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Linkskrieg! When Vegans Attack

Woodpile Report sez My flu kit consists of nitrile gloves, N95 masks, 70% alcohol hand sanitizer, vitamins D and C, Nyquil and Dayquil, Sambucus, Cold-eeze zinc gluconate glycine lozenges, naproxen sodium, bleach tablets for making disinfectant, Vicks VapoRub, Vicks inhaler, digital thermometer, sinus rinse, and peppermint oil for a hot water tent. There’s chicken soup a-plenty in the larder and I’m well practiced on getting enough rest. Anything I’ve forgotten?

In the wings, perched on a couple telephone books, is Mike Bloomberg, waiting to try to buy his way in as the sensible sorta-center candidate. Seems like a good plan. When the Bernie bros are once again denied their victory by the blatant cheating of the Democrat establishment, they’ll flock to the bite-sized billionaire. He’ll totally get the nomination, or in his case, the gnome-ination.

Nice work if you can make it up. The Artist Trying to Explain Kentucky’s ‘Meat Shower’ of 1876 – Gastro Obscura

Crazy Rich Asians Will Kill Us All Still, it should be noted that China’s food problem is not just one of uncleanliness, but also superstition. The Chinese trade in wild beasts is powered in part by idiotic beliefs like the one about how nibbling on a tiger liver can embiggen a micropecker. But when it comes to moronic superstitions that aid and abet the spread of a pathogen like the coronavirus, we have our own massively destructive one: the belief that people need to be protected from “bad ideas” that they can “catch” through books, websites, posts, and tweets; the notion that a “dangerous” idea is essentially a contagious brain disease. A few days ago, NPR literally said that “racist ideas” are the “real contagion,” not the virus, and what’s important is not so much to track the disease, but to “track the reaction to it.”

Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills

Why is English so weirdly different from other languages? They had an odd construction with the verb do: they used it to form a question, to make a sentence negative, and even just as a kind of seasoning before any verb. Do you walk? I do not walk. I do walk. That looks familiar now because the Celts started doing it in their rendition of English. But before that, such sentences would have seemed bizarre to an English speaker – as they would today in just about any language other than our own and the surviving Celtic ones. Notice how even to dwell upon this queer usage of do is to realise something odd in oneself, like being made aware that there is always a tongue in your mouth.

Black Desert House | 

Let’s Face It – Democrat Presidential Candidates Are Billionaires, Socialists, Animals and Losers

Vegans Walk Cabbages to Cure Depression “The idea is simple: you feel as lonely and as simple as a cabbage, so you begin to act like one and befriend one. And in that acceptance comes change.”

Mr. Buttigieg capitalized on his apparent Iowa victory and showed he can attract voters who think Mr. Sanders is too far left to beat Mr. Trump. The former South Bend mayor has enough money to compete in the next states, but he will need to show he can appeal to minority voters in addition to the white gentry liberals who like his biography and his ability to speak in Barack Obama -style aspirational tones about progressive progress. South Carolina will be a major test of his staying power. The Sanders Plurality – WSJ

Fabulous First Gentleman Soon to Grace Magazine Covers

Miami strippers wade through piles of cash after Super Bowl parties

Pete Buttigieg’s father was a Marxist professor who lauded the Communist Manifesto

“Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, And Explosives” Should Be A Chain Of General Stores | 

Time to put Ol’ Joe on an ice floe and push him out to sea.

Election Night 2020 is going to be like Groundhog Day for Democrats Protests on Fifth Avenue! Huge gatherings in Washington! Hey, kids, join Resistance II: Attack of the Clones. Every Saturday for two months there will be huge, meaningless rallies. Fluff up those pussy hats, ladies!

CABINET / Rectangle after Rectangle This is about the dominance of the rectangular format in a certain tradition of picture making, a dominance that still holds today and extends well beyond the medium of painting. The book, the photographic print, the screen, and the museum—which has tended to favor this format—all guarantee that we encounter most pictures in rectangular frames.

‘“There is not a climate bedwetter who is not a total hypocrite. They all claim they are worried about climate change but they don’t do anything to reduce their own emissions. Not that that would make any difference anyway […] Climate change is completely counterfactual. There’s nothing to support the narrative. What does the left want? Control over all our lives.

