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Your Patience Please While American Digest Is Verified

American Digest, as well as my antiquated personal computer system, has been up and down and in and out and over and under and around and through on this prepositional day. This has to do with “Verification” required from time to time by the ICANN masters of the online universe. I have endeavored to comply and I hope that the site will slowly become visible again. 

This verification takes up to a day for the site to propagate through the innertubes of the underweb. I’ve gotten email from readers in this country and around the world saying they can see it again long before I was able to log into the edit page. So your guess is as good as mine and I’d have to say that: “If you are reading this the problem has been solved…. for you.”

In the meantime, thanks to all those who wrote to alert me to this situation and help me to rectify it.

UPDATE: It seems as if the worst of the Verification process is over, but it was a very strange and disjointed day watching and waiting for it to happen. To add to the fun, my ancient iMac decided after MacCenturies of yeoman-like service to just pack it in as well. This meant I had to resurrect my almost as ancient ChromeBook in order to continue to correct and monitor the verification process. Now I have to cast about and see if there’s a newer refurbished iMac out there for less than the cost of a banger-level used car. Ah, the fun never stops. It helps to think of the dollar as the “New Dime.”

At any rate, the following represents fairly what this day was like.

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  • Casey Klahn May 11, 2018, 2:13 PM

    intermittent on or off status. carry on. or carrion. either way – hope to see you daily.

  • PA Cat May 11, 2018, 3:09 PM

    No problems reading you here (East Coast, FWIW).

  • puyalluppete May 11, 2018, 3:47 PM

    I’m so glad you are “Verified” as it cured my constipation worries when I ventured in for my daily fix to only be told I was SOL to which I replied OMG.

  • Patvann May 11, 2018, 5:15 PM

    There is once again Balance in the universe.
    (Whew, that was close!)

  • Diogenes Sacastica May 11, 2018, 5:30 PM

    Oh Good. I thought it was just me and forgot how to work this thing……

  • Geoff C. The Saltine May 11, 2018, 5:36 PM

    That will teach you to play with the deep web.
    Stay in the light where we can keep a eye on you.
    Hope all is well,will call you over the weekend.
    Take care my friend.

  • Hale Adams May 11, 2018, 8:05 PM

    Houston, the Pterodactyl has landed (again)!

    Hale Adams
    Pikesville, People’s still-mostly-Democratic Republic of Maryland

  • NotquiteunBuckley May 11, 2018, 9:55 PM

    “It seems as if the worst of the Verification process is over, but it was a very strange and disjointed day watching and waiting for it to happen.”

    Think of Buckley’s fortitude until he got Reagan elected.

  • Walt Erickson May 11, 2018, 10:01 PM

    Some of us are verified
    And some of us write verse
    But all of us are terrified
    We’re making matters worse

  • NotquiteunBuckley May 11, 2018, 10:04 PM

    The Lord, and of course too Reagan, taught us to not be thankful the men who built California have died, but to appreciate the fact Men like thay existed in the First Place.

  • NotquiteunBuckley May 11, 2018, 10:12 PM

    Ronnie just wanted all the world to know we are all in this grand struggle for freedom together, every day.

    He spoke, the great man Reagan, in terms of generations, and that is one of the reasons Reagan was a great man.

  • Mike G. May 12, 2018, 3:31 AM

    Thankfully I had something else to occupy my time yesterday after checking in and seeing the “nobody home” error screen.

    My granddaughter graduated from Clemson University yesterday with honors.

  • I.C.Nielsen May 12, 2018, 5:13 AM

    You’re coming in loud and clear in occupied Connecticut.

  • Dr. Jay May 12, 2018, 6:16 AM

    “It could be worse . . . could be raining.” – Igor, Young Frankenstein

  • Sven May 12, 2018, 7:03 AM

    I can’t get no verification…

  • BillH May 12, 2018, 7:35 AM

    Well, if you can’t find an affordable iMac, I have a pristine G3 300 PowerPC Blueberry Clamshell with a blazing 128mb RAM and 3.2gb hard drive that will triple boot to OS9, to OSX[something] and to some distribution of linux, I forget which, and it’s in a box in the attic and I’m not going to dig it out just to find out. Anyway, it’s internet ready and I’ll loan it out if needed to keep American Digest on the air. Otherwise, I’ll save it for the great-great grandkids who should be coming along in the next ten years or so.

  • Terry May 12, 2018, 9:51 AM

    Very happy to see you are back.

    I figured the goons from Mueller’s platoon were messing with your net.


  • Eskyman May 12, 2018, 12:26 PM

    I’m so glad you’re back, though to be honest I hadn’t missed you since I was too busy dealing with the dreaded Black Screen of Death, which is even more terrifying and mysterious than the BSOD. Thankfully, it’s intermittent; but it didn’t use to happen at all, so The Time Is Nearing.

    Then I think, “hang the expense, I’ll just venture into the Walled Garden and have me an Apple”- then I notice the prices on those things, the restrictions they have, and change my mind. Besides, I still have fond memories of outperforming someone’s bank-breaking Macintosh with my old Amiga 2000, the only computer I ever really liked to own & operate because it did things My Way.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re back!

  • Kevin Dickson May 13, 2018, 7:49 AM

    I’m so glad you made it back. I was afraid the assassins got you.