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Trump in California

The Left versus Trump:

Via Don Surber: Sunday’s public schedule of a 74-year-old man a week after surviving covid 19:

8:40 AM: En route to International Church of Las Vegas.
8:55 AM: Arrive at the International Church of Las Vegas.
10:05 AM Depart the International Church of Las Vegas en route to McCarran International Airport.
10:30 AM En route to Santa Ana.
11:30 AM Arrives at John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana.
11:40 AM En route to Newport Beach.
12:30 PM Participates in a round table with supporters.
1:00 PM Delivers remarks at a fundraising committee reception.
1:30 PM Departs Newport Beach, en route to Santa Ana.
1:55 PM Departs Santa Ana, en route to Reno.
3:25 PM Departs Reno, en route to Carson City.
4:00 PM Delivers remarks a Make America Great Again Rally, Carson City.
5:15 PM Departs Carson City, en route to Reno.
5:55 PM Departs Reno, en route to Las Vegas.

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  • brinster October 19, 2020, 9:28 AM

    If Biden got 1% of the number of this crowd, he’d have a fatal orgasm.

  • Casey Klahn October 19, 2020, 9:31 AM

    The Flying Haymaker, but with the other guy providing all the momentum. That was sweet to watch.

  • ghostsniper October 20, 2020, 7:07 AM

    And massive communist election criminality.
    If you have any “downtown” dealings in the near future you might wanna deal with them now, while you can.

  • Fuel Filter October 21, 2020, 8:23 AM

    Having been lucky enough to have lived in Newport Beach CA I know precisely where those vids were taken!

    The *MEDIAN* income of that very distinct area is about $3-400,000/year. I think you can guess their party affiliation (of course, on top of that it’s in OC, always distinctly “R”).