January 22, 2010

Something Wonderful: Taxman

Beatlemania eats the State of the Union. You just gotta check this out!

"Next week, the president will give his first State of the Union address. If that seems strange, it's because it will be his third nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress. The only way the White House communications shop could cram more Obama down our throats would be if it required, as part of the health-care bill, that we have Obama-message receivers installed in our fillings." -- Jonah Goldberg : Feeling the Heat, Obama Pours Kool-Aid - Townhall.com

[HT: Mark]

Posted by Vanderleun at January 22, 2010 9:02 PM
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The same thing is true, perhaps to a lesser extent, of all the players -- Harry, Nancy, Newt, Sarah, etc. etc. ad nauseum. I'm old enough to remember when having to interact with the Government was a rare and unusual thing, and had some impact. Now, with Obama 24/7 and the Congress not only allowing us to see sausage being made but insisting on us watching the details, it's an overload of boring, disgusting, and intrusive.

At least some of the results next November won't be about policy or proposals at all. Many voters will be saying, "Shut up. Go home. Stay there. Get out of my face, **."


Posted by: Ric Locke at January 23, 2010 5:31 AM