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Strange Daze

Check Out These Eight Beautiful Travel Posters For America’s Democrat-Controlled Cities

The image of a man waking up or snapping out of a daze is a good one to use for all Western people, especially Americans. In the provinces of the Empire, there has always been a bit of skepticism about America, so they never fully succumbed to the narcotic effects of the American empire. In the heart of the empire, the combination of American mythology, civic nationalism and patriotic nostalgia have kept most Americans in a narcotic fog, unable to fully grasp what is happening to them. The Awakening

The Tiny Bonsai Forests of Masahiko Kimura

Growing Bonsai Marijuana [HT: John V]

Rush Limbaugh Gives Emotional Update On His Health You know, I’ve loved to point out we all only get one life. We don’t get a do-over in the… Well, we do. Actually, we get a do-over every day if we choose to look at it that way. Once we’re old enough and mature enough to understand what life is and that there is only one, then you do get do-overs, an opportunity to fix what you think you might not have done so well the day before, which is an operative philosophy of mine.  But the fact that I have that option and that opportunity compared to where I thought I would be at this time? I mean, that’s “go get the hallelujah chorus and have ’em start singing to me,” because that’s exactly where this is — and the future? 

Organizing Middle American Resistance: Who Will Take the Next Step? | The seeds of a full-blown counter-revolution are scattered around the country– in the police officers who came down with the ”blue flu” in Atlanta — in the truckers who have declared they won’t deliver to cities that defund the police — in county sheriffs who have defied gun-grabbing state governments –.in the popular resistance to draconian gubernatorial ”mask decrees” — in rumblings of counties from California to Virginia about secession from tyrannical metropolitan areas — in numerous individual acts of self-defense, like that of the man who shot Garrett Foster or the men who defended the Alamo.

Here’s the state of the coronadoom crisis in New York: — William M. Briggs

Now that the election is upon us, the narratives are flying fast and furious. You see, the bad guy is always supposed to lose eventually, so we are getting every plot device available to point the story arc toward a smashing Biden victory. Never mind that the hero in this tale can never be more than five steps away from a toilet and has to take a nap after breakfast. The script demands that the villain be vanquished, so that’s the story we are getting.

Borepatch: How much voting fraud do the Democrats need for Biden to win? It also looks to me (based on my model) that Trump will pick up States that he lost last time, particularly Virginia, New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota, and Colorado. Fraud will need to be spread around here to keep the votes from swinging in the “wrong” direction. That’s a lot of States, and some of them are pretty big, so in round numbers let’s call it another 500,000.

So Team Biden will need a million fraudulently cast ballots to win. That’s quite a lot to keep secret. This isn’t onesy-twosie fraud, this is industrial scale. I simply don’t think this can be covered up. A million is a big number, and will require thousands of people to be in on the scam. The old saying applies: three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

Enormous tunnels dug by the extinct giant sloth

Park Avenue, where I live, looks like an Israeli religious complex on Yom Kippur. Even the doormen are inside behind locked doors. The next morning I read in the Post that seven people were shot during the day of my arrival. One was shot for his backpack. Not a word about this in the degenerate Times as all the perpetrators and the victims are black. While pandering to so-called minorities, the two most useless governor and mayor ever have done away with bail and pretrial detention, turning the Bagel into a criminal paradise.

Scotts Miracle-Gro is main financial supporter of push to legalize weed in New Jersey: The move must be sitting right with investors as the company’s stock is up more than 56% year-to-date.The Chinese Lockdown-and-Mask Model Failed. Now Its Proponents Need Scapegoats –  The lockdowns don’t exist anymore as a prophylactic policy, but as a political vendetta. The more people die, the more businesses are ruined, the more everyone suffers, the more vicious the vendetta grows as it hunts for scapegoats, political and religious, for the great error of terror. Leftist regimes turn to political terror as their policies fail. When the idealism dies, and the theories fall apart, the organizers pursue misery for the sake of misery, using fear, deprivation, and hate to maintain their grip on power while crushing the political threats to their rule. The rule of the experts isn’t fighting the virus. It has become the virus.

The Remarkable Life of Roxie Laybourne Packages started arriving, and Laybourne began mapping out a process to handle the remains, wash whatever feathers were available, prepare slides, and, finally, study and identify them. Everything in those early days was hard, even cleaning the feathers. Jet engines often gunked up the diaphanous material. Using too much soap or too much water or too much force could ruin the sample, and not enough of any of those things would render the sample useless. “I had made up bird skins. I also knew how to wash and dry whole birds. But getting single feathers that had gone through aircraft—now that was a whole new ballgame,” Laybourne said.

The Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2020 Winners Have Just Been Announced

#1 Animal Portraits Highly Commended: “Night Hunter” By Jonas Classon

For many years I have noticed that I could fisk almost every article written, even those that are supposedly straight news, and point out the multiple and repeated elements of such guidance. It starts with the decision as to what news to cover and what to ignore. It goes on to the headlines (“Republicans Pounce,” anyone?) and involves the placement of each fact, the emphasis it’s given, adjectives and verb and noun choice (“undocumented”), phrases such as “with no evidence” used for assertions by the right and not the left, the often-bogus “fact-checking” page, and so much more.

