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Noted in Passing: The Maskholes Among Us

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  • owwm November 29, 2021, 6:20 PM

    Sad to see everyone wearing masks. I am yet to wear one outside of my paint booth.

  • ghostsniper November 29, 2021, 7:12 PM

    I probably would have splattered him.

  • Casey Klahn November 29, 2021, 7:36 PM

    If only the masklessness could kill. He’d be the first target, in a just world.

  • jwm November 29, 2021, 8:17 PM

    The seeds for this insanity were planted decades ago by the anti-tobacco nazis, Mothers against drunk driving, an entire branch of government devoted to eliminating risk everywhere for everyone always, and forever. “Environmentalists” have children growing up in terror of the climate monster. This wretched excuse for a man was, indeed, groomed by the media to be the compliant little worm that he has become.
    What makes it all the more bitter is that worms like this are the tyrants of our age. His terror sets the standards of behavior to which we all are forced to comply.
    We couldn’t even get a really for real Darth Vader type of evil dictator for a bad guy.


    • owwm November 29, 2021, 10:07 PM

      A former state rep. and another politician got a DUI for being drunk in Hopkinsville KY many years ago, made front page of the Princeton KY newspaper, from the alcohol they were served at a M.A.D. meeting.

    • Bruceph November 30, 2021, 3:54 PM


  • julie November 29, 2021, 9:18 PM

    Good lord.

    We just came back from a pizza party at local establishment. Perfectly normal celebration for the end of fall baseball – lots of kids, pizza, trophies, arcade games. The only people wearing masks were staff, and I’m sure only because it’s required. Certainly the guests there don’t care.

    There are pockets of normal, even now, even in California.

  • Brio November 30, 2021, 2:42 AM

    If he is so afraid of unmasked people, why doesn’t he use online ordering? Even WalMart will gather your items and bring them out to your car or you can pick them in the store already bagged.

  • Mike-SMO November 30, 2021, 3:04 AM

    Masks without the associated sanitation proceedures is a waste of effort. And that is before you notice the morons with their mask worn so that their nose is exposed. And typically I can’t wear my old respirator with a N95 PRE-filter over the “high-test cans”, because the exhaust port is not filtered I have seen any number of people touch/adjust their face diaper then touch product or surfaces.

    Old School: Wash you hands before you touch your face or food. Han sanitizer is your friend. Don’t bring contaminated outer clothing or shoes into the “nest” of the vulnerable.

    Yeah. It is a pain in the butt, but that is how the game is played for those who care.

    For individuals, have your Vitamin-D(3) levels checked and brought up to snuff. Add zinc supplements. Stay out of crowds and public transportation. Those at greatest risk are those with untreated or untreatable medical comorbidities. “Treat’em if you got’em.” 95+% of Chicago COVID deaths (2020) had one or more comorbidities (heyjackass.com). High blood pressure, high blood sugar [Type-II Diabetes, obesity, etc) will get you dead. If you have immune suppression due to therapy for cancer, transplants, implants, Rheumatoid, etc. you have to be especially careful. Talk with your doc. Verify Vitamin -D(3) levels. Wash! Sanitize! If it ain’t the China Cof, it could be any virus that triggers a pneumonia.

    None of the vaccines have long term safety studies. Autoimmune disease is a worry. The push for mandated vaccination is for usefull, productive workers. That means that someone has found a way to get a piece of the proceeds or that they are targeting the useful to make way for their “pets”. “They” forced retirement of ~40% of the USPS to make room for their “pets” and the vaccine may be another way to make slots available in the public economy. They excluded Illegals, welfare dependents from the mandates so you can decide for yourself. Talk to your physician or get one.

    The RNA vaccinations were a rush job for an incoming lethal disease. For that it wasn’t a bad job. Now it is clear that the virus is less of a problem than originally thought and the vaccine may be more deadly than the virus. Talk to your physician.

  • Kevin in PA November 30, 2021, 3:49 AM

    I suspect that this little fruitcake in the video at Wally World was that way long before the media frightened him.
    I must say that I am surprised at the number of younger folks wearing the mask everywhere….but then again, this is a generation that was raised on “participation trophies”.

