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True but Forbidden 12: @WokeCapital Edition

This from American Apparel. It displays diversity in its NUDES collection. Diversity apparently just means brown (and fat).

A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO I posted a brief meditation on the tsunami of propaganda that now oozes out of all American media in newspapers, magazines, movies, books, television and every other means of getting masses of people to take the perverse and bizarre and repulsive as “the new normal.” A much more extensive examination of these propaganda tactics is found in the recent interview with the man behind the Twitter account   @WokeCapital.  In that TwitStream you can find continuing examples of how the dementia of the left has seeped into all aspects of trying to influence and alter the minds and morality of normal Americans. I am excerpting a good deal but by no means all of this lengthy interview at     On Woke Capital | PARALLAX OPTICS.   I commend the whole to you. Meanwhile, here are a few choice cuts of the  @WokeCapital    interview. 

But first… Here’s…………. FATIMA!  (And “The candy bar ALL Americans love.” in case you midded the point of this pound of brain-fogging pap.)


Credit Suisse giving Woman of the Year to some married hetero man is arresting and gives people the “whoa, what a wacky, one-off story” sort of feel. But showing how all companies constantly signal diversity and inclusion, future is female, intersectional garbage… this is the real power of Woke Capital. The comparatively subtle “we embrace diversity and inclusion” crap is actually more dangerous than the outrage generating calculated PR “gaffe”. It’s a matter of boiling the frog vs sautéing it, though both ultimately move the Overton window left. And this is the point I try to get across. In fact, when I first started, I tried to find woke tweets from every company on the Dow and S&P 500 I could think of. Name a company, I’ll show you Cathedral propaganda. To date, I know only ONE publicly traded company where I couldn’t find any woke signaling whatsoever

Leftist academics groom everybody from pre-school through high school, and they’re working on adding at least four more years of mandatory brainwashing by expanding college level education. On top of the standard issue indoctrination, leftists expend extra effort on the media, the managerial elite, academics, and the scientific community. Then they have a sick symbiotic relationship with one another where they all mutually signal boost and confer legitimacy upon one another.

You see this with the media/tech giants/corporations all leaning on various leftists scams and Political Action Committees (PACs) for Woke Cred. Some examples of these scams – invariably given names Orwellian enough to make ol’ George blush – include the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The ADL is devoted to finding creative ways to cry “anti-semitism!” to any opposition to leftism. The SPLC is Morris Dees’ money making scam that raises funds from anti-white hatred, making it what Steve Sailer calls “America’s richest hate group”. You might be forgiven for thinking that the HRC gives a shit about human rights (whatever that even means), but it is actually a homosexual group that “focuses on protecting and expanding rights for LGBT individuals, most notably advocating for marriage equality, anti-discrimination and hate crimes legislation, and HIV/AIDS advocacy.” Companies go ahead thinking maybe if we get the gold star of approval from the HRC, we’ll be resistant to lawsuits from gay employees. If we co-sponsor Girls Who Code events or give them money, nobody in the media will notice that all our engineers are autistic white dudes. We’ve got the stamp of approval from The Gays/The Blacks/The Wahmmens, etc, etc. so don’t attack us, we’re down with the program, we’ll comply, we’ll play ball *turns over supine*.

 Off the cuff, I would say that this form of risk mitigation is expensive. Prohibitively expensive to cash-poor companies. The Googles can afford to Hire Diversity, and they therefore scoop up the highly qualified, actually capable, diversity candidates. As a result, Google isn’t too adversely impacted by the demands of the Woke. On the other hand, the plucky upstart competitor can’t compete. So, in a sense, Compulsory Wokeness is a form of gatekeeping by those in power, a large barrier to entry to stymie competitors. But I think that ultimately, this sort of thing does not help the majority of corporations in the longer term. 

What I want to talk about here is the gaslighting seen in seemingly benign advertising. Basically, you’re not allowed to show normal, healthy heritage Americans in advertising, even if they’re your target demo (e.g. J. Crew). It’s all Bioleninism* all the time in advertising, for example forced interracial couples, conspicuously gay characters, people who look like the criminal dregs of society. At its most subtle, it’s just a lack of white people in advertising material published by companies from majority white nations, founded and built by whites. This is a particularly hard attack vector to defend against, because they’ve got plausible deniability, and because it’s hard to articulate criticism of it, even though all people have a visceral reaction to it.


What role do you see HR departments – the portals through which Demons enter our world – playing in the structural edifice of Woke Capital?