Rolls-Royce’s Illuminated Spirit Of Ecstasy Banned By European Union It’s hard to feel too sorry for anyone wealthy enough to own a new Rolls-Royce, but there’s bad news for these folks in the European Union because the illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy badge is no longer available. Making matters worse, the light-up hood ornament needs to be removed from any Rolls that currently has it. The cause of this weird decision is that the illuminated sculpture does not comply with the new EU light pollution regulations. After disconnecting it, Rolls will refund owners for the price of the option and replace the hood ornament with a silver-plated Spirit of Ecstasy. Note that this only applies to vehicles in the EU, and models elsewhere are still free to light up the lady.

The Faithless Paranoia That Drives Woke and Cancel Culture There are, though, in the West plenty of people who, for whatever reasons, have a disproportionately jaundiced view of society and other people. Instead of seeing it as jaundiced, they will feel that theirs is a realist view and a smart, clued-up, and sophisticated one for that reason. For them, a proper conception of society sees it as no more than a network of competitive hatreds. They haven’t noticed the redeeming Hobbesian artifice of the civil society in which we live and which rescues us from the dangerous predicament of being in competition with our fellow humans. Their conception is, of course, an impoverished, unimaginative, and paranoid one; they haven’t, in simple trustfulness, slowed their breathing sufficiently and paused long enough to see the whole picture. They are largely driven and haunted by fear, and their unpleasant vision of society actually tells us more about them than about the societies they live in. They have a mean and cynical vision because they are mean, untrusting, and cynical themselves.

According to historian, author, and Buffalo Soldiers expert Frank Schubert, the Indians found the black soldiers laughable and bestowed the moniker because the soldiers’ brown skin and nappy hair reminded them of a buffalo’s brown fur and curly mane. Schubert, who authored the definitive histories of the Buffalo Soldiers, states that the original “Buffalo” units despised the name and never used it themselves.

The list of special interest groups that support Proposition 25’s plan to eliminate bail for poor oppressed violent criminals is filled with exactly the names you’d expect: the California Democrat Party, the League of Women Voters, the L.A. Times, the California Teachers Association, Jewish Family Services, MALDEF, NARAL, SEIU, and the Harvey Milk Club.

“When at last the doomed airship vanished from sight there arose a shout the like of which I never heard in London before…” …a hoarse shout of mingled execration, triumph and joy; a swelling shout that appeared to be rising from all parts of the metropolis, ever increasing in force and intensity. It was London’s Te Deum for another crowning deliverance.”
The Democrat zeppelin is going down on election night.

Prepare for that horse shout of mingled execration, triumph and joy.


… and that’s the daze and I am out of here…

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  • BillH October 20, 2020, 9:45 AM

    That lit-up Spirit of Ecstasy looks all the world like a bent over guy with his pants at half mast, holding his top coat up and waiting for it. Disclaimer: I have never actually seen a bent over guy with his pants at half mast, holding his top coat up.

  • Sam L. October 20, 2020, 9:49 AM

    As I keep saying, I don’t know if the media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or if it’s the other way round, but I DO KNOW (it being so OBVIOUS) that they are in cahoots.

  • John Venlet October 20, 2020, 10:04 AM

    As a complement to the bonsai forests, there is now a growing cadre of bonsai marijuana growers, whose works are as pleasing to the eye.

  • Casey Klahn October 20, 2020, 11:16 AM

    Bingo Card, October 20: Dems invent a new term for masturbating. Everyone sees the irony, given their jackwagon of a campaign effort. Toobin.

  • tim October 20, 2020, 12:34 PM

    So if one smokes the bonsai marijuana do they get low?

    And will it turn you into you a Chronic toobinator?

    Tip your waitress…

  • John Venlet October 20, 2020, 12:38 PM

    So if one smokes the bonsai marijuana do they get low?

    Nope, they get small.

  • EX-Californian Pete October 20, 2020, 1:55 PM

    Back in 2016, I parked my 1972 Harley FLH outside the Winco grocery store in Chico, next to an employee’s bike that was on the walkway slab at the Winco perimeter wall. After I came out with the small amount of groceries I bought, I saw a middle-aged woman profusely STARING at my bike with an angry look on her face. As I approached her I got all prepared to tell her I that parked there to free up a space in the parking lot for a full-size vehicle, and that my parking there was completely legal. WRONG!

    She looked at me (like she wanted to kill me) and yelled “THAT’S A NAZI BIKE! A NAZI BIKE!”
    After I quit laughing, she informed me that my black Imron paint with red pinstripes was “NAZI” because red & black were the colors used by Nazis in WWII. I mentioned that my heritage is mostly Welsh, but I also have GERMAN blood in me!
    She wanted to stand there and further harass me until I spoke a few broken sentences in German at her with an evil grin, which seemed to scare the living bejeezers out of her. BTW, my other Harley- a 1969 XLCH had the exact same paint scheme.

  • Roy Lofquist October 20, 2020, 8:12 PM

    An illuminated hood ornament is just plain tacky. Next year’s model will offer an ah-ooh-ga horn and a pair of fuzzy dice for the rear view mirror.

  • Dex Quire October 20, 2020, 10:31 PM

    San Francisco makes me thank that the Democrats should be renamed = The Feces Liberation Front

  • Anonymous October 21, 2020, 7:28 AM

    “Toobin” = tube steak handlin’