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Ye Olde Conservative and the Elephant Burial Ground by “Ten”

America’s Crazy Auntie Has Escaped from Her Attic

McConnell:What has McConnell done to so earn his reputation as a steely, effective insider and a rock-ribbed conservative? In asking this question, we may discover the uselessness of the term “conservative.” It means too many different things to different people. Applied to a politician like McConnell, the term encompasses almost none of the policy positions Trump voters like me would advance. McConnell represents yesterday’s policies and priorities, serving the interests of a donor class that is unaware, even, of what best serves their own long-term interests. They think small.

Here is an elected official who categorically represents the interests of big corporations at the expense of the common voter.

Etc. And as the term conservative continues to be widely synonymous with statism, so too does the average “conservative” more and more fulfill the adage about watching out what you want in case you get it. “Conservatives”, with their century of impotence about big government and their constant appeals to DC policy of a kind and flavor palatable to them, are simply statists of a different kind. Consider military industrialism, Wall St and central casino banking, a perpetually untouched trillion dollar welfare budget, the two-cent dollar, and of course, the constant appeal to personal servitude as panacea for the corporatist no-tax profiteering they call “competitiveness”, that same corporatism that literally signs McConnell’s and everybody else’s checks while getting a pass as “capitalism”, “free markets”, and the solution to off-shoring it could not and cannot possibly ever be.

The “conservative’s” talent? Dropping trousers. It wasn’t bad enough that his vote means nothing – and no, that’s not rhetorical, it’s a documented fact – but give him a slightly different flavor of the same DC problem and magically it’s not the DC problem at all anymore. It’s the central solution to his little game of patriotic servitude.

On top of having no way to reliably identify themselves because of this, conservatives are largely now a lifestyle group whose main talent is tearing up the homely daughter of a former Democrat president, slagging vegans, dinging alt-righters and Libertarians for their inferior moral purity, and keeping the market for classic V8s safe from alternative energy. Meanwhile “tax reform” is rhetorical cover for not a dime subtracted from unpayable debt and unservicable obligations approaching a quarter quadrillion dollars, a subsidized, the buy-back stock market and its horrific third major bubble in 20 years is financed by wage slavery in support of the boardroom’s profits, and American patriotism is distilled down to endless industrialized interventionism with minimum-wagers hollering at a professional sports organization for not enforcing a spectacularly useless, tired-out ritual among its multi-cultural, millionare performers.

Oh, conservatives are getting what they wanted, good and hard; it’s their own fecklessness and impotence and meager intellectual heritage. Not one in ten can define the term and not one in a hundred can define the real issues that the actual conservative should have stemmed decades ago. Instead he’ll blithely go about setting up his defeat in the very next election in order to re-assume his role as the bitching malcontent he’s been since at least Wilson, the losing role most familiar and comfortable to him.

Can’t “win” what you haven’t perpetually lost first; can’t throw the abusive alcoholic out of the house without first having invited it back in.

Funny, because Progressivism is what, 20% of the voting base? If Conservative had a tenth the stuff on the ball he thinks he has he’d have performed a simple bit of organizing, publicly ensconced some formative, foundational, American values somewhere, and used his majority to simply prevent all the bad things he only thinks he’s on about, endlessly. Instead, give him twenty years – at any point along his miserable trajectory, his father’s, or his grandfather’s – and he’ll be the left, only without some of the psychosis, with little of the entertainment value of its clown posse, and while perpetually signing its checks.

Hoo-rah. We have met the enemy, and he is us. Even Archie Bunker was brighter than this.

Ten December 21, 2017,Commenting on “Let’s Review 20: Pavanes & Tarantellas” – American Digest

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  • ghostsniper December 21, 2017, 11:32 AM

    He looks like a Pampers Boy to me.
    Look at him cross eyed and he’ll soil himself.

    It’s that built-in gov’t tenure that makes him so fearful towards lesser others.
    Trump, on the other hand, would reach down there and grab McConnell by his fat, greasy pussy and slam him against the wall.

  • Kauf Buch December 21, 2017, 3:53 PM

    The American Greatness article offers the best summary
    in the last 2 paragraphs (my commentary included):

    “Why didn’t McConnell, the political genius, have a retinue of legislation ready for Trump’s signature the day the 45th president was sworn into office?[ANSWER: why? Because his lobbyists – otherwise known in our culture as a wh*re’s “JOHNS” – pay McConnell to push THEIR agenda, which is most decidedly NOT Trump’s Agenda…hence NO draft legislation, since – for the uninitiated – the lobbyists, NOT congressmen, write draft legislation] What we’ve seen instead is a series of mostly failed, rushed pieces of legislation coupled with inattentive and feckless congressional leadership. Maybe[MAYBE?!?]</B McConnell wants Trump to fail. But, even with the pending tax bill, what should have been an easy win has been fraught with uncertainty and missed opportunities.

    McConnell is presiding over a dying party—and he is one of the main causes of that slow, painful death. The majority leader’s actions are not the work of a mad genius; they’re the work of a corrupt stooge desperately clinging to fame and power. If he wanted to do a true service to his country, he’d leave the Senate and clear the way for fresh new leadership. But service appears to be low on McConnell’s list of priorities. So much for genius.”

  • BroKen December 21, 2017, 4:16 PM

    McConnell did stall the Merrick nomination to the Supreme Court. Pretty gutsy move and it is why we’ve got Gorsuch. That is no small accomplishment.

  • Casey Klahn December 21, 2017, 9:10 PM

    If the senate were a group of employees, and I their boss…pink slips would be waiting in their inboxes, and security would be present.

  • Jim in Alaska December 22, 2017, 12:13 PM

    OK, after I finish write this I’ll go back & read the rest, but you got me reminiscing with “two cent dollar”:

    In the fifties, in High School, driving the ’49 Kaiser I bought for 49 bucks earned at around 50 cents and hour theater ushering, stopping at a gas station, myself and 2-3 school buddies pooling pocket change, not bills, just coins, and filling the gas tank for well less than 2 bucks.

    Why yes grandchild, sitting here next to the fire this Christmas season, I do remember when gasoline was 12 cents a gallon!

  • ghostsniper December 22, 2017, 6:24 PM

    “I do remember when gasoline was 12 cents a gallon!”

    I filled up this morning at $2.54, where do you suppose that other $2.42 went?
    The amount of waste and fraud perpetrated by this rotten assed gov’t is breathtaking.

  • RKV December 23, 2017, 7:31 AM

    For the record regarding gas prices and how much is cost to fill up “back in the day.” Say you had 2 silver dollars, with 77% of an ounce of silver each in them, at current prices that is $12.57 each. So you filled up your tank for about $25. Same as today. Think about it. If a bit higher today, consider the difference in gasoline taxes from then to now. Similar results if you use 90% silver quarters which were in circulation prior to 1964. This is just not that hard folks.