  • Steve (retired/recovering lawyer) November 30, 2021, 4:06 AM

    Kevin stole my thunder, but I’ll post anyway. This guy fairly screams, “I’M A FAG AND SO VERY, VERY PRECIOUS.” It’s so stereotypical of the hysterical fag trope that I almost believe it was a set-up. Almost.

  • John the River November 30, 2021, 5:38 AM

    Yeah, I survived Thanksgiving with my girlfriends liberal family and friends, she only kicked me in the leg under the table once.
    They were past the mask phase but very much in the “I am booster of booster shots” shots trope. All they could talk about was which vaccines they had had and I realized that they were getting ‘cross-vaccinated’ with the different shots. They talked about the next coming variant of the vaccine the way some tech-heads talk about the next upgrade of the iPhone. Eager anticipation.
    Never thought I’d miss the days of people blathering about football.

  • brio November 30, 2021, 5:51 AM

    As a retired Arizona State University employee, I take art classes in my retirement to keep busy.
    Here are some of the masking policies still in force this semester at ASU:

    Masks were required inside and outside (on any campus property) in the previous year. But this semester, masks are not required outside or in buildings, but the moment someone enters a classroom, a mask is required.

    So I can be in the student union—maskless—for hours if I desire, with hundreds of students coming and going by the hour. But in a classroom with 16 students, masks are required.

    In the art building, the classrooms are also used for open studios in the evening and on weekends. I have been in a studio for 5-7 hours multiple times this semester and had to wear a mask even though each time I was the only person in the 1500 s.f. room.

    The one time I entered a studio with 100 pounds of clay, I wasn’t wearing a mask. I had planned on washing my hands of clay and donning my mask afterward. But 5 steps into the room, a monitor was on my case and threatened to evict me unless I put on a mask right then and there, before I even set down my clay. Again, I was the only one in the room.

    The main library was recently renovated into a sort of community center. There are few books in the 5-story building. The books are all in storage and require a 3-day notice to check out a book. There are a lot of classrooms inside the library and lots of group study rooms. The group study rooms allow a max of 6 students and no masks are required.

    The computer rooms on campus have study rooms also, but they are closed due to social distancing issues. Obviously each department is allowed to make the rules regarding masks instead of an overall campus policy.

    Although masks are not required in buildings, masks are required in elevators. Some buildings have a sign that only one person is allowed in the elevator at a time. Imagine a campus with 60,000+ students where only one person can use an elevator at a time.

    A small percentage of students and faculty/staff wear masks inside and outside—even when the temperature was over 110° earlier this semester. It’s their choice—recommended but not required.

    • Kevin in PA November 30, 2021, 6:52 AM

      The litany of stupid that you have enumerated is just ……gives me a headache to think about how stupid one must be to get into college these days.
      I will add one of my experiences;
      Doctor recommended physical therapy for a knee injury that I incurred this Summer.
      Upon my first visit to the gym I was met at the door with demands to put on the mask. I didn’t have one. So, they gave one to me, begrudgingly. Given almost with a sort of scowl, as if I should know better, or something.
      As I looked around the gym, I noticed that most people don’t even wear the damned things properly. Noses exposed, fatso at the front desk eating snacks with the mask around her chin, numerous physical therapists wearing them in various manner of uselessness, etc. It’s all theater.

      jwm makes an excellent point above @ 8:17PM – that our nation has become a bunch of whiners wishing to live in a world without risk.
      “…an entire branch of government devoted to eliminating risk everywhere for everyone always, and forever.”
      Wishing to live in a world that does not, indeed, can not exist is childish beyond my comprehension.

    • Casey Klahn November 30, 2021, 8:35 AM

      Of all the people on Earth, it is not the student who should be. It’s not the man on the street, not the child on the playground. It’s not the newsman on the TV, and it’s not the software designer…who should be the least compliant. The least compliant FutherMucker on the planet, should be the artist.

      The last individual on Earth will be an artist. And he won’t turn out the effin light.

      • James ONeil December 1, 2021, 11:55 AM

        On the other hand, paraphrasing Fredric Brown’s shortest short story, Knock;
        The last man on earth sat alone in a room. Wearing three masks…

  • Diana November 30, 2021, 5:58 AM

    My Goodness!!! Castrate the man so he doesn’t produce stupid weak humans.

