March 13, 2004

Sharp Sharpton Hoovers $100,000 Out of USA

The 2004 Democratic Dream Team

New York Street Hustler Flim-Flams FEC

Reversing his unbroken chain of losses, Al (The Don't Call Him) Sharpton (for nothing) apparently guilt-tripped Republicans and Democrats alike into giving him what he wants first, last and always -- a fat check for $100,000.

The Sharpton campaign may have failed to disclose expenses, contributions in the form of hotel rooms, limo rides and air fare. FEC auditors see evidence his campaign co-mingled finances with his non-profit National Action Network, and "NAN may have provided salary and financial support for various campaign consultants and staff."

As The Post has reported, Sharpton has been staying in swanky spots like the Four Seasons in L.A., the Phoenician in Arizona, the Mansion in Turtle Creek in Dallas and the Mandarin Oriental and the Delano in Miami.

"Lastly, the [Sharpton campaign] committee may have submitted multiple contributions from the same individual" in applying for matching federal funds, the auditors wrote.

But, they added, "These alleged violations are not sufficient to withhold certification of the candidate's eligibility for public funds."

Also apparently insufficient: FEC rules that state a candidate who fails to get 10 percent of the vote in two straight primaries is ineligible for matching funds. Sharpton hasn't drawn 10 percent anywhere.

Sharpton's money may seem miniscule in the big picture. Paranoid perennial candidate Lyndon Larouche, convicted of election fraud in 1989, has received $5.6 million in matching funds since 1980, and just got another check for $838,848.

Well, why should Lydon Larouche have all the funds?

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