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True but Forbidden #52: “Every smart person is smart enough to lie to themselves. “

The heart, and the emotions, make the person WANT to “decide rationally” in a certain way. Then the brain “rationalizes”, with thoughts that seem reasonable, why the emotional decision is the rational one. Even when it’s not. Those who “want” to hate Trump find “reasons” for hating him.

Just like KKK Democrats who wanted to hate blacks found reasons for hating blacks.

Every smart person is smart enough to lie to themselves.

via  Overheard in a restaurant the other night 

Greta anointed: “My deontological prescriptions don’t care about your consequences” 

What all the [ideological crusades of the twentieth-century] have in common is their moral exaltation of the anointed above others, who are to have their very different views nullified and superseded by the views of the anointed, imposed via the power of government….[S]everal key elements have been common to most of them:

1. Assertions of a great danger to the whole of society, a danger to which the masses of people are oblivious.

2. An urgent need for action to avert impending catastrophe.

3. A need for government to drastically curtail the dangerous behavior of the many, in response to the prescient conclusions of the few.

4. A disdainful dismissal of arguments to the contrary as either uninformed, irresponsible, or motivated by unworthy purposes.

Tired Bumblebees Who Fell Asleep Inside Flowers With Pollen On Their Butts

My tips for healthy media consumption |

I watch zero cable news.
I don’t read Twitter.
I use Facebook only to keep up with people who I care about personally. I tell myself to never, never comment on or share political posts on Facebook.
On my blog, I do not comment on any story I come across for at least 48 hours. Often, this means that I do not comment at all, because many stories do not stay in the news cycle more than two days. I almost never publish any post immediately. Instead, I schedule posts several days ahead. I am trying to make sure that I engage system 2 (sober and reflective) rather than system 1 (emotional and instinctive).
I try to give priority to long-form reading: books, essays, and journal articles. I also give priority to my own writing. Still, I need to get better about limiting the time that I spend on short-term reading.
I believe that it is a good idea to keep all devices in airplane mode for a 24-hour period once a week. I have difficulty executing this one, particularly when I travel.
I spend at least an hour a day doing physical activity (for me, it’s walking or biking or working out in the basement) accompanied by nothing but my thoughts and daydreams.
My sleep-time ritual is to curl up with a physical book or journal.

The White Supremacy Hoax –        The logic of the ruling class’s campaign against white supremacy cannot end in the deplorables’ peaceful submission because that campaign itself has no natural end. Some of the class’s components are sure to push for ever-stricter measures. More surely, an inherently abusive campaign of racial profiling itself guarantees deadly friction. One of these days, some misdirected SWAT team will shoot it out with innocent people, with casualties on both sides, or some person unjustly ruined will take his tormentors to the grave with him. One police force will fight another. The paths to civil war are many. A generation of domestic peace is increasingly difficult to imagine.

24665 S Highway 79, Catalina, AZ 85739    BOLD opportunity to own a decommissioned underground Titan II missile complex. This property was once one of the most top secret of government assets and is now ready to fulfill a new mission. That mission is for you to define amongst the limitless scenarios. Secure storage facility? Underground bunker? Remarkable residence – literally living down under? The property is situated on a 12 acre parcel with boundless views. Private yet not too remote. Quick easy access to Tucson and just 20 minutes for supplies. 3-D

First recording of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (1909) – The Public Domain Review

I am railing: Sir Rod Stewart reveals his epic model railway city

2019 National Beard and Moustache Championships’ Creative Facial Hair

So what is going on? And this is my heretical thought: the world is returning to normal.  What we aren’t seeing is any kind of vast, clamorous, pro-communist movement, in any of these protests. No, the communists are at the other end of it, in universities and usually in government and bureaucracy, wondering why “can you hear the people rising” is not in their favor, why the world isn’t coming to them to finally crown them as rulers of the world in the bestest system evah.  Something’s Happening Here | According To Hoyt

Raconteur Report: Well, That Escalated Quickly…    A @tesla whistleblower discovered a “thermal runaway” risk. Tesla fired him, harassed him, and phoned in a fake shooting threat under his name.  @elonmusk personally berated him by email.  And then several @tesla drivers were killed in vehicle fires.

Greedy corporate pothead lunatic.
Corrupt head office.
Lethally defectiveproduct.
Official corporate shenanigans.
Attempted murder.
Serial manslaughter.

This is movie-of-the-week film fare that just writes itself.

Charlie Kirk:    Contrary to their boasts, the Democrats are violently choking on their gum while stumbling blindly toward defeat in the 2020 elections.

On a helicopter there is a part called a “Jesus nut,” because it holds the rotor to the driveshaft. This little steel ring is all that stands between you and the next world. In the modern democracies, markets for truth perform a comparable function. They are all that stand between us and Orwellian mass delusion, homicidal or otherwise. The Clear Pill, Part 2 of 5: A Theory of Pervasive Error – The American Mind

Eating Crickets to Save the World? Japanese Brand Muji’s Insect-filled Crackers to Scurry onto Shelves Next Year 

BasedPoland on Twitter: “Antifa/Extinction Rebellion protester tries to block a street and then starts vandalizing a man’s SUV. The man loses it and it doesn’t end well for the protester. Normal hardworking people have had enough of these left-wing virtue-signalling eco-terrorists #DontBlockRoads… https://t.co/il5Aos2lX9”

Bloomberg Won’t Accept Presidential Salary He’ll Never Have |

Report: Not a Single Team Has Called Colin Kaepernick Since Workout 

Ignore Social Justice Products, Buy American Again

Goods are advertised and sold as “sustainable” or “green” The associates helping us in department stores are foreign-born or illegal and are lecturing us about the evils of America that is so socially and racially unjust and corrupt. They left everything they loved behind in their third world country they’ve hailed from in order to come to this intolerant country that is rolling the red carpet of welfare for them the moment they cross the border illegally. It was so much better in their countries, but they had to come to America to set us straight and take our generous handouts.

