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Unlike all the other older generations who criticized the younger generation, we’re right.

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  • John the River December 7, 2019, 9:40 AM

    Laughed till I had tears in my eyes. Thanks I needed that.

  • ghostsniper December 7, 2019, 1:22 PM

    smart phones make dumb people

  • Skorpion December 7, 2019, 2:02 PM

    Stand-up comedy as it should be — clean, witty, original, and no ideological ax-grinding. Laughed through the whole thing!

  • Tony Noboloney December 7, 2019, 8:47 PM

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that watched the whole thing.

  • Kim December 8, 2019, 10:32 AM

    Tears. Guy is just funny and clear. Thank you.

  • Rob De Witt December 8, 2019, 11:08 AM
  • Heltau December 9, 2019, 12:01 AM

    And this kid is going to DEMAND to drive a mobile murder weapon in the near future?
    Won’t that be just cozy for the rest of us?