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Whenever You See a Trump Poll, Add 12

In the last few months, I have been actively avoiding television news. I find it too readily stokes my anger at the quislings and all around sore losers in the country. I find as they say in the Rastafari culture of Jamaica, that it “angries up the blood.” The internet, in general, provides more than enough fuel for my fire.

As a result, I only watch Trump in bits and pieces, in video clips and brief sound bites. It has been some time since I have watched a Trump Rally but when I stumbled across Trump speaking live from North Dakota last night I felt I had to at least alert my mother (a native North Dakotan) to the event and watch it myself.

What I saw, shown below, was a political tour de force in action. Although Trump is self-deprecating as to his political experience (“I only got into the game a couple of years ago”) he is clearly one of the quickest studies around. Watching him work the crowd with his own agenda, watching him get their support for the man he supports, watching him denigrate the disloyal opposition, watching him set out his plans for the supreme court and immigration, and watching him play the media like a jukebox was like watching an efant terrible at the top of his game. It was also a lesson in what the rabidly deranged opposition sees when they watch Trump speak. If you can suspend your admiration for him, you can see how powerful he has become and how he uses that political power against his enemies like a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. Scary, but then he should be.

Partly telepromted and partly extemporaneous Trump’s new mid-term stump speech has something for everyone, worshipers and enemies alike, but the one I noted most was his reference to the polls of his popularity as ones that always need to have 12 added to them. Whether or not this is true I have no idea but it has the heft of “feeling just about right.”

But I am by far a man ruled more by his feelings than his reason and so I’ve learned to be careful about “Feelings, nothing more than feelings.” Still it behooves one to try and get a handle on current polls to see where the country is really at when it comes to Trump. “Adding 12” just doesn’t really do it.

That’s why I was grateful for this exposition by @EddieZipperer of the recent Harvard-Harris poll which tackles the poll in a more sophisticated way than I could. And it is an exposition that has the added advantage of making the good news even better. Even if you don’t “add 12.” See if you don’t agree.

Here’s a link to the full 90 (topline) polling data Monthly Harvard Harris Poll June 2018

In the new Harvard-Harris poll, @realDonaldTrump approval is at 47 percent. That’s up two points since last month- yet another sign that these giant, Liberal, apocalypse du jour meltdowns are having no effect on Trump approval.

69 percent say the economy is strong v 31 percent who think it’s weak. This number is VERY important going into the midterms. Especially given that Democrats told us so much about how the economy was going to tank under Conservative policies.

68 percent say that their personal financial situation is improving or staying the same v 26 percent who say theirs is getting worse. That exposes a certain big, fat lie the Dems were telling on how tax cuts would affect the middle class

58 percent say they approve of the job @realDonaldTrump is doing on “stimulating jobs” and 57 percent approve of the job he’s doing on the economy. Those are kiler, killer numbers with the party headed into a midterm election.

63 percent STILL favor @realdonaldtrump’s DACA compromise from months ago. This has not lost any support from month to month.

61 percent say our current border security is inadequate. That’s a huge number. So much for the Dem idea that open borders are a popular idea.

Next question, “Do you think we should basically have open borders or do you think we need secure borders?” 24 percent say open borders while 76 percent say secure borders.

A vast, vast majority of Americans are still pretty smart.

60 percent say they support building a combination of physical and electronic barriers across the U.S./Mexico border.

51 percent believe illegal immigration increases crime, 41 percent believe it has no effect, and 7 percent inexplicably believe illegal immigration somehow reduces crime.

Do you think ICE should be disbanded? 31 percent say yes. A huge majority, 69 percent, say no.

Wow! Even after last week’s fever pitch smear of the Trump administration, 70 percent say we need STRICTER enforcement of our immigration laws. Only 30 percent say looser.

36 percent believe that people who make it across the border illegally should be allowed to stay, while 64 percent believe they should be sent home.

“Do you think that parents with children who make it across our border illegally should be allowed to stay in the country or [be] sent home?” 39 percent say stay. 61 percent say sent home.

53 percent majority believe that people who cross border illegally should be prosecuted. 50 percent say parents with children who enter illegally should be prosecuted. Looks like Trump’s zero tolerance policy is not the public opinion disaster the media has made it our to be

45 percent approve of catch and release policy while 55 percent believe in holding illegal crossers in custody until their hearing.

47 percent believe in catch in release for illegal crossers with children, while 53 percent believe in holding them in custody until their hearing.

A massive 88 percent believe that the parents and children should be held together while only 12 percent believe they should be separated.

80 percent favor hiring more immigration judges to speed up the process.

55 percent majority believe asylum should only be for those who can specifically show their government was persecuting them.

Wow! 73 percent said Trump admin acted appropriately by reversing its separation policy.