    • Jack November 30, 2021, 6:57 AM

      Don’t worry about reproduction from that jackass. His walk alone reveals his fondness for his perversity.

  • jwm November 30, 2021, 6:23 AM

    Why do you put up with it? No recreational art class is worth that sort of humiliation. I’d have thrown the clay on the floor, said “Fuck you to hell”, and walked. But that’s just me. (I have the asshole gene)


    • brio November 30, 2021, 10:21 AM

      I have the asshole gene too. They hate me in the department. I’m known as the jerk who wears the MAGA cap. I’ve worn it everyday since Trump was elected.

      I stay for several reasons: I live one block from campus, I pay $50 a semester to take two classes, I live in an apartment and can’t set up a ceramics studio at home. I also refuse to be railroaded out of the department.

      A lot of history behind my time there. They hate me so, that I was banned for a year from the building when a professor lied and said I wasn’t following policies. I’m back now and they can’t stand it. They thought the ban was permanent, but the police report said it was for a year. Asshole that I am, I enjoy just being present to drive them even crazier on top of the MAGA cap.

      This particular student monitor has taken it upon himself to target me for compliance on every little thing. I am trying to work with a Dean to document all of these instances of folly.

      Finally, I don’t think of myself as a recreational artist. I’m good at it, although I have never made an attempt to sell my artwork.

      I take a ceramics class in a neighboring city. Their community art center is fantastic. They don’t require masks even though there are about 20-40 people in the space at one time. But I have to drive there and students there are not allowed to fire kilns like I can at ASU.

      • Phil_in_Englewood November 30, 2021, 10:37 AM

        brio, you should have a MAGA mask. There would be some small pleasure in watching them insist you put it on.

        • working_man November 30, 2021, 1:04 PM

          Well played…

      • julie November 30, 2021, 7:09 PM

        Brio, is that the Mesa Arts Center? I used to take painting classes there. Great place, good teachers, at least back before 2010.

        • brio December 2, 2021, 4:39 PM

          Yes, Julie. Fantastic place. The MAC ceramic facilities make ASU’s ceramic department look like an inner city high school program. Although if an inner city school has a ceramics program, then they aren’t total losers.

          I want to take classes in other areas of the MAC, but I can’t afford multiple classes at the moment. Next on my list is welding.

      • jwm November 30, 2021, 9:02 PM

        I owe you an apology, brio.
        Earlier today, I had second thoughts about having written “recreational class”. That was too quickly posted, poorly worded, and I did not mean to sound condescending. What I was thinking was ‘recreational’ as opposed to something that was a required part of a committed MFA program. I have friends who work in ceramics, and it’s no foolin’ around serious work. I appreciate the need for access to a studio, heavy equipment, and kiln.

        and, truth to tell..
        My “FU” attitude comes not from bravado, but rather, occasionally poor impulse control. Which brings me right back around to my first sentence…


        • brio December 2, 2021, 4:51 PM

          JWM: No apology necessary. You mostly have the situation correctly deciphered. I honestly did not take offense at your comment. There are plenty of recreational students in the class. Either they are required to take a number of art classes in which they have no interest or are lackadaisical students, period.

          I would prefer not to wear a mask, but if I want to use the facilities, it is a requirement, for now. I lost two years during my ban and the Covid restrictions. I was banned for a year but didn’t return until the school allowed in-person classes again. In a way, I lucked out–my ban and the Covid restrictions overlapped. Even if I hadn’t been banned, I couldn’t take classes in ceramics online.

          I am still trying to clear my name but it has been difficult since almost anyone is going to believe a well-liked professor over the word of an asshole student.

  • Tom Hyland November 30, 2021, 6:30 AM

    Julie said it quite well… there ARE pockets of normal… and Santa Fe, New Mexico is NOT one of them. Travel to Montrose, Colorado and nobody is wearing a mask except the waitress at the restaurant. Even she was laughing about the stupidity. People addicted to the tube, to facebook, to twitter and those addicted to authority are brain donors. This is their World War II and they have never felt such purpose before in their lives. They assume everybody is as informed and scared as they are, but occasionally they encounter a situation like what happened to the spineless creep in this video. I go everywhere without a mask and often I’m the only one in the store unmasked. I wear my face proudly. These brain donors don’t realize WWII and even WWIII have come and gone. Clif High is a wizard who detects and predicts via internet algorithm what’s going down. Clif says we are in WW4 and very few realize it. The false flag triggers EVERY war. Check this out. https://www.bitchute.com/video/zv0aywF0vglq/

  • Richard November 30, 2021, 7:02 AM

    Playing by the Left’s rules the police should have been called and the jerk investigated for being a potential pedophile. If some stranger took a picture of my daughter, I would have to assume malevolent intent. (It’s the only way to be sure). As that harridan in the IRS stated, “The process is the punishment.”

