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Let’s Review 76: That Was the Week That Wuz

The Iran deal is one of the last props to fall in the Potemkin presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. As the Mueller “investigation” collapses, Stormy Daniels blows her way out to sea, and even CNN comes to realize that Trump will be president at least until January 2021, the first explicitly anti-American presidential administration in history has been unmasked. Expect more, and worse, to follow. A great reckoning is at hand.

Neighbor guilty in stalking case busted with 90 pounds of panties. Unclear if he was wearing them all at the time or just making a quilt:

Why Science and Experience Command That You Buy an ‘Assault Rifle’ This science is settled.

On a need to know basis and I needed to know it.How to Cut a Mango – Chowhound

Next stop on the road to Utopia: if the NAACP has its way, you will have your thoughts examined on suspicion of “implicit bias”.

Prospect of World Peace Threatens Media’s Porn Star Narrative 

The Hershey Highway 12 Tons of Liquid Chocolate Have Blocked a Polish Highway

As long as I keep those Alzheimer’s cobwebs out of my brain — or as long as I don’t get some horrible, writing-stopping disease — why should I stop? 

Let us also not forget that the long years of the Cold War involved the US footing the bulk of the bill for defense, allowing Europe to maintain Lego-town militaries and spend their wealth building cradle-to-grave social welfare systems, which relied on the despised US military for protection. It goes on and on . . uh, well, not any longer.

The more “racially mixed” a country is, the more unstable it becomes, because it has no common culture, no common past, and no common background.

America The Weird

Fat ass flaps gums, gets wedged, whines: ‘Woman of Size’ Says She Experienced Discrimination Because Harry Potter Ride Seat Was Too Small

‘Sexuality Expert’ Says Babies Should ‘Give Consent’ to Diaper Changes

Dennis Miller: “TheLeft runs a very tight ship over in America, as far as lockstep goes. They make the North Korean troops look like improvisational artists.”

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  • Andrew X May 12, 2018, 5:47 PM

    90 pounds of panties??

    That’s all?


  • Sam L. May 12, 2018, 8:32 PM

    Panty quilt.

  • Howard Nelson May 13, 2018, 7:04 PM

    America the Weird? From its multiplicity and urge to adventure in all directions it offers a bizarre bazaar of values for the world. How great we are when we’re thankful enough.

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