The portals through which Demons enter our world” – I can’t disagree with a single word of that. HR is often hated, often for good reason, and as a result, our Cathedral overlords are constantly changing its name on us. Nowadays you get People Operations, Employee Success, etc. The most accurate name of all would be something explicit, like Ideological Conformity Department, Anti-Heresy Department, or Political Department. In China’s PLA, they have the Political Department run by Political Commissars, which handles propaganda, training, indoctrination, and administration. They fulfill basically the exact same role in Chinese military units that HR plays here. Talk about formalism!


HR has become a dumping ground for all diversity candidates. Your company needs more diversity, eh? Can’t find any minority engineers? Easy, just throw ‘em in Admin. That’ll keep the bad PR off your back! We’re woke! We are committed to Diversity and Inclusion! The diversity racket is quite well paid quite a cushy gig if you can get it (e.g. you are not a white male). Chief Diversity Officer is a great way to make your executive team look diverse (basically always a black lady). So, you’ve got a ton of credentialed people whose elevated status and paycheck rely on the backing of the state religion; this is a recipe for extreme loyalty to said religion. They’ve been indoctrinated in wokeness and given a seat at the table. But nobody is content with a token position. Eventually, the cynical play comes back to bite the players. And as we’ve seen in recent years, HR has been weaponized such that it can get rid of a CEO/Founder who has fallen out of favor. Where does the power truly lie now?


White men are the most competent people on the planet, but their independence and consumer spend profile makes them tricky to extract maximum value out of. So, what if we could have the competence of a white man, with the herd-mindset and profligate spending of a woman? Tada! I bring you the gay Pride movement.

Ok, I said that with tongue in cheek, but there is some truth to what I just said. Gays have no families, a ton of disposable income, and are incredibly loyal to those who validate them. 

Many people have described the process at work here, wherein an org gets “woke”; call it Conquest’s Second Law, Vox Day’s SJW convergence cycle, Entryism, Cordyception whatever. Basically, progs who hate an org infiltrate it, kill it, gut it, and wear its skin whilst making a mockery of everything it once stood for. Oftentimes it’s done through frog boiling.

the Church has been similarly gutted. I can’t tell you how many churches I see with “Refugees Welcome”, “Black Lives Matter” and even Pride flags hanging from their steeples. So yeah, the Pope’s a communist now, of course Catholicism is for washing the feet of Muslim invaders! If you aren’t for that, you aren’t a Catholic. And you see, either people get with the program, or stop being Catholic; either way, the institution is totally destroyed. But at the same time, when it fits the narrative, the Catholic Church is a buncha regressive right wingers that need to be defeated. They have a problem with child abuse. In reality, they have a problem with homosexual pederast priests, but we can’t say that or the narrative falls apart. 
For one, it looks to as though the Cathedral is cracking up. It got high on its own supply, fully embraced Bioleninism, and is now hurting for competent people. It’s dysgenic, the people who fell for the memes are largely failing to reproduce. Boomers are on their way out, and Millennials are going to start taking over the reins of some of these orgs. Does anybody really think that western Millennials will be able to keep things going? Complex systems are incredibly difficult to build, somewhat less difficult to maintain, and quite easy to destroy. The entire West is coasting on the accumulated capital of previous generations, burning its inheritance in a wild bonfire. Eventually, what can’t be sustained won’t be. Even Google can’t continue to operate when it’s 99% diversity and 1% hated-talented-engineer. And at some point, the locusts will have nowhere else to go, no one else’s capital to burn. This is the slow decline into a Dark Age, best case being Brazil where things kind of still work, and worst case being Venezuela or South Africa.
A third scenario is what may come if Trump fails; a Stalin or a Cromwell comes and puts a stop to the madness, perhaps preceded by a bloody conflict or crackdown. Not a desirable outcome, but leftist singularities are notoriously difficult to stop, just ask the victims of the Khmer Rouge or Red Guards… if you can find any.


Read the whole thing at     On Woke Capital | PARALLAX OPTICS

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  • jwm March 13, 2019, 1:31 PM

    Q: Who won the “Miss Woke” Beauty Pageant?
    A: No one.


  • PA Cat March 13, 2019, 2:25 PM

    Diversity apparently just means brown (and fat).

    Coincident case in point: Alumni magazine flopped through the mail slot just an hour ago. Front cover illustrates a feature story about the master costumer in the drama school. The cover photo shows the costume designed for a play about Joan of Arc, only this Joan is an overweight woman of color who looks about as much like the Maid of Orléans as Colin Kaepernick does. OTOH, maybe I should be grateful they didn’t cast a cis-male football player in the role.

  • ghostsniper March 13, 2019, 2:50 PM

    This country is turning ugly.