Companies located in places like Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, California, and Washington lecture us on our divergent political views that they aim to curtail while offering us goods for sale that we must think twice before we open our wallets to.

Some even tell us that our business is not welcome in their stores. They don’t need American customers who love our country, they are looking for globalist customers who cater to open borders and praise the virtue of the oppressed from other countries, preferably non-Caucasians.

Goods are advertised and sold as “sustainable” or “green” even though they could not be produced in a more polluted environment than that of third world countries that are flooding our oceans with their refuse because their governments don’t really care what they do to the environment they share with us. We can recycle until doomsday – none of it will make much impact until countries like China and India take measures to stop polluting like there is no tomorrow.

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  • James ONeil November 27, 2019, 10:15 AM

    :”True but Forbidden #51: ‘Every smart person is smart enough to lie to themselves. ‘ ”

    Forbidden but True #51.1: Man is a rationalizing animal.

  • Gordon Scott November 27, 2019, 2:29 PM

    I think one would need about a decade’s worth of sandblasting, priming and painting to render that launch complex habitable. On the positive side, one probably would not need much air conditioning.

  • Auntie Analogue November 27, 2019, 6:11 PM

    On my way from Apache Junction to Tuscon, and back, I drove Highway 79 – The Pinal Pioneer Parkway – dozens of times, passed and saw those missile silo sites.

    Each spring, when rattlesnakes emerge from their winter inactivity, the roadsides of the Pinal Pioneer Parkway are lined with the vehicles of snake hunters who roam the area to capture rattlers to sell them to the producers of anti-venom. In a desert that was vacant for months you suddenly see swarms of people out there gripping cloth bags.

  • ghostsniper November 27, 2019, 6:38 PM

    “I use Facebook only to keep up with people who I care about personally. I tell myself to never, never comment on or share political posts on Facebook.”

    Probably the most retarded thing I have read today. If you care about someone “personally” you do so in person, does that even need to be explained? Further, now, the personal is political and has been for sometime. sheesh, and this person is running a blog? Really?

    Ever notice the only people bitchin about white supremacy are NOT white, or wish they weren’t?
    Once again, they are blaming others for their own laziness.

    That bunker? Rigggghhhhtttt. As Gordon said, the effort isn’t worth the reward, by a long shot. ‘cides, just try to get building permits on any of it. No bank will lend money for it or it’s improvements. I mean, why do you think that rusty hole in the ground has been sitting vacant for a couple forevers? Yeah, dreamin’s cool, but you have to wake up eventually.

    Would it be wrong of someone to offer a BIG reward for video of shiffty getting dragged til his eyeballz bounce all the way to Neptune?

    And that Jesus Nut? Pleez. MY BIL was a chopper mechanic for 20 years in the navy. Ever looked close at how intake-exhaust valves are contained in an internal combustion engine? The half moon clips that are held in tension from the springs? The helicopter rotor blade hub is held similarly. Besides, everyone familiar with complex mechanics knows that (right hand) nuts are always held in place by clockwise safety wires that keep the nut from coming loose, and, the nuts are always on the bottom so that if they do come loose the bolt will continue to hold the items in place. Mechanics 101. Basic stuff really.

    If an antifuckhead lays a finger on me or my ride it’ll suffer like it never imagined. The switch has been known to get stuck in the “on” position. But as a life rule I avoid crowds and populated places so that is not likely to occur. I can barely tolerate anybody.

  • H November 28, 2019, 4:41 AM

    RE: a reward for Shifty getting dragged; presumably the guy with the white SUV might possibly make his vehicle available for this purpose.

    I’m also wondering where might I send a modest contribution for the cause?

  • Jack November 28, 2019, 7:31 AM

    The asswhuppin’ was lovely and sometimes, like right now when I’m in “my” chair with my coffee and laptop, old, arthritic and largely unable to whip anything, I think of how much I’d love to jump up, join in and assist with the smack down of these cowardly, faggoty antifas, BLMs and soy boys and girls who have been denied one of the most important life changing and attitude adjusting experiences.

    The only thing better than that beat down would have been for the driver to simply flatten the sob with his SUV.

  • ghostsniper November 28, 2019, 10:32 AM

    Read last night where the ass that got slammed was owned by a female. That’s why the driver backed off and didn’t finish it. Conservative boys are taught at a young age to not hit gurlz but I’m not certain that rule should apply today. If she acts like a lady then yes, if she acts like and animal then no.

  • Jack November 28, 2019, 12:14 PM

    I figg’urd that the losing asshat was a female, prob with purple hair some face piercings, neck tatts and a nose ring. Doesn’t matter at all to me. If these pitiful and woeful, directionless and unfulfilled females want to dress out and show up for front line duty they had better be able to take it when it comes back to them because most assuredly it will come. And that admonition includes those who think they want to bring a gun or a knife.