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Who says there’s no good news?

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  • ghostsniper September 14, 2020, 1:59 PM

    It’ll be a landslide.
    And they know it.
    Are you ready for the holocaust they will cause?

  • azlibertarian September 14, 2020, 3:33 PM

    Did anyone know where Minden, NV was before sneaking a peek at your favorite mapping app? Yeah, me neither. I’ll save you the time…Minden (population 3000) is 15 miles south of Carson City (population 55,000). Oh, you say that you can’t pinpoint Carson City either? Carson City is 32 miles south of Reno (population 225,000).

    Judging from this little clip, it looks like a measurable portion of the area was playing hooky from school or work for the slim chance to get close enough to see President Trump.

    Yeah, a landslide may be forthcoming, but as the wise man says: Don’t get cocky.

    Preparing for TEOWAKI is always an imprecise exercise, but that said, Ithink that we’re ready here at Casa de azlib. If not, we’ll make life difficult for one or two before we go down.

  • ghostsniper September 14, 2020, 5:24 PM

    “….we’ll make life difficult for one or two DOZEN before we RELOAD.”
    There, fixed it 4 ya!

  • Terry September 14, 2020, 5:30 PM

    I know where Minden, Nevada was/is. I lived 10 miles south of Minden for 18 years. Looking at that line of people, I would say that every person in Douglas County was accounted for. Northern Nevada is a patriotic American stronghold. The problem with Nevada is Las Vegas has the numbers of Obama illegal aliens and Cali communists to easily control the state now. Obama is a traitor and fake citizen that should be diced and fed to the hogs.

    The Governor of Nevada is also an open Communist as per the Governor of Cali and other western states. More rotten meat that needs dicing.

  • Jewel September 14, 2020, 8:09 PM

    Meanwhile, here in Lancaster, Pretzelvania, Antifa/BLMers are trying to have a mostly peaceful riot, but there are police snipers atop the station house, and so sadly, Steve Inman is crying hot pockets full of gravy tears into his cup o noodles. And a local judge handed a repeat antifa poser a million dollar bail for posing as a medic at the latest mostly peaceful protest. A visiting rabble rouser wasn’t histrionic enough to persuade the social juicebox warriors and soylent tweens that the cops were kidnapping antifa kids and hauling them away in unmarked vans. All in all, subdued, for the most part. The night is still young, however.

  • TwoDogs September 14, 2020, 9:05 PM

    This is excellent news about Lancaster. With any luck it will inspire other, non-leftard jurists around the country to crack the whip on these commie bastards when they show up in their towns.

  • Jewel September 14, 2020, 11:14 PM

    @thelancpatriot has done fantastic work reporting anonymously, live-streaming the rantivities on Twitter. I’m watching on Twitter as @effingby, (Tonya Greipenweiner) As of now, whining has overtaken the mob of blobs. Police are using drones to identify ruckus-brigands as they sullenly lope out of town.

  • Fletcher Christian September 15, 2020, 1:39 AM

    Virus spike in Nevada coming right up!

  • JoeDaddy September 15, 2020, 3:03 AM

    45-47 States for Trump. Bring it. VOTE IN PERSON. End it Election night.

  • Gordon Scott September 15, 2020, 4:15 AM

    Just a warning: Don’t be drinking coffee while you’re reading Jewel’s @effingby Twitter thread.
    Social Juicebox Warrior = Soylent Tween

  • Gordon Scott September 15, 2020, 4:32 AM

    Yah, Fletcher. The virus does really well in hot, arid places, you know.

    I like how the Associated Press has decided that North and South Dakota have The Fastest Growing Rate Of Coronavirus And They’re All Gonna Die. Look at actual reported numbers, both states in the lower half of the distribution in cases per million. And these are two states with high Native American populations, and we know how WuFlu likes diabetics.

    Associated Press used to be staffed by guys who cut their teeth writing obits on daily papers, and worked their way up. There wasn’t a journalism major to be found. Now . . . well, things have changed. As they have in pretty much all surviving newspapers.

    I did note that Jewel’s source for Lancastrian riot news has secured five years of funding for a conservative oriented actual-soy ink-on-genuine-paper. I oughta subscribe, just to show willing. Jewel, will you keep us up on this and let us know when the newsboys start hawking it?

    And while we’re at it, any truth to the rumour that the Yorkists are behind the unrest in Pennsylvania?

  • Jewel September 15, 2020, 5:40 AM

    Good morn all. Yorkists are indeed behind the Flabtifa protests. York city, roughly the size of Lancaster, will probably burn in a riot. Maybe an exaggeration for now, but crime is high. My daughter lives and works downtown and violence starts after dark. Seems like every evil thing is beginning to coalesce. She’s ready to bolt. Between the churches caving to the Corona Death Cult Fear Lords and the fearless Death Cult of Chaos, life is becoming a choice of rocks and hard places.