  • Anon March 13, 2019, 3:42 PM

    I understand that the hijab, scarf or burqa is not a requirement of Islam but something cultural forced on women by their local religious interpretation of Islam. It is clearly discriminatory and intended to debase women and to further enslave them. So logic would say that once in a free country that they would choose to throw off this demeaning clothing. But many do not and almost without exception those that do not prefer to flaunt it. I think what is going on is a demonstration of their desire and intent to not acculturize but rather to force you to accept them and their culture. More proof that it was a terrible mistake to allow Muslim immigration.

  • Sam L. March 13, 2019, 3:50 PM

    DAYUM, Gerard!! You have nailed those idjits to the telephone pole (which is, or course, a PHALLIC SYMBOL).

  • Guaman March 13, 2019, 5:12 PM

    Someone dared to write this and wrote it well too. The piece relates some things I’ve noticed over time – particularly the composition of visual advertising, the models. I’ve been in Boy Scouts for quite some time now and am exiting as a volunteer – the changes in the organization have been in the news for several years now. They mirror the stuff in this post.

  • Lance de Boyle March 13, 2019, 8:36 PM

    Gad. How repulsive.
    One Nordic. One Elf. And the rest tubsters.
    Panties big as car covers.
    Or awnings.
    Waste of good viagra.

  • Murgatroid March 13, 2019, 9:46 PM

    I don’t think more than three or four of them are what I’d consider “fat”. It just seems like it because of the real estate those take up.
    I thought for a minute that the ethnic make-up might be supposed to proportional to global population, but I only see three likely Asians among them, and one of those is albino.

  • ambiguousfrog March 13, 2019, 10:04 PM

    Not sure how much more of this I can take. We’ll be made f’n crazy before this collapses under its own weight. It’s overwhelming. I should pray for a meteor.

  • Ten March 14, 2019, 4:18 AM

    For decades the right has found it impossible to demand DC remove itself from education.

  • tim March 14, 2019, 6:51 AM

    Let’s take a look at ‘Nestle Worldwide’ –
    “Nestlé’s Board of Directors is highly structured to ensure a high degree of diversity by age, education / qualifications, professional background, present activity, sector expertise, special skills (classification), nationality and geography. This is reflected in Nestlé’s skills and diversity grid – https://www.nestle.com/aboutus/management/boardofdirectors

    I count 9 white males, 2 white females, 1 Asian female and 2 black females. Diverse? They’ve built in so many factors that of course they could defend themselves as such.

    ‘Nestle America’ doesn’t seem to have a page of their board of directors. Rather curious but I’m sure it all diverse. I mean, they are SO committed to it – https://www.nestleusa.com/about-us/diversity-and-inclusion

    Also, you will all be glad to know America Apparel “… is an industry leader in manufacturing combat and utility uniforms for the Department of Defense.” I could only find one picture of their management team through LinkedIn. Maybe that’s normal? – http://amappinc.com/the_company/management_staff

    Diversity through secrecy.

  • John the River March 14, 2019, 8:17 AM

    “Waste of good Viagra.”
    Damn! That’s a good one, congrats!

  • Theduchessofkitty March 14, 2019, 9:30 AM

    You mentioned Oliver Cromwell. While researching my husband’s ancestral tree, I found out one branch of his great-great-grandmother’s is related by marriage to Oliver Cromwell. When I told the hubby, his reaction was, “Ugh!”

    Yeah, that “Glorious Revolution” can happen here. But it’ll be much uglier than that. And bloodier.

  • Callmelennie March 14, 2019, 4:31 PM

    Wow, I hadn’t realized that only 5% of American women are normal looking non-Hispanic Caucasian women, but then I don’t live in a diverse part of America

  • Callmelennie March 14, 2019, 4:41 PM

    Funny thing about Fatimah, she has hazel eyes — unlike, say, 95% of Arab Muslim women worldwide. Last time I read the Qur’an, it spoke of celestial Virgins who had DARK eyes; and it really hammers that DARK eye theme hard

    But then, there’s that diversity thing again, so maybe the Qur’an and the Hadeeth just don’t know what they’re talking about

  • H March 14, 2019, 8:46 PM

    Forgive me this crudity: If we was down by the ocean, we could have named that group the Bay of Pigs.

  • Suburbanbanshee March 15, 2019, 1:20 PM

    Everybody from the Middle East seems to have a sweet tooth, but Middle Eastern women are really really big into candy, especially chocolate, and ice cream. I have had Middle Eastern ladies practically trying to bribe me to make them sundaes, after that part of the store closed and they were supposed to be heading toward the checkouts. And with the lives they lead, who can blame them?

    So yeah, that probably is a market that is important to Nestle.

  • Suburbanbanshee March 15, 2019, 1:22 PM

    Make that “Muslim ladies practically trying”. Lebanese et al Christian and Jewish ladies all seem pretty happy; they like food but they do not have that edge of desperation.