  • Dirk November 30, 2021, 8:43 AM

    Come on, if he believes masks will save his life, so what. Takes all kinds of folks.

    Mask man wrong to snap a pic, dads wrong to “ Dog” mask man around the store.


    • Tom Hyland November 30, 2021, 9:08 AM

      This is war, Dirk. This is an attack and momma bear… or daddy… is going to protect and lash out at predators. The perv is convinced this is justifiable war and dad returned the compliment. More of this will happen as the blood system clots and causes mass confusion and belligerent behavior. I’ve read traffic accidents are up quadruple from normal.

    • ghostsniper November 30, 2021, 10:29 AM

      You’ve said this sort of thing several times now Dirk and I can only surmise that you just don’t know any better. If you’d have been paying attention, like you should, you would know it’s a different world out there in society and it’s closing in. Perhaps you’re the type that danger has to right up in your grill before you believe it.

      And on your comment, “Come on, if he believes masks will save his life, so what.”, obviously you weren’t paying attention. That assclowns problem was that someone else wasn’t wearing a mask, not that he was. srsly, pay the fuk attention to what’s going on, for YOUR sake dood.

    • Kevin in PA November 30, 2021, 11:16 AM

      Honestly, Dirk,
      You have a habit of spouting stupid shit and I usually try to ignore your dumb ass, but this parent was absolutely correct in his actions. Taking a picture of a minor without permission is not cool.

      Furthermore, as stated by ghost, you were apparently not paying attention. The little twit complaining about the angry dad was the one that started the problem by hassling the child for not wearing a mask. If faggot boy wants to wear a mask, he is free to do so. He is not free to harass a child.

    • Tom Hyland November 30, 2021, 11:20 AM

      This is what I say to the masked interruptors imposing upon my space… “YOU are masked… so YOU are safe! That’s why you’re wearing your mask…. which actually protects you from airborne viruses!! Ha ha.” That usually shuts them down.

    • Anonymous November 30, 2021, 12:42 PM

      Evidently you have no children, eh?
      If the lout was a known child molester, would you them have a problem with it?
      How would one know?
      There’s the issue you fail to see.

  • booger November 30, 2021, 9:07 AM

    Here in pueblo colo, I’d say about 20% wear masks. And the corona went wild. It almost seemed like someone released it on us the spread was so fast.

    Nobody I personally know died. Have heard of it, but, don’t know anyone. About a third of the my friends who got sick was no big deal. Another third like a regular flu. The last third got really, really sick. Two went into ICU and were vaccinated. Got out just fine. Several had to go on oxygen at home. Small handful thought they were never going to get well. Severe headaches and fever. Three weeks or more to recover.

    Then it was my turn. I got it, no vax.
    My dad got it and mother didn’t both of them double vaxxed.
    For me: severe headaches. Made the back of my eyeballs feel like they were going pop out. Ears began to bother me. Gums felt like they were infected. Pain killers little help. Had squeeze my head with hands for relief. And the no taste thing? Tongue felt like it was burnt. Taste of my mouth caused nausea so bad I gagged when trying to swallow pills. Orange juice felt like wire brush going down throat. Toothpaste felt like someone lit a match in my mouth. Couldn’t eat or drink very much. Quit shitting.

    8th day I called doctor to tell them it was time for hospital. I don’t have any insurance. Instead he registered me with state for monoclonal antibody treatment. The state decides who gets it. Had to drive to the tiny town of Walsenburg to va hospital to get infusion. None available in pueblo.

    24hrs later felt much better. Taste returned 48hrs. It ended.
    One of the side effects of the antibodies is it causes a vaccination to be useless. They warned me wait at least 90 days for vaxx, maybe longer based on doc advice.