71 percent approve of Trump’s executive order reversing the separation policy.

I was shocked by the immigration numbers in this poll. It appears the mainstream media and Democrat hysteria is NOT persuading anyone. So many comparisons to Nazi Germany and Hitler- more than I can count, and that attitude is in no way reflected in this poll.

84 percent are against the sanctuary city policy of not notifying immigration authorities when an illegal immigrant is in custody. 84 percent! The Democrats are so totally on the fringe regarding some of these issues that it’s shocking.

65 percent favor sanctions/tariffs on Mexico if they adopt the leading presidential candidate’s policy of mass border crossings as a right.

57 percent say they favor building a barrier on the U.S.-Mexico border as a response to that candidate’s statement that going to the U.S. is the right of every North American. So, that backfired pretty profoundly.

72 percent say it is not acceptable for a restaurant to discriminate against anyone for their political views.

Big majority, 57 percent, say they approve of how @realdonaldtrump is handling North Korea. That’s way up from last time if I remember correctly.

59 percent approve of how the U.S. government is handling North Korea.

@realdonaldtrump receives 74 percent approval for meeting with Kim Jong Un. That is a HUGE number to approve of anything on any question that contains the words “President Trump.”

61 percent consider the agreement signed by @realDonaldTrump and Kim Jong Un to be a “diplomatic victory by the Trump administration.”

64 percent support the suspension of joint military exercises between the U.S. and SK even though the media told us it was the end of the world.

Only 52 percent think Trump should get a Nobel prize if he successfully denuclearizes the North Korean peninsula. Come on, people! I don’t think they understand the significance of such an accomplishment.

54 percent say President Obama was too lenient when negotiating with China, and- I’ll include this just for giggles- 6 percent think Obama was too tough on China.

59 percent say the Mueller investigation is hurting the country.

Only 35 percent say they think Mueller has found evidence of Russian collusion. If I remember correctly, that is way, way down.

50 percent say Obama politicized the FBI.

60 percent say the actions of the FBI and CIA in the Hillary email case and Trump-Russia case need to be investigated.

Wow on this one. Wow. 64 percent support appointing a special counsel to investigate abuses at the FBI. 64 percent! I’m shocked by this one.

77 percent say the FBI and DOJ need to start turning over all documents requested by Congress.

My big takeaway from this Harvard-Harris poll is that the aggressive anti-Trump narratives espoused by Democrats and the MSM do not have any effect on public opinion. In fact, they may actually be having the OPPOSITE effect they are intended to have.

FULL THREAD: Thread by @EddieZipperer: “In the new Harvard-Harris poll, @realDonaldTrump approval is at 47 percent. That’s up two points since last month- yet another sign that the […]”

Here’s a link to the full 90 (topline) polling data
Monthly Harvard Harris Poll June 2018

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  • Sam L. June 28, 2018, 11:06 AM

    This will NEVER be mentioned by the enemedia.

  • james stoertz June 28, 2018, 11:12 AM

    @EddieZipperer has one disappointing bullet namely that “Only 52 percent think Trump should get a Nobel prize…” I agree that he should not get one because the Nobel prize is an idiot award for idiots, generally (at least recently) even though I am a deplorable Trump supporter. On the other hand, maybe he should be awarded a Nobel prize so that he can publicly refuse – and denounce – it.

  • Laurel Yanny in the blue/brown dress June 28, 2018, 12:49 PM

    Of the rally last night. I only wish he would have addressed the only blue voting blocks in ND. The reservations and Native Americans. He could have used that great line “what have you got to lose?” It would have been heard from ND to TX with the American Indians. They are truly living in forced socialist reservations with not even land rights without a council consent. Great socialized medicine that is out of money by June and highest alcohol/drug additions of any people leading to early death and high suicide rates.

  • GoneWithTheWind June 28, 2018, 3:07 PM

    Trump’s greatest “power” is that he is doing what a large percentage and perhaps a majority of citizens want the government to do and has been fed up by politicians who got elected saying they would do these things and then did a 180 when they got to DC. Even if you dislike Trump you will come to understand that Trump is the most significant president since George Washington. He is doing so much and so much of it should be done that his place in history will be huge. But, don’t under estimate the deep state or worse the stupid party. Trump may not even finish his four year term. If I were Trump I would hire more secret service agents and never ride in a convertible. The left is determined to remove him and I fear for his life.

  • Dr. Jay June 28, 2018, 3:26 PM

    On a side note: I just pulled up CNN on my computer (to hear their take on the newspaper shooting), when, in the middle of his monologue Wolf stated, “A recent CNN poll found that 9 out of 17 CNN reporters really, really hate Trump, and are convince that Trump had something to do with the tragedy in Annapolis.” After blowing a raspberry he went to a commercial.