  • Vanderleun September 15, 2020, 9:52 AM

    Dear Jewel @effingby The top retweet about Children of the Corn… here’s a bit of trivia. The first Children of the Corn by King was published in Penthouse by yours truly.

    Of course now I have asked Steve King for the money back that I paid his demented old traitor’s ass. So far no check.

  • Gordon Scott September 15, 2020, 9:56 AM

    Hey Gerard: Do you think he would settle for a kill fee?

    Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week. Remember to tip your server.

  • Jewel September 15, 2020, 10:55 AM

    Wow, Gerard. Scary. This image came over my transom just before I read your comment about publishing Children of the Corn. King used to be one of my favorite writers. Now…..yawn.

    Make sure to ponder each face in this image. The world is MAD.

    And to top off the previous night’s rampage-free frumpfest:


    I used to work with this organization. Before I became obsolete. Nothing shocks me anymore. Journalists forget they are supposed to report the news, not make it. Since when?

  • Fletcher Christian September 15, 2020, 11:19 AM

    Gordon Scott:

    Maybe not. It just loves huge crowds of tightly-packed people with no means of limiting infection, though.

  • jwm September 15, 2020, 11:22 AM

    Look at the face in Jewel’s second link. Compare it with any mug shots of recently arrested “protesters”. Is it any accident that most of these people are spectacularly ugly? It’s the same with islamic clerics. It’s the same with radfems. They all look like they got two dollars scratchers in the DNA lottery.


  • ghostsniper September 15, 2020, 12:09 PM

    Gerard sed: “…Steve King for the money back that I paid his demented old traitor’s ass.”
    Traitors ass indeed.
    In the early 90’s my wife paid good coin for a signed and sealed version of King’s “Dark Tower” trilogy and even though I never read his stuff before I consumed all 3 back to back continuously. The last book said the 4th book would be coming shortly. In 1994 I spoke with King and asked when the 4th book would be out. He said he was working on it and will be out soon. I told him that he may not know it yet but there WILL be a cult following for this series.

    A couple years ago King sold the rights to the series to hollywood and they made a movie of it and what did those kneeling assholes do? They made the lead character, Roland, a negro. Millions of readers seethed. King threw all of us under the bus. No I didn’t watch it and never will. fuk king

  • Tom Hyland September 15, 2020, 1:20 PM

    Before you get cocky and say it’s going to be landslide, a pal sent me this alarming info. Take heed…

    “If you get a mail in ballot for the November election, do not destroy it or throw it away. If you do and you go to vote, they will assume you’ve already voted because they have a record that you got a mail-in ballot. Then you will not be allowed to vote on election day. You must bring the mail-in ballot with you. Otherwise you will not get to vote. Technically you will get to vote but you’ll have to go downtown to the courthouse and go through all kinds of hoops to get your vote counted, which probably almost no one will do. This is part of the conspiracy for voter fraud. The Dems are going to make sure that a lot of ballots are mailed to a lot of Democrats and a lot to Republicans and they’re going to count on Republicans not knowing what to do because this isn’t what they do. The Republicans will probably throw their ballots away and then they won’t be able to vote. This is not a rumor, this is true.”

  • Gordon Scott September 15, 2020, 2:14 PM

    Tom Hyland might be right. The rules are different in every state.

    In Minnesota the Governor/Dictator can pretty much make any rule he wants. The only way this will change is if the Republicans get a majority in the state house, and then not until January.

    But: The rules used to be that any ballot voted elsewhere, including absentee-at-the-courthouse, or absentee-by-mail, were delivered to the appropriate precinct. Then a judge from each party will examine the application. If it is okay, then the ballot envelope is opened. The poll book (now a poll computer) is marked AB on the signature line. The ballot is examined to be sure it is correct for the precinct, and then fed into the ballot counter. Assuming the voter didn’t do something like mark two candidates for a race, it’s then counted and drops into the box. At that point it is just another anonymous ballot.

    Now if there’s already a signature on the poll book, meaning the person already voted in person, the absentee ballot is rejected, with notes as to why. So one can vote in person, and the absentee ballot will be tossed. I know someone who changed their mind on a race and did this to fix the problem.

    If the voter shows up and AB is on their signature line, they don’t get to vote.

    Minnesota has no way of creating provisional ballots as a way of deferring a ballot going into the box until a dispute is settled.

    New Rules By Decree:

    Now I know that Minneapolis will be counting mail in ballots before election day, this year. They did this for the primary. New rules, I guess. So now, if someone returned your ballot for you, your space on the polling book is blocked. You don’t get to vote.

    Here’s another way: Your neighbor (any one registered in the precinct) comes in with you. Neighbor says you reside at place next door to your residence. You register, with the false address. Now you get a ballot, which, once it’s in the counter, can’t be pulled out. If you have already voted by mail, no one is going to catch that. Perhaps it might be found later in an audit, but not likely. In any case your two ballots are already counted.