    I now realized the way a normally healthy person dies of corona is little by little you get worse everyday until your body shuts down. The irony is if you test positive it is very difficult to get into the doc office or even the ER. They tell you to wait in parking lot and then say there’s no treatment available. If I would have received the antibodies sooner than later would have made huge difference.

    I didn’t wear a mask before and did whatever I wanted. Not sure who made me sick. Won’t wear a mask now. No plans to get vaxxed anytime soon if ever. The good thing is how much sweeter life is now that I survived that. It made me kinder, more compassionate and love my family and friends more. To live is Christ, to die is gain. No fear.

    • Casey Klahn November 30, 2021, 9:50 AM

      Booger: very sorry to hear about your illness, and very relieved that you’re well again.

      I’ve had one friend, who I loved very much, pass away with the Covid. He had lots and lots of co-morbidities, and he got an infection when he went in for another operation. Also, he was senior in age. Covid seems like it was just part of the mix, and he seems to have caught it in the hospital. The narrative is that he died “of Covid,” but it’s likely to me that he died WITH Covid, if he indeed had it at all.

      Wife’s cousin had it, severe and hospitalized, near Seattle. Recovered, but she we feared for her mortality because of the amount of time spent in the hospital. One of my wife’s friends caught it early-on. Now, her sister and BIL just had it, fairly severe and recovered fine. Also, an associate of mine in the art world local to me had it. Seems like a lot of cases lately. I am skeptical of medicine, nowadays. I was growing that way before C-19, but now I am certain that medicine is more attuned to public health than to your health. The story you told about your lack of treatment is appalling. What’s next? Covid camps? A bullet to the head?

      My 94 year-old mother in law is vaccinated, and the women in my family are. MIL told her primary care doc that she didn’t tolerate the vax that well and was not wishing to get the booster shot. He treated her with less than his usual respect and friendliness. He pulled the public health card. Also, her daughter, my wife’s sister, was dog-sick and got none of the fancy treatments that we all read about that speed the recovery. He went from trusted and good family doctor to fucking tool overnight.

      I hate medical doctors now. They suck ass worse than a cowboy whore in Cheyenne. I had a shit fight on FB with a doctor and colonel about a stupid thing where we were all looking at a photo of a pretty female in Vietnam whose officer’s rank was pixelated and her caduceus branch insignia also hard to make out. Bear in mind, dear readers, that shit fights over absolutely stupid stuff is a daily form of recreation in the military. It’s very common, and absolutely trivial. The high ranking veteran doc swore up and down that she was obviously a captain because docs in the army are captains, and the branch insignia showed doctor, not nurse, or medical service corps – the branches who affix a letter on the caduceus snake and staff. I told him, and the thread, that (and I made sure to hint that his rank and doctor shit held no water with me) she very well looked like a lieutenant and not a railroad track captain (ranks which I held, too) and I posted photos of her rank insignia blown up and also pictures of the captain’s rank on the far collar and foreshortened in the same manner.

      Still with me? I’m calling the doctor colonel out on his logic. Army doctors are not “born captains,” you see. They enter service as lieutenants and complete their branch school, and then go to their first unit assignment as newly minted captains. Same with chaplains and shrinks. I had his nuts in a vise and I wanted it to hurt.

      Another user did a deep gooGull search and found the attractive female officer’s identity: a lieutenant- just like I said. “I’m a doctor and a colonel” never spoke up again. Dr Logic, the great, whose shit doesn’t stink.

      Piss on him. Fuck public health. I don’t go to doctors to get “public health”.

      • booger December 1, 2021, 8:54 AM

        Have you ever been thrown out of a doctors office? I now know how to do it.
        My elderly frail father could not believe how fast I recovered after the infusion since he was not getting better with the corona. So I called his doctor to get the treatment for him. The doc office said fine and wrote the prescription and I went and got it. But it didn’t make any sense because it means nothing unless you get permission and register with the public health dept and they approve everything. Called the office back and tried to explain. They won’t answer the phone. You leave a message and they screen the calls. I called. My sister called. My dad called. They ignore you. So I loaded my dad up and went to their office. They don’t have a locked door or a guard so we just walked in. Argued some more. Made a scene. They told us to get out. We were unclean and infected and should not be out of the house. Told me I’d never get away with this at hospital. We left. Pissed.

