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True but Forbidden #42: Piggybacks to Well Nuked Hurricanes

Woke America, Donald Is Giving You A Piggyback Ride

Terrible Kitchen Designs. No. Really Terrible.

It used to be an old salt mine dating all the way back to the 17th century. Before mining stopped back in 1932 Salina Turda excavated over 3 billion tons of salt, and since then the place has been a little bit of everything from a cheese storage facility to a bomb shelter. It was then renovated into an awesome amusement park back in 2009, and has since become a popular tourist attraction.  Some of the attractions include an underground theme park, equipped with an amphitheater, Ferris wheel, mini golf course, and a lake complete with rowboats.

A Kennedy launches a campaign to tell us little people to quit eating hamburgers and buying cheap cashmere sweaters   Message from the jet-tour princess touting her book in Telluride: Leave that stuff to us rich. Gruel for you, keep the rich stuff exclusively for the rich. It reads like a crie de coeur from the elites, desperate to end the prosperity of Americans and for that matter, much of the world, and restore it all to its rightful place, which is exclusively with the rich. The superrich, after all, have got to be angry at all the encroachments the proles have made on their lifestyle, taking ski vacations as if they were rich people, eating meat every night the way the Vanderbilts used to do, and putting on all those soft Mongolian cheapies to stay warm.

The Tattooed Venus And The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo   Betty Broadbent was said to have had 465 tattoos, including the largest known at that time, a Madonna and Child on her back. She was also decorated with images of pilot Charles Lindbergh, patriotic flags and emblems including the American eagle.

Dave Chappelle Calls Out Cancel Culture: You Are the ‘Worst Motherf**kers I’ve Ever Tried to Entertain’

The Only Equal End    A world without truth is a world where nothing is false. This is the ultimate equality, where everything is opinion and all opinion is equally worthless. While the Left may seem irrational, they are acting on that old Enlightenment impulse to achieve universal equality. If we cannot be equal in the utopian paradise of our own making, we can be equal in the utter and complete destruction of society. After all, the one place where all men are equal is in the cemetery.

Losing the ‘Narrative’ Narrative?     So, the New York Times did not give a rats’™ rear end about 1619, and the way African slavery became intertwined with American history, until their “Russia, Russia, Russia” lie was fully exposed and politically negated. They were now staring into the abyss of their fellow conspirators being exposed, and perhaps even criminally charged before the 2020 election.

What I Learned in the Peace Corps in Africa: Trump Is Right   All the little stores in Senegal were owned by Mauritanians. If a Senegalese wanted to run a little store, he’d go to another country. The reason? Your friends and relatives would ask you for stuff for free, and you would have to say yes. End of your business. You are not allowed to be a selfish individual and say no to relatives. The result: Everyone has nothing. Americans think it is a universal human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  It’s not.  It seems natural to us because we live in a Bible-based Judeo-Christian culture.

We think the Protestant work ethic is universal.  It’s not.  My town was full of young men doing nothing.  They were waiting for a government job.  There was no private enterprise.  Private business was not illegal, just impossible, given the nightmare of a third-world bureaucratic kleptocracy.  It is also incompatible with Senegalese insistence on taking care of relatives.

The New Woke Marxism: Penicillin-Resistant Ideology    The Big Con is on. Once again magical Marxists are out in force. They make almost believable arguments based on almost-believable facts. The young, the unsuspecting, these are the targets. Still, to hold onto their naive prey the Marxists need more than just a good story. They must confuse and disrupt all opposition. Having sowed the seeds of dissension and distrust on the large economic issues they can proceed to create paranoia in the primary social structures that sustain life. Sexual schizophrenia becomes a cause celeb; abortion rights for transgender men becomes an important policy position of the major leftward party. That working-class income has been rising rapidly under conservative leadership must be trivialized.

edgarwright on Twitter: “You cannot nuke a hurricane for obvious reasons. The resulting shockwaves could reverberate into space, shatter the Phantom Zone and release galactic criminals into our atmosphere who may then try to invade Earth. I can’t believe this is even a discussion.”

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  • ghostsniper August 30, 2019, 10:18 AM

    I plowed right into this one and in short order ran out of steam.
    When an asshole provides more proof than necessary that they are an advanced retard what good comes from doing more research into it?

    This post, filled from bottom to top with examples of MORE retardation that has already been proven.
    I got down to that whiny assed Kennedy hoe and that’s as far as I could muster. I’m not a strong person when it comes to this stuff. I have my breaking point, and I know exactly where it is.

    Walking from the shop to the house awhile ago I saw a pair of deers down in the woods. A mama was cleaning the mites out of the unspotted baby’s ears and the baby was getting tired of it and strolled off. That’s what I’m going to do right now, stroll down through the woods and clean this poison off my eyeballz and brain. The human filth in this country now is almost unbearable.

  • Nobody Likes Me August 30, 2019, 10:21 AM

    Re: Ms. Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg
    We should eat worms, not burgers. Eating bugs is the way of the future. National Geographic tells us, “Only in Western countries does the practice retain an ‘ick’ factor among the masses.” Wow, backward Western masses need to get up to speed. There are many delicious, edible insects besides worms, 1900 varieties or more. Stinkbugs taste like apples, in case you didn’t know.
    I’m not making this up and it’s not The Onion or Babylon Bee.

  • Everybody Hates Me August 30, 2019, 10:26 AM
  • Auntie Analogue August 30, 2019, 11:29 AM

    Groucho . . . and Lydia . . . : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4zRe_wvJw8

  • Casey Klahn August 30, 2019, 10:09 PM

    I’ll look at Dave Chappelle. Comedians may yet be our salvation, or a hefty part of it. They line up as either intelligent, or attention-seekers who go for applause-lines from their lib fans. If an intelligent one makes a Trump joke, I’m happy because at least we don’t have the anti-funny Obama anymore. That motherfucker was sour.

    Another good one from the Z Man. Everything is subjective, especially when you cannot win an argument.

    Tattooed lady. Thanks for that walk down memory lane, Auntie Analogue; a Marxism I can go for. I have done a wide survey the past couple of years and it looks like the majority of young females are now, indeed, tattooed ladies. I don’t fancy this, but I fall back on the old saying: Learn It, Live It, Love It. Freak nation we have become.

    Magical Marxism is mentioned. That’s a good description. half-assed arguments that go nowhere, and fail to stand any test of reason. So – the hell with reason! “You miss too much these days if you stop to think.”

  • Snakepit Kansas August 31, 2019, 6:11 AM

    Tuck and roll kitchen cabinet doors! Hell yes!

  • Rob De Witt August 31, 2019, 7:41 AM

    Tatiana’s twitter page – not to be missed:


  • tired dog September 1, 2019, 9:24 AM

    Will we never be rid of these pestilential Kennedys?

  • tired dog September 1, 2019, 9:28 AM

    Ah, tattooed ladies.
    Such a sight to see, a 40 something female ‘senior manager’ in jeans & too short shirt bending to reveal her tramp stamp.
    Not my world, just a dinosaur not aware of his extinctness yet.