March 11, 2004

Simon Sez: Drain the "Cesspool Under 44th Street"

New UN Placard

Roger Simon's been way out in front of the rest of the field (major media included) on the UN Food-For-Oil Scam for months now. Today, full drainage is his position. Let's see how long it takes for major media to catch up:

"That Kojo Annan, the son of the Caudillo (excuse me, Secretary General) of the United Nations, might be involved in this, as Rosset reports, is actually the least of it. Considering the rest of the deadly consequences of this behavior (starving Iraqis never getting the intended food or medicine), a little nepotism is small change. But it is yet another indication of the depth of the cesspool under 44th Street. It is high time that it be drained."
Given the geology and history of that particular part of Manhattan, it would not at all be surprising if the cesspools not only exist, but are still functioning.

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