We remain a subject people, ruled by deranged fanatics, who want us dead. For dissidents, it is vital to always think like an underdog, even when things are going your way. The time to come out of the shadows is when that which casts the shadows is destroyed.

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  • Mike Anderson February 12, 2020, 8:38 AM

    “Chasten Buttigieg?”
    Is that someone’s name, or an imperative sentence?

  • Monty James February 12, 2020, 9:06 AM

    I think that cabbage walking thing is performance art. Still, a much better idea than bat soup.

  • Donald Sensing February 12, 2020, 10:28 AM

    “When the Bernie bros are once again denied their victory by the blatant cheating of the Democrat establishment, they’ll flock to the bite-sized billionaire.”

    Nope. In ’16, Bernie’s voters did flock to HRC, but as The Who sang, this year they will tell you, “I Won’t get fooled again.”

  • ghostsniper February 12, 2020, 12:03 PM

    Give a homeless vet $10 an hour CASH, a $200 bandsaw, and a stack of them windmill blades and he’ll make hundreds of “tiny house” roof shingles all day long.

    But, the gov’t pays MORE money to just throw stuff away and it’s always a lose-lose outcome.

  • OneGuy February 12, 2020, 3:46 PM

    “Anything I’ve forgotten?”

    The pneumonia vaccine!!!

  • Gordon Scott February 12, 2020, 4:27 PM

    Dunno, Ghost. Most of the “homeless vets” I see around here are not homeless, and not vets. The VA actually has programs for that, and given a name, the people who work those will jump on that person with both feet, and be relentless.

    Vets as a group are more sane and more successful than the general population. Of course, you don’t win Academy Awards for movies about *that.*

    Like with everything, if it’s not a fairly pure pile of metal, no one wants it.

  • Gordon Scott February 12, 2020, 4:34 PM

    I am pretty sure that neither Petey nor Bernie would come close to passing the rather thorough background check required for the security clearance I once held. They talked to my high school janitor, among others, and having Marxist parents and unashamedly Marxist views would disqualify. Petey was in the Army, but it was a direct commission rather than through the normal training pipeline. I doubt he had any clearance beyond the minimal “secret” that everyone gets.

    Of course, the President of the US is by nature cleared for everything. But that deep state didn’t start with Obama, and I am quite sure some presidents were not told of everything.

  • DrTedNelson February 12, 2020, 4:47 PM

    I remember the Clinton “transition team” had a hard time getting security clearances back in the day. But if a “former” communist party member can be Director of the CIA, I guess things have really improved…

  • ghostsniper February 12, 2020, 5:38 PM

    Gordon, the VA is about as efficient as any other aspect of the gov’t. Yes, as a disabled vet I know. The VA is expert at poor communication and dragging it’s feet. They are experts at hiring minorities though. A vet can get seemingly decent service from the VA but it requires amazing resilience to deal with them. I don’t know of any homeless vets directly but I hear mention of them all the time.

  • jwm February 12, 2020, 6:03 PM

    Hey gang. I’m gonna go totally OT, and share this with you all. We need a break from the toxic political bullshit. Here’s the best break I can give you. When I’m not here on the internet, or working on the soon to be completed Project, I do other stuff. I ride bikes in the (formerly) outlaw bicycle scene. In fact I founded a club, RatRod Riders Bicycle Club of Southern California, and designed the patch and rocker. This is one of the finest things I have ever done. The link is to a memorial ride for a member of the Chopaderos B/C. All these clubs are family under the OBC (One Big Club) umbrella. There is no rivalry between clubs, no bad vibes. Like I said, we’re a huge family
    You can see a few shots of me, and my pals at 5:53, 9:14. 9:20, 9:23, and 9:24. I’m the crusty old fart on the yellow stretch cruiser with red forks. Hope the link works



  • Grizzly February 12, 2020, 8:28 PM

    “Anything I’ve forgotten?”

    I would recommend having some Oscillococcinum on hand.

  • ghostsniper February 13, 2020, 7:07 AM

    Or, some extract of Muscovy duck liver, cut out the middle man.
    Anyway, I went down to Huntington Beach last week,
    for the annual Surfer’s Convention meet.
    …signed, Surfer Joe