering, and lies. Second hand smoke was a cynical lie to make non-smokers into anti-smoking zealots by scaring them into believing that the guy lighting up a cigarette was a threat to their very lives. It was a lie, but so what? There was a cause, a crusade, and it all was enormously successful. Now you can’t smoke anywhere. I remember when the campaign to pass helmet laws for motorcycles kicked off here in CA in the early ’90’s. Suddenly everyone was furious at unhelmeted bikers driving up insurance rates for everyone. It was a lie. They took away another freedom, and no one’s insurance got any cheaper. But a whole lot of people who never rode a motorcycle were happy to force those who do into compliance. Climate change is a ridiculous joke, yet I get a financial statement from the teachers retirement system assuring all the retirees that CALSTRS is investing our retirement funds into organizations that fight global warming. You know. For the future.
    I look around my town when I go out to walk or ride the bike. Everywhere I see people alone on the street, with no other person within hundreds of yards, or driving alone in the car with all the windows up and they’re masked up like plague doctors. Next Door is full of Cuck & Karen postings about someone who saw someone who WASN’T SOCIAL DISTANCING!!!
    It is all lies.
    I’ve mentioned before how hard it is to find any real information on the batflu. The more you search, the more you read, the more you find nothing but contradictions. Even so, very few people sit at the computer, and read. Even if you could find the absolute TRUTH about batflu it would not matter. Most people get all their information from the TV set, and they believe what they ‘re told to believe, and do what they’re told to do. All lies, and fear mongering.
    Jim Goad, over at Taki’s had an article about the vampire plague in Malawi. It seems that poor little corner of Africa is simply crawling with vampires these days. It’s a real problem, and everyone believes it. How well do you suppose you’d do if you hopped a flight to Malawi, and simply explained to the natives that there is no such thing as vampires? People would instantly stop believing, wouldn’t they? Just like they’ll wake up when you explain that climate change is bullshit, or that second hand smoke is a lie, or that you won’t catch batflu if you’re walking alone without a mask.
    The truth is irrelevant when everyone believes a lie. Vampires must be killed. Smoking must be banned. Climate deniers must be shunned and silenced. Anyone without a mask must be shamed, and hectored into compliance. Maybe even arrested. Maybe even killed like the vampires in Malawi. This shit ain’t gonna end soon, and it ain’t gonna’ end well.


  • ghostsniper April 27, 2020, 7:31 PM

    They have a saying over at Western Rifle Shooters, “Harden Your Heart” because about 20 years ago Billy Beck said, “They will turn those you love against you.”

    That smiling face sitting across from you at the breakfast table every morning, for example. Can you shoot that face? Can you imagine you have no choice but to do so? You’d shoot yourself first, you say. Ahh, you again underestimate what you are up against. That option is not available to you. You WILL shoot it in the face, and you will enjoy every second of it. Yes, I am describing a horror you can’t imagine, you can’t comprehend, but it waits, patiently, for you. Harden the fuk up, buttercup. Tomorrow is today and yesterday never really happened, there is only now.

  • The Old Salt April 28, 2020, 5:49 AM

    JWM – damn right.