  • Laurel Yanny in the blue/brown dress June 28, 2018, 5:31 PM

    If the shooting could be blamed on Dumpht or a follower it would be leading the news on all stations. The fact that this happened at a anti-Trump newspaper infested with SJW journalists and not one tweet answers all questions.

  • ghostsniper June 28, 2018, 7:23 PM

    “If I were Trump I would hire more secret service agents….”

    The very LAST thing I would ever do is hire gov’t employees for personal security.
    Maximum incompetence at maximum cost.
    Private sector with a profit motive and a strong financial incentive to do better all the time.
    THAT’S how you get maximum security.

  • Old Codger June 28, 2018, 7:23 PM

    Don’t kid yourself about TRUMP’S political experience. He learned more nasty political tricks during his FIRST New York real estate development than ALL politicians learn in a lifetime! And he did it while producing a product. Professional politicians can sit on their asses and need accomplish nothing!

    Multiply that by the number of his projects and again by their various locations. That is an ungodly tremendous amount of real political experience! Take it from me: I’ve worked both sides of development deals, for the govt. and later for developers.

    When it’s your dough on the line, you learn a whole lot, real fast!

  • Geoff C. the Saltine June 28, 2018, 7:59 PM

    Well, he did warn us about too much winning.

  • tkdkerry June 29, 2018, 7:00 AM

    What Old Codger said. I kept trying to point that out in 2016, and was repeatedly and roundly poo-pooed.

  • Mikey NTH June 29, 2018, 8:16 AM

    Why it is almost as if the majority are believing their lying eyes and not the media.

  • CC June 29, 2018, 8:29 AM

    Could we have had a President Trump without having had an obamanation?
    At least now thinking people can compare what creeping communism looks like next to Constitutional freedoms – there is no comparison, and the left is going to be relegated to the abyss, as it deserves.

  • Uncle Max June 29, 2018, 3:26 PM

    RE: CC… I’ve been saying this since the election. We had to go through 8 years of Bush, and 8 years of Obama to get to Trump. Folks had to come to this point on their own. The mask-dropping that occurred in the press, the Government, DOJ, GOP, DNC.. the “conservative outlets “… clarity. The clarity is stark. Hell, even Bernie RAN as a socialist… and garnered large support. That’s good IMO. The Dem-base is finally whittled down to the socialist and progressives and the let their freak-flags fly, and most normal voters took notice. Not to take anything away from the candidate and first businessman President ever. DJT literally out worked the competition. He busted his ass campaigning and did it with a skeleton crew and dubious advice. He angled into a hostile GOP and did a hostile takeover. If he picks up seats in the mid-terms… true Trump-Republicans, esp in the Senate, watch out. He is capable of building a political machine that will long outlast his 2 terms. #MAGA indeed.

  • Old Fert June 29, 2018, 7:54 PM

    Old Codger’s got a real good point. You can’t get involved with Albany, city hall, permits, various politicians and political machines, labor unions, the mafia, crooked suppliers, and so forth and not learn a whole bunch about how to get things working.

    Also, it’s likely that his years of socializing with all those folks let him build up quite a few notes as to who was doing what to whom and for how much, info always good in negotiations.

  • Paul Scott July 3, 2018, 8:06 AM

    An excellent decision VANDERLEUN I think to remove yourself from the habit of watching TV.
    I gave up all newspapers and TV news two years ago in New Zealand, and almost immediately I got younger, my hair started growing back, I had more confidence, and girls started knocking at the door, >> you know all those good things.
    I see little value to any association with the negativity and hatred of the fanatical left.
    As the Zman says on his site, there is no compromise, they wish us dead.
    In New Zealand we are yet to feel the full force of the sheer violent stupidity of marxist culture, and we are an apathetic people so it will not be nice. But where you go, we will surely.
    So obliterate the disease within your society, especially the Universities, bankrupt them by keeping your children away from this evil business. I hear moderate Democrats are seeing reality.
    I think the tide has turned for you people.
    Good article >> you were referred over to us by the iconic Uncle Remus.

  • Cliff Newman July 6, 2018, 4:36 PM

    Thank you Donald. I look forward to this being the Republic of America again.

  • BOB BOOKER July 6, 2018, 5:21 PM

    Without the wisdom (and wit) of Donald Trump if this nation had elected another Obama or Clinton we would be in over our heads in Socialism. Trump has promised — and Trump is DOING IT ALL! God Bless him. The Democrats have no plan, no leaders, a massive bunch of CROOKS with no regard for this nation or its people. Churchill said it all — The problem with Socialism is eventually the Socialist will run out of YOUR money. I think it was Winston. Who ever — nailed it. Trump will be President for 8 years — it’s a shame about Hilllary — yeah, a SHAME she isn’t in prison. God Bless you Donald Trump — and thank you for showing up.