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Noted In Passing: Mission Extraction

Extraction / Protective Agents – Ukraine | Silent Professionals

JOB LOCATION:  Ukraine (nationwide travel required)
PAY: $1,000 — $2,000 per day(1) bonus(2)

Employment Type: Contractor (1099)

(1) Pay rate will be based on experience, knowledge of AO, individual client, assigned location, and position within the extraction team
(2) Completion bonus will be discussed with employer

Employer is a US-based corporation seeking multiple Extraction / Protective Agents and teams to conduct part-time, covert, extraction/evacuation operations of individuals and families throughout the countryside and major cities of Ukraine.  Both male and female agents are welcome to apply.  Only highly experienced candidates who possess at least 5 years of military experience in this region of Europe will be considered for this role – no exceptions.

NOTE: If you do not have extensive prior experience protecting private clients in a solo practitioner / small team capacity and 5 years of military experience, you will not be competitive.  Only competitive candidates will be contacted for further vetting.  Non-competitive candidates will simply not be considered or contacted.


– Candidates who are currently residing in Ukraine, a border country, or within an EU or Schengen nation
– Ability to speak Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Romanian, and or Moldovan language(s)
– Candidates with prior backgrounds in a Tier 1, SOF or combat arms MOS are highly desired and will be given primary preference
– Have a strong working knowledge of Ukrainian highways, roadways, terrain, and culture
– Have prior experience conducting rescue operations with little to no support within war-torn or active warzone battlescapes
– Prior experience working with FBOs and knowledge of pathfinder operations
– Have experience and knowledge with vehicle, aircraft, and naval craft recognition skills of Soviet-era and NATO military armament
– Candidates that possess active First Responder, EMT certifications, or attended an 18D course are highly desired
– Have prior experience conducting surveillance/counter surveillance operations within the private security, private military, or military sectors
– Have prior experience conducting advance operations in support of private security, private military, or military sectors
– Possess prior experience as a security driver – specifically driving in a low profile capacity through hostile territory as a solo vic or part of a very small convoy

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  • Dirk June 16, 2022, 4:27 PM

    PS, the successful applicant should, upon excepting employment purchases as much life insurance as possible.

    This ain’t fighting “sand niggers” this is fighting a real army with real artillery, a real efficient air wing, with border to border air superiority.

    • ghostsniper June 17, 2022, 6:51 AM

      Over at Kunstlers:
      The voters are poised to unload two barrels of buckshot to this monster’s head in September, if we are not prevented from holding elections by yet another bogus “emergency.” Until then, we’re in a race to see just how the Party of Chaos completes the destruction of the economy, which is the prelude to the people of the USA destroying the Party of Chaos.
      More here:

      • BillH June 17, 2022, 8:08 AM

        I feel about things like my folks looked when my Dad’s job vanished in ’35. I was about to turn 4 and didn’t really understand, but I still remember the scary way they looked at one another. Hadn’t seen that look before and only rarely since.

  • Casey Klahn June 16, 2022, 5:30 PM

    2K? That’s bullshit. Needs to be more. Of course, it won’t be me. Nyuk.

    That’s like whore pay. That’s like 70s merc. pay. Tell Ukraine to tell Biden (inc) to pony up more.

  • Terry June 16, 2022, 6:57 PM

    Also as a warning, participants will be slowly tortured to death after capture. Locals will be paid in gold to report any suspect working against conquering forces.

  • ghostsniper June 16, 2022, 7:30 PM

    I want 2 months worth up front, in gold US coinage.
    And a couple other things, I’ll bring a list.

  • jwm June 16, 2022, 7:50 PM

    I’ll bet there are just boatloads of people with the “preferred qualifications”. No doubt they’re lined up around the block with resume in hand. And just who would be getting “extracted”?


  • Rob Muir June 16, 2022, 8:44 PM

    I’ve been to Trident Spectre a couple of times at Fort Storey in VA beach. I brought my tech for the teams to use and break; they used it, and sometimes broke it.

    The operators I met there meet these quals in spades. I believe they are also smart enough to avoid the described operation without a large backup presence.

  • Yukon Charley June 16, 2022, 8:56 PM

    WTF is “prior experience”? Look up “experience”. Oh. Wait. American education.

    • nunnya bidnez, jr June 17, 2022, 5:18 AM

      “prior experience” is just like “future experience” except there’s more paperwork to show for it.

  • nunnya bidnez, jr June 17, 2022, 5:27 AM

    Maybe this is just a Honeypot, a method for finding, entrapping and capturing highly experienced operatives. Let’s see, Biden admin gives money to Ukraine, and maybe to NGOs and global corporations working there. They take that money, and use it to lure highly qualified American ex-military away to a hellhole in eastern Europe, where some of them will disappear; preventing them from doing anything patriotic in America at some future date. Keeps Biden’s domestic chessboard clear, by exporting his potential opposition.

  • Denny June 17, 2022, 8:37 AM

    Wow, that’ll surely help out with my retirement income. I’ll take my Ruger Mini 30, waterproof matches and nearly brand new candy apple red walker.

    This would surely help to even out the Russian tank advantage.

  • edaddy June 17, 2022, 10:06 AM
  • Arty June 17, 2022, 6:57 PM

    It’s a trap. A legitimate ad would state that women, minorities and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

  • captflee June 18, 2022, 9:46 AM

    Rob M,
    For years I had Trident Group four man teams as pirate insurance while east o’ Suez on my RORO, and can attest to their skills, though generally just displaying some rifles was enough to send the vermin elsewhere for lower, slower, and unarmed prey.

    What manner of tech ya slingin’?

  • KCK June 18, 2022, 11:12 AM

    On topic: let’s take a short journey into HELL

    • Vanderleun June 18, 2022, 12:32 PM

      What a fucking shitshow.

      • Casey Klahn June 18, 2022, 3:27 PM

        I never caught that it was a diplomatic effort, and not a military one. Explains much; no military guy would ever evac an airport with civilians on board, and the ‘Ban at the very edge of the airfield. State department thinks armymen are for holding umbrellas at state affairs.

        I’d pay rare money to see Tim Kennedy go one round in the ring with SecState Blinken.

        Biden: all Biden. He’s now the most criminally incompetent and at the same time evil political figure of a generation.

  • KCK June 18, 2022, 11:51 AM

    edaddy beat me to it.

    It’ll take a number of months, if not years, to massage the shit show in Eastern Europe to the point where it is the absolute, unmitigated, shining flame of hell that is Biden’s Kabul. Of course, eastern Europe has a long, long history of producing human nightmares.

    • ThisIsNotNutella June 18, 2022, 4:33 PM

      If I had as much faith in the Almighty as you do in the eventual assured demise of the Wicked Asiatic Empire of the Knout, I’d be covered in stigmata (*) and banging out the Goldberg Variations on my harp.

      * First person to equate stigmata with Monkey Pox does not win a prize.

      Given what we know about the competence of the brightest folk who managed Afghanistan and the various other sandpits… even if I had your disdain for the Bear, I’d feel I needed to adjust odds to reflect this incompetence. I know I’m biased and all.

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