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Z-Man: The Interview

If you follow the always on-topic and trenchant Z-Man’s daily column and weekly podcasts, you’ll find this in-depth interview fascinating.

“Known for his prolific output and incisive analysis on the culture war and broader struggle facing Europeans and Americans, the Z Man lives close to Washington and knows all too well the insider nature of the power elite that rule over us. Tonight he joins us for a discussion of the ‘great chain of causality’, what to realistically strive for in a declining empire, and a way forward that brings more people together with a positive identity and a shared purpose.”

Z-Man notes: “I did a couple hours with the fellas from Myth of the 20th Century. The resulting podcast is now posted on their site. I think the show came out well. I did better than normal, but I suspect that is due to them having a good format. They sent an outline in advance, so I could be prepared a bit. Most shows are ad hoc. I never know what I’ll be expected to discuss. Good hosts get the most from their guests. If you like deep-dives into historical topics, then I highly recommend their podcast. Lots of good stuff…”

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  • Bob C October 10, 2019, 2:54 PM

    I love this guy. I’ve never heard him having an actual conversation before. Thank you.

  • Eddie Coyle October 11, 2019, 11:02 AM

    I started reading TheZman back in 2014 because of your links to his blog. Thank you introducing me to these (then) unknown blogs. The Zman is especially productive as he puts out six columns and a podcast every week and posts to Gab. All his output is thought provoking.