        They made a appointment for a telephone consultation for my dad for several days later.
        Well throwing a fit in the doctors office worked. The staff must have told the doctor to do something since were crazy. Later that day they called us back and said my dad had a appointment to get a infusion at the local mall on the big blue bus that is for mobile treatments. The bus would be in town 2 days only and can do only 20 people per day and he was their first patient they have referred. Infusion takes 2hrs.

        Yes, my father very quickly quit complaining his food tasted like cardboard.
        Yes, the doctor did call him at the appointed time for consultation.
        Yes, that five minute phone call was billed for 180$.
        The monoclonal antibodies can’t be purchased, so since the state controls them they are free.

        • Casey Klahn December 1, 2021, 9:05 AM

          What at first was a fence around Trump, where anything he said about C-19 was lambasted and hollered at as stupidity (and yet proves out to be true), has now become the Leninist eeking out of state-controlled medicine.

          They wanted socialized medicine and we replied that we didn’t want it. Now, we’ve got it at a level we never dreamt of when Obama stood at the POTUS podium and told that lie. We’ve got it on a near apocalyptic level of crazy, judging by your story.

          I just hope my retired ARPN wife knows the back door on these clinics, should I ever get the rona and actually feel sick. I majored in slicing through red tape when I was an infantry lieutenant. I was a holy terror, to be honest. They couldn’t string red tape deep enough if I felt my men needed something and some pencil neck with an AR Form or a hot mic. was standing in my way.

          Sounds like you are much the same way.

    • John Venlet November 30, 2021, 10:42 AM

      Booger, my Gain of Function Flu (manmade) experience was rather similar to you yours. You can read about it here if you’re interested. I’m not vaxxed, have no co-morbidities, and take no meds, only vitamins, and a low dose aspirin every other day. Had been dosing with Ivermectin prior to becoming poisoned by the virus.

      Casey, I, too, do not personally know anyone who was killed by the Gain of Function Flu (manmade), though I have heard that a friend’s friend was killed by the virus. Like you, I no longer have confidence or trust in the medical establishment. I lost my confidence and trust when I came down with transverse myelitis about 10 years ago in my C4 vertebrate. It’s not a disease you want misdiagnosed, as 1/3 of the folks who get it end up paralyzed, 1/3 end up partially recovered with nerve damage (that’s me), and 1/3 fully recover. The medical establishment today, in large part in my opinion, is simply a boondoggle, though I do think that emergency trauma care remains more solid than preventive care doctoring.

      • Casey Klahn November 30, 2021, 5:18 PM

        John, because my wife is retired from being a nurse practitioner, I had lots of opportunities to observe the whole medical arena go tits up and into the ditch. First, insurance became the racket it is, and billable hours replaced the practicing of medicine. Doctors weren’t really care-givers, anyway, but they really took a fast nose-dive. Then, the socialization of medicine; thanks Obama and the libs. I could not for the life of me understand why the AMA and the doctor community went for that unholy horseshit, but lately I am aware that socialism is now like a bone-infection. It seems to be deep in our society, and docs are not immune to its evil ways. In fact, they lack the sense God gave most regular people. It is astonishing to listen to some of them when they talk, because they make logical leaps and outright logical errors in rapid-fire. It’s funny in normal people, but not even the least bit amusing when a medical doctor acts stupid that way.

        I have doctors whom I love, and those whom I like and respect. One urologist took a risk with me and basically gave me back my life when he revised the inner shoulders of my bladder and fixed that awful problem. I was a basket case in my 40s and 50s, and had constant pain. His risk paid off and to me he’s a hero. BTW, he traded me for an artwork for the last operation. I also have 2 army doctor colonels who are good friends.

        But, the lot of them can suck it in my generous opinion.

        BTW, I’m glad you are better from the back issue.

        I see my family doc tomorrow. She’s a good egg, but I won’t be asking her “if the vax is right for me”. And she’d better not bring it up to me, either. Hmm…I’d better have my words figured out going in because I might get angry and go on an unhelpful tirade about public health.

  • James ONeil November 30, 2021, 9:47 AM

    I’m gonna die. So are you.

