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View from a St. Petersburg Park: A walkabout near Catherine’s Palace in Russia

Step by step, inch by inch, the ObamaBideninski Wreckers are dragging us into a war with this country.

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  • jiminalaska June 19, 2022, 8:52 AM

    Enjoyed the memories his walkabout prompted as much as the video’s content. I spent around 5 or 6 hours in Kate The Great’s palace and grounds in 1989, I could have easily spent and enjoyed 5 or 6 days there.

  • KCK June 19, 2022, 10:48 AM

    Oh! I missed this when I wrote about my visit here in another comment. Spooky. The Catherine Palace is the main building of The State Hermitage Museum, and it’s among the great museums of the world. It’s noteworthy that it contains a mix of fairly purchased art (Catherine) and stolen art (Soviets).

    If you have any interest at all in this museum or building, you must watch a very unique movie, Russian Ark (2002). The cameraman wears a great, heavy large format camera, with a counter-balance weight sticking out behind, and he walks from an exterior winter scene, dating 19th Century, into the palace, and the historic era changes. He takes you on a dramatic walk-through, with actors and elaborate dance scenes, with each new room switching historic era, and he does it in ONE TAKE!