July 29, 2003

Dr. Leda Horticulture Among the Rose Snobs

From Dr. Leda's Journal comes this taut tale of an Obsessive Roseologist and a gaggle of roseophiles: Dr. Leda and the Rose Snobs

"Now that's Jim, our secretary," she continued, pointing to the affable looking man who was standing silently at the podium. "He's one of our most pompous spray snobs. He only sprays with restricted insecticides and over-the-counter miticides, but he won't touch any fungicides. Or maybe it's the other way around, I forget. Anyway, he's calling for a vote. "

"Harry has moved and Louise seconded that membership in our group be denied to anyone who grows fewer than 350 varieties of roses. They're our quantity snobs."

But Jim isn't saying anything," I observed.

"Well, no, he can't," she explained. "You see, Jim's also a fragrance snob. In fact, he's been aggressively lobbying the state legislature to pass a bill that would ban the sale of all non-fragrant roses. Anyway, we had a heated debate ten years ago over whether or not 'New Dawn' is scented, and as a result, he's not on speaking terms with anyone in this room."

BIO:"Dr. Leda Horticulture, O.R. (Obsessive Roseologist) aka Elizabeth Churchill, is a rosarian who worked for eight years at nurseries in the San Francisco Bay Area. She recently retired and moved to a beautiful old Victorian in southern Louisiana. If she told you how much room she has for new roses, you would hate her."

For the rest simply go to Leda's Garden.

Posted by Vanderleun at July 29, 2003 3:01 PM
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