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You Shouldn’t Have by James Neil

In Boomer Bands: The Rolling Stones – Living In A Ghost Town April 23, 2020 commenter James Neil writes:

I’m 81. I smoke, drink, dodder after wild women.

Had a headache and sinus pain the last three days. OMG, could it be Winnie the flu? But of course, -or it could be a seasonal cold, -or common flu, -or payback for a well spent youth.

Thing is, whatever it is, it ain’t America’s or the world’s problem and I’m truly amazed the effort our “betters” put into trying to make it appear so. Actually it ain’t really a problem for me either. When your young you learn pain is nature’s way of telling you that you otta slow down or stop doing something. When you get to be my age pain is nature’s way of telling you, hot dang, you’re still alive! -grin-

Come on youngsters, re-start the world, if I stay on or get off is of little consequence in the great scheme of things.

As I’ve been saying since the start of this silliness, thank you world, frankly I’m quite flattered.

However I say again, I do feel it’s a bit much that you put the majority of folks out of work, close schools, restrict travel, transport of goods, sell out all the rolls of toilet paper in the nation, cancel public discourse, shut gyms, restaurants, bars, churches, etc., all just to protect little old me!

& again I say again, and again, I am, of course, quite flattered, but you shouldn’t have.

Seriously, very seriously, quite seriously, most extremely seriously, you shouldn’t have!

If we insist on huddling in place, if we give up living to keep from dying, it most surely will, all come tumbling down.

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  • Wayne Gifford April 24, 2020, 12:39 PM

    At 81 you are a model and inspiration for the rest of us old farts. But I have to ask what the heck is “dodder after wild women”?

  • Teri Pittman April 24, 2020, 12:47 PM

    We know how unserious they are by the fact that they’ve done nothing to protect those in nursing homes and care centers. yet they can find the time to lock down parks and restrict all sorts of businesses.

  • James ONeil April 24, 2020, 2:11 PM

    Wayne Gifford, dodder?

    Back in the day, as did many of us, I used to chase after them but alas, all things considered, today I had to find a more suitable, descriptive verb:

    tremble or totter, typically because of old age.
    “that doddering old fool”


    & Gerard, thanks for up posting my rant, you young whippersnapper! 😉

  • ghostsniper April 24, 2020, 2:28 PM

    I hope to last as long, Jim, and if I do I hope I’m as spry. Go U!

  • buddhaha April 24, 2020, 5:59 PM

    James, you have couple of years on me, and I say, huzzah!

    Actually, you are too kind to our “betters”. Give a taste of power to our “public servants”, and watch the inner martinet emerge. This is an enormous political power grab on multiple levels.

    Today’s (4/24) Mass Covid-19 dashboard has a bar graph showing deaths per 100k of confirmed cases, by age grouping in the state. Added up, under 60 is 12 per hundred thousand. Keep in mind that confirmed vs actual is understated by at least a factor of 2, probably 4. That’s a fatality rate of 0.012% at worst, not the 5-15% number bandied about to justify draconian action. For scale, seasonal flu runs 0.1%.

    “It’s for your own good” is, as usual, a thin veneer over “sit down, shut up and do as your told”.

  • Anonymous White Male April 25, 2020, 7:14 AM

    The thing is, nobody gets out alive. The leftists and authoritarian Worse-Than-Hitlers don’t seem to realize this. Sure, its a tragedy for someone when somebody dies, but get used to it. Whether you go at 96 in your sleep or from the Wuhan Flu is irrelevant. Its just God doing what God does. In the past, rational people accepted this. They also accepted that you can’t trust government or sources of information that are paid for by someone else.