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Trump on Qanon: Saving the World by Destroying the Pedophile Cannibals of the Left

Footnote: As parents know, if you feed children they grow. Ladies and gentlemen, Baron Trump:

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  • M. Murcek August 19, 2020, 4:56 PM

    Deft, clever butchery.

  • azlibertarian August 19, 2020, 7:11 PM

    I dunno much about Qanon either other than the “Cool Kids” on something called “4chan” are somehow connected. But for as much as it pains me to do this, I agree with Karl Rove here: Q is either involved in a large-scale punk of anyone punkable, or they’re genuinely nutty. It would have been better for Trump to not ramble on for 2+ minutes about Q and let the topic drift off to obscurity.

  • old codger August 19, 2020, 8:17 PM

    azlibertarian, believing or even listening to Karl Rove (Shakin’ ma haid) on anything reduces your IQ by several points! Go to Neon Revolt blog, then go to GAB and get an education.

  • azlibertarian August 19, 2020, 9:05 PM

    I’ve got an account at Gab…haven’t looked at it in months. I’m also at Parler.com and do look at that now and then. With regard to righty social media, here’s how I see things….they are a mere fraction of the big kids….Facebook and Twitter. Whatever gets said on Gab may be true, but no one will ever know. And again, Q and 4chan are equally marginal.

    I’m not wild about Rove, but I’ll give him this: He got W elected over Gore, Kerry, the DNC and the media, all of whom were equally corrupt then as they are today.

    As always, YMMV.

  • ghostsniper August 20, 2020, 4:02 AM

    Caught the last 5 mins of that Kamala Harris person last night. Never seen video of her before or heard her voice, and have only seen a few pix. What, is she 14 or what? srsly Her whole spiel sounded like a middle school gurl trying out for the cheerleading team. WTF? If you payed attention you could hear a slight amount of “negro” in her voice, otherwise she appeared as a white woman.

    At the end her husband came out, a white dood, and then Biden and his ho. That was a spectacle to behold, truly of Twilight Zone proportions. They were all distancing, and waving and laughing like they were in front of a crowd but they weren’t. It was all play acting. Like elementary school kids in the middle of another boring summer. “Mom, can we have some koolaid and cookies, pleez?”

    american politics is in the shitter, and the populace will get exactly what it deserves

  • OneGuy August 20, 2020, 7:26 AM

    The QAnon question was a setup. The ‘reporter’ was fed the question by the deep state operators and dutifully asked on camera so it could all be exploited against Trump. The purpose of this is to give the MSM something to use to coverup the fact that no Democrat will denounce BLM and ANTIFA violence and destruction. Now they get to tell us all that Trump supports QAnon.

    So what is QAnon’s crime? They believe that there was a deep state/Democrat plot to prevent his election AND once elected to destroy his presidency. That’s it. QAnon supporters believe in that conspiracy theory which by now everyone knows was absolutely true.

  • Tom Hyland August 20, 2020, 8:31 AM

    I have much concern and empathy for Barron Trump. He’s 14 years old and living in a fish bowl. When I was that age I had a hundred friends and lots of alone time with my pals to play very frisky and especially with the girls. I started smoking weed when I was 14, however, I quit at 17 because the stuff was making me edgy and nervous. Suddenly I’m contemplating death & taxes. Not very “mellow” the way it effects so many. When does Barron ever flee this 24/7 psychodrama? As for the Qanon inquiry Trump handled those softball questions discreetly and safely. He couldn’t repeat the posed proposition that he’s battling cannibals and pedophiles or else this would have erupted in a writhing box of snakes opened onto the room…. and into the news cycle for days to come. However, I sure hope he’s battling those evil bastards. Another thing, it’s been 4 years and he hasn’t aged a day.

  • jwm August 20, 2020, 8:49 AM

    This from Vox Day:

    REPORTER: Mr. Zuckerberg, QAnon believes President Trump is secretly saving the world from a cult of satanic pedophiles. What’s your response to that?

    FACEBOOK: Today we are taking action against Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts tied to offline anarchist groups that support QAnon. As a result of some of the actions we’ve already taken, we’ve removed over 790 groups, 100 Pages and 1,500 ads tied to QAnon from Facebook, blocked over 300 hashtags across Facebook and Instagram, and additionally imposed restrictions on over 1,950 Groups and 440 Pages on Facebook and over 10,000 accounts on Instagram.

    It seem the zuckerbugger takes it seriously.


  • John Venlet August 20, 2020, 2:20 PM

    I am uncertain what to think about this QAnon business. Is it simply cryptically conspiratorial and a place to wonder widely, or, something more? In my perusals of the QAnon site, some of the information presented seems wildly untrue, some accurate, and occasionally QAnon is ahead of the curve informationally.

    With that said, when Zuckerberg’s Facebook propaganda machine begins deleting pages, and the MSM liars begin bad mouthing QAnon and presenting them in a bad light to those who still swallow the MSM swill, well, that leads me to consider that QAnon is rubbing someone else’s rhubarb the wrong way and the so-called elites don’t cotton to their dirty laundry receiving any press.

  • Nori August 20, 2020, 9:07 PM

    Mr Q has certainly upset the Apple Cart-el.

  • Fuel Filter August 22, 2020, 12:47 PM

    I’m not sure if I understand this Q-anon business, but from the few snippets I’ve read it may have something to do with this:


    I hope the link comes thru. If not I’ll post it in a stand-alone post.

  • Fuel Filter August 22, 2020, 12:59 PM

    Ok. It did.

    I just want to add that I’ve read about this gaming before this guy posted it and Powerline picked it up.

    The guy get it wrong, very wrong in the middle writing about Trump (afflicted by TDS no doubt) but overall gets it right.

    Podesta is one evil sonofabitch and he is responsible, along with Hillary for, among other things, the deaths of those brave soldiers in Benghazi.

    I hope this link gets picked up and spreads far and wide.