    A college student votes by mail at college address and also at home. Now this actually has a slight chance of being caught if the two states compare voter rolls, but most don’t.

    The big, dirty secret which the Democrats know and the Republicans pretend they don’t know, is that the reason we don’t have a huge amount of voter fraud is that no one is checking. In Minnesota both the Secretary of State and the Attorney General are both Soros creatures.

  • Skorpion September 15, 2020, 5:55 PM
  • Gordon Scott September 15, 2020, 6:34 PM

    It’s not surprising. I saw what looked much like sorority girls looting in the first round of Minneapolis riots. When no one is arrested and there are no consequences for hurling frozen water bottles and commercial grade fireworks into the face of police, then Muffy’s gonna go for the thrill.

  • Jewel September 15, 2020, 6:47 PM

    She’s a caricature inside a stereotype wrapped in a cliche. She will be memed.

  • PA Cat September 15, 2020, 6:51 PM

    Skorpion and Jewel: The F&M sorority princess isn’t going to get the catch-and-release treatment she’s expecting: “Lancaster County District Attorney Heather Adams has leveled heavy charges against the demonstrators and Judge Bruce Roth set bail for each of the accused at $1 million each on Monday night.”
    From another tweet: “[Rioters] can get away with it in Philly and Pittsburgh. But Lancaster County has a Republican DA, so catch-and-release is off the table when rioters are arrested.”

  • PA Cat September 15, 2020, 7:03 PM

    Should have added this photo to the previous post, apropos of Gordon Scott’s question: “Any truth to the rumour that the Yorkists are behind the unrest in Pennsylvania?”
    The Lancaster County Prison, where the weekend rioters are currently held, looks like a transplant from the Wars of the Roses: https://co.lancaster.pa.us/153/Prison
    It was built in 1851 and renovated in 1972, but still looks as if Richard III could come riding out through the portcullis.

  • GREG September 15, 2020, 7:33 PM

    Someone used “portcullis” in a sentence. I love this blog.

  • Vanderleun September 15, 2020, 11:12 PM

    And yet when I follow the link to the Lancaster County Prison I am greeted with this puzzler concern ing units that were hosing or being hosed or just been hosed. Tiz a puzzlement:

  • PA Cat September 16, 2020, 1:31 AM

    Gerard, the puzzlement can be resolved in one of two ways: 1) the prison’s webmaster needs the assistance of an editor like Miss Olive; 2) the prison intake, quarantine, and isolation blocks have been infiltrated by Canadians, aka hosers.

    What I like is the notice that “LEGAL visitation will continue to be permitted. Attorneys must provide their own mask and submit to a temperature check prior to entrance.” Yep, wouldn’t do to allow COVID-bearing lawyers to infect the hosing units.

  • Gordon Scott September 16, 2020, 3:58 AM

    Wasn’t the whole problem with John Rambo caused by him being jailed in the hosing unit? That was rural Oregon or Washington, but much of Pennsylvania is forested also. Jewel, do y’all have wild pigs in the woods for disaffected veterans to feast on?

    The Lancaster County Prison is awesome. And I mean that in the original sense. Were I the warden, I’d have new inmates handcuffed to a post, right in front, so they could contemplate the sheer prisonness of it all.

  • Gordon Scott September 16, 2020, 4:09 AM

    On another topic, the Minneapolis City Council Circus demanded to know why police aren’t stopping the crime:


    Drag racing, apparently, is the newest recreational feature of our town. It is a byproduct of the lawlessness that has swept in. There are now daylight robberies in southwest Minneapolis, and those folks sometimes consider voting Republican. Yesterday some “youth” carjacked a BMW, conducted an armed robbery moments later, and were tracked to an intersection about 4 blocks from me (well across town from where they acquired their hoopty). Attempting to escape, they somehow managed to roll the Beamer in an alley. Two are in custody, but either the judge will set bail at some token amount, or our Hollywood-funded “Let’s put them back on the street” bail nonprofit will get them out.

  • CC September 16, 2020, 7:25 AM

    Load up mags & gear.
    You think the left is batshit now, hold onto your butts after Trump wins again.

  • Jewel September 16, 2020, 9:27 AM

    Ah, looking at the prison reminds me of the good old days of driving to Joovy Hall, just blocks away, to visit my Irksome Middle Child in kiddie jail. Brat didn’t think I’d have her arrested. I did. The day after Christmas. 30 days in detention cooling her heels, while wearing ORANGE SUIT BAD, Good times. Her probation officer warned her that pretty girls don’t do well in prison. She wised up when she had to camp outside in the mountains in February. I thought of those words when looking at Miss F&M’s “I can’t even!” face.