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Boomer Anthems: Uriah Heep — Lady In Black

In an interview Hensley said:

  When I brought ¨Lady in Black¨ to the band they didn´t like it much, said it was too ¨folky¨ and David simply didn´t want to sing it. But the producer saw something they didn´t and we pushed ahead with it and it became our biggest global hit. Lots of great memories there, including hearing 100,000 people singing the chorus at a German festival. Amazing!

And the girl that inspired it will never know. I saw her through my hotel room window, but we never met! The song may only have 2 chords, but it has 279 words, not including the chorus!

Plus, by popular demand, the late-night full-screen variation from 2007 when the audience became the star. Set aside 15 minutes and stay with it.

[This one goes out to Emma Jean…]

She came to me one morning
One lonely Sunday morning
Her long hair flowing in the midwinter wind
I know not how she found me
For in darkness I was walking
And destruction lay around me
From a fight I could not win

Ahh Ahh Ahh, Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh

She asked me name my foe then
I said the need within some men
To fight and kill their brothers
Without thought of love or God
And I begged her give me horses
To trample down my enemies
So eager was my passion
To devour this waste of life

Ahh Ahh Ahh, Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh

But she wouldn’t think of battle that
Reduces men to animals
So easy to begin
And yet impossible to end
For she’s the mother of all men
Who counselled me so wisely then
I feared to walk alone again
And asked if she would stay

Oh lady lend your hand outright
And let me rest here at your side
Have faith and trust in peace she said
And filled my heart with life

There’s no strength in numbers
Have no such misconception
But when you need me
Be assured I won’t be far away

Ahh Ahh Ahh, Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh

Thus having spoke she turned away
And though I found no words to say
I stood and watched until I saw
Her black cloak disappear
My labour is no easier
But now I know I’m not alone
I’ll find new heart
Each time I think upon that windy day

And if one day she comes to you
Drink deeply from her words so wise
Take courage from her as your prize
And say hello from me

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  • BillH July 1, 2020, 7:59 AM

    And to think I sired four boomers (last two were genx, and really are different from first four).

  • pac July 1, 2020, 8:32 AM

    could be mistaken but I think he said ‘white’ cloak

  • Jack July 1, 2020, 9:00 AM

    Heard of them, never listened to them. Like the rest of us on this blog they’re getting a little long in the tooth.

  • ghostsniper July 1, 2020, 6:59 PM

    He’s almost 75 and can still reasonably pull it off.
    I was 17 the first time I heard this at a friends house and have listened to it maybe 300 times since. It’s a roust about song – gets the crowd involved, automatically.