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January 17, 2011

The Equality and Diversity Shop


Check out the link --> “The Equality and Diversity Shop”, a “family run company”
there to “promote and celebrate the diversity of society in which we live. We aim to be the one stop shop for all equality and diversity needs, whether it is racial, cultural, religious, linguistic, ageist, gender, sexual orientation or disability equality. Whether it is in education, government departments, hospitals, public services or business.” Equality and diversity “needs”? As they explain: “Making equality and diversity central to employment and service delivery is not an optional extra. -- Telegraph Blogs

Posted by Vanderleun at January 17, 2011 7:33 PM. This is an entry on the sideblog of American Digest: Check it out.

Your Say

It is possible for the British to suck even more than they do already!

Posted by: Jewel at January 17, 2011 7:58 PM

Yikes! I thought this was a spoof.


Posted by: jwm at January 17, 2011 9:28 PM

I'd make a killing selling effigies at Target.

Posted by: Jewel at January 17, 2011 10:33 PM

Okay, this whole diversity nonsense has gone too far:


Cat ordered to do jury service

A cat has been summoned to do jury service, even after his owners told the court he was "unable to speak and understand English".

Posted by: Jewel at January 18, 2011 1:43 AM

Oy vey! Translation: exclamation of dismay.

Posted by: Cilla Mitchell, Galveston Texas at January 18, 2011 5:10 AM

I followed a link to a site where they were promoting keeping Wales bilingual (Welsh and English). That is one of the few multicultural ideas that I've heard that I agree with.

Posted by: Roger Drew Williams at January 18, 2011 11:07 AM

Bendigedig, Mister Williams! Cymru am byth! (Welsh ancesters)

Posted by: Jewel at January 18, 2011 12:14 PM

the self-inflicted Death of the West

Egalite Fraternite Devolutione

Wondering if Jomo Kenyatta II will give them a block grant

Posted by: Ohio Dude at January 18, 2011 1:43 PM

Jewel, I suspected you were Cymry ever since I read your post about people speaking to you as you passed the church. Bendigig, indeed. (My father is disappointed with my command of the family tongue,I really should pay more attention)
Cymru am byth.

Posted by: Roger Drew Williams at January 19, 2011 12:19 AM

Diolch yn dda, Roger. I love to sing the Welsh version of familiar hymns. It's a beautiful and musical language. If you really want to improve, there are so many resources available online, but my favorite is watching Welsh movies.

Posted by: Jewel at January 19, 2011 2:06 AM

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