    I explained to my physician a couple of years ago what I want from him is help in maintaining quality of life, not quantity. No mask, no jab, no blab about maintaining antisocial distance.

    I’m gonna die. So are you, and it’s rather silly to give up living to keep from dying.

  • ghostsniper November 30, 2021, 10:37 AM

    jwm sed: “…it’s rather silly to give up living to keep from dying.”
    I think Josie Wales said something like that.

    “Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’, boy”.

  • enn ess November 30, 2021, 11:49 AM

    Hate to tell you this but this asinine bullshit is not going to stop until people stop buying into the infallibility of the ferals tasing out bogs information for the sole purpose of enhancing gommermint controls over every single aspect of your life. Consider that no one can name, any aspect of your life that is not regulated or unlawful already. And they want even more. Al under the false guise of “for your safety”.

  • Carlos November 30, 2021, 12:37 PM

    Specimens such as these need to be cleansed from the gene pool.
    Frankly, it’s disappointing to see no one following the sad motherfucker outside to administer a slight attitude adjustment.

    • ghostsniper November 30, 2021, 2:51 PM

      You’re absolutely right Casey.
      As bad as the mentally damaged misfit was, what kind of asshole lets someone like that attack his child without retribution?

      I’ll tell you who.
      I goddam goat smellin’ cuck.
      How does he explain to his daughter that he lacked balls in NOT permanently deterring that mentally damaged misfit from attacking her and others?

      The reason you are hearing about so many incidents of criminality perpetrated by people with adolescent minds is because there is nobody capable of dealing with them directly and instantly in a behavior altering way. If you were reading, daily, about massive amounts of citizen inflicted justice the adolescents might consider the consequences of their behavior.

      Possibly the problem is that all of these incidents occur in the large urban hives where everyone that lives there has been conditioned to think similarly. So, even if they find a behavior offensive they lack the intellectual horsepower to inflict change and/or justice. Their cucked idea is to take a video and “share” it. Then blob out on the couch and pat themselves on the back for their comic book heroics. Maybe Mama will give him a ride on the merry go round tonight.

      There seems to be a massive deficiency of testicles in the US.
      I don’t know if that’s fixable without large scale annihilation.

    • ghostsniper December 1, 2021, 7:17 AM

      er, Carlos. Sorry.

  • Callmelennie November 30, 2021, 3:13 PM

    Two things: One, this is the face of the enemy. This person is your enemy. Two, this person is shockingly weak. He is part of a network that is very strong, but like the majority of footsoldiers on the other side, he is week.

    The secret here is dont back down another inch to this side on any issue. For one thing, we cant; for another, this is how they break down

    I have siblings on the other side, and sometimes it seems to me that sometimes they cant believe what is presently spewing forth from their speech centers. Its as if the person they were pre Obama is terrified of the path they are on

  • lpdbw December 1, 2021, 7:26 AM

    I worked in Healthcare IT for 14 years, and spent time at 3 different medical schools.
    Working with, around, and for doctors, and watching the process of making new doctors is enough to sour you on the whole profession.

    My current doctor is a young guy, and I research everything he tells me. Basically, I use him as a vehicle to get lab tests done and as my drug pusher. He writes me prescriptions, and I fill some of them, and don’t fill others. In a true market economy, I wouldn’t need him at all, and I’d be no worse off.

    I will grant that doctors might be useful for acute care and trauma. For all else, they believe they are omniscient but are actually just parrots of what they’ve been told.

    This was my attitude before the Chinese Communist Party virus. The medical community has gone overtime making it worse.

    Just a reminder, I got fired from my healthcare IT job because I wouldn’t take the jab.

  • Annie Rose December 2, 2021, 7:22 AM

    Here in Maskistan, IL we see crazy masked people everywhere, as it’s the state law that you must wear slave masks indoors. Yesterday my husband and I were at a forest preserve and there were only a handful of people there in the vast woods. There was a guy playing with his dog and taking a walk in the woods—fully masked. Then the idiot gets into his car, just him and his cute dog, and drives away—wearing the stupid mask in the car. He brings his dog to the woods so the dog can have a good run and get fresh air, and he denies himself fresh air. Some days I feel like Charlton Heston in the Omega Man.