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True but Forbidden 41 : From being chosen to the endless reign of RBG

“We Americans are the peculiar chosen people —”the Israel of our time; we bear the ark of the liberties of the world. God has predestined, mankind expects, great things from our race, and great things we feel in our souls. The rest of the world must soon be in our rear. We are the pioneers of the world; the advance-guard, sent on through the wilderness of untried things, to break a new path in this New World that is ours.”–” Herman Melville, from White Jacket

At some point, we degenerated. At some point, we decided that virtues like courage were hoary, classical abstractions with no value. At some point, we decided that manners were too uptight and old-fashioned, too “white.” At some point, we decided that America’s Christian inheritance was bad, that the wisdom of Ecclesiastes and the Book of Proverbs was mere superstition. At some point, we decided that the past must be jettisoned, with all its prejudices, and all its lessons.

At some point, America told its men to stop being men. That’s how we ended up with “Fredo.” Most pointedly, at some point, America’s leaders stopped, or at least stopped pretending to be, decent people. Powerful people in all times have done decadent and depraved things behind a mask of gentility. But until recently there was a mystique, at least, an aristocratic semblance that separated the upper crust from the have-nots. These days, it’s hard to tell the difference.

African Migrants Protest Denial of Passage Through Mexico to U.S.   A Cameroonian migrant, Esteban Azu, 37, said he paid human smugglers $8,000 to get him into the U.S. He said his journey took him from his home country to Turkey, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and finally to Mexico, Animal Politico reported. “I arrived in Tapachula a month ago. I left Cameroon and went directly to Ecuador. From there to Colombia. I climbed mountains, walked through the jungle, to find this shit,” Azu expressed. “This shit! They don’t feed me. They don’t give me anything. I am very angry with the government of Mexico. This is not normal. This is bullshit. We need a solution. We just want to get out of here.”

The De Blasios

Driving Diversity Deviant Dumbness Down De Blasio Considering Ending Gifted Programs for the Sake of ‘Integration’ and Reducing ‘Racial Disparities’ New York City mayor Bill de Blasio appointed a board that has come up with a proposal to “devise policies that will reduce the racial disparities between the selective schools and gifted programs, which are mostly utilized by white and Asian students, and the non-selective schools, which are mostly populated by black and Hispanic students.”

The root of this is the strange obsession with racism that has become a religion of its own over the last two decades. The anointing of Obama as the completion of the Second Founding, the event that was supposed to wash the stains of slavery, segregation and racism from America, instead ushered in an era of race panic. The Left is in a near frenzy over racism, which they now see everywhere. It is an obsession to the point where even the so-called Right is infected by it.

The Browser Monopoly –    Google’s grip on the browser market extends far beyond Chrome. Google is also the owner and developer of the free, open-source web browser Chromium, which is now the underlying code behind not only the Opera browser, but Edge, Microsoft’s successor to the much-maligned Internet Explorer. (As well as two dozen other browsers you probably don’t care about.)

‘You’re the guy with the ball to the crotch’ — The inside story behind the funniest baseball card ever made.   I walked up with the ball stuck to my pants, and the guy was like, “No-no-no.” I was expecting that. I told him that I had a clubhouse full of players who weren’t going to sign their card contracts unless I got a ball in the nuts. I looked as serious as possible. The photographer stared at me for a second, trying to figure out if I really meant it. “Son of a bitch,” he finally said. “Go ahead.”

Legislating Lethal Ladies Leggings –     In the Garment District of Manhattan, once dominated by haute couture guys trying to design the ultimate fancy dress, everyone is now much more concerned with the various ways you can manipulate leggings to make people believe your leggings are different from someone else’s leggings. Hence we have concepts like Anti-Cellulite Leggings, Brazilian Workout Leggings, Luminous Leggings, Embellished Velvet Leggings, Low-Waist Faux Leather Leggings, High-Waist Celebrity-Sponsored Leggings (Beyoncé has a line of them), Mohawk Leggings (stripe down the side), Shredded Leggings, Leggings embossed with your favorite Marvel superhero, Tiger Print Leggings, Butt-Lift Leggings, and Second-Skin Leggings. I’m waiting for someone to design leggings that have a trompe l’oeil drawing of an actual human leg on the fabric.

Noble Savages and the Antiwhite University –    I finished my own education at the Master’s Degree, despite once having had some idea of becoming a professor, because I saw that I was surrounded by men who were only too willing to apologize for being who they were, to characters who hardly merited such abasement. In the past two years, I have received several emails from young academics, all men, telling me that they feel out of place in the academy. They have every reason to feel that way. Besides being a fraud, and morally obscene, the academy is not even very interesting intellectually outside of STEM these days.

It Sure Seems Like AOC Was Being Propped Up By Her Former Chief of Staff   She’s not exactly asserted herself as the sharpest person in the political sphere, especially when speaking off the cuff. While her tweets were often crazy from a policy standpoint, they were still typically thought out in ways that she could defend. There was indeed a certain level of skill in her social media use. Getting her in front of a camera has always been a different story though, where she’s been forced to come up with answers to things she clearly doesn’t actually understand. It hasn’t gone well, and without Chakrabarti, that could be all of her interactions now.

Why White Privilege Is Wrong— White liberals were also the most likely to both support race-based affirmative action and the removal of racist books from public libraries. In general, the percentage of white liberals who perceived discrimination against blacks to be a “very serious problem” increased from 25 percent in 2010 to 58 percent in 2016, with 70 percent believing the criminal justice system was biased against blacks. Compare this to the 75 percent of minorities that reported rarely or never experiencing discrimination in their day-to-day lives.

I must tip my hat to the millennials.  Because as much as I hate their parasitic asses (and they are parasitic because socialists always are), they never stood a chance given the horrific, if not outright absent parenting their baby boomer and Gen X parents failed to give them.  The millennials did not grow up in a vacuum. They were molded and formed by they-yet-as-of-then shittiest generations America had ever generated.  Parents simply refused to parent  Parents simply refused to tell them hard truths.  Parents didn’t want to spank or punish or put in the hard work that was required to be “bad cop.”  And parents did absolutely NOTHING in terms of preparing millennials for financial and personal fiscal management.  In short, the parents of millennials simply wanted to fuck, breed, and then leave their kids to the government or the schools to be raised (because remember, education and careers are more important than your children).  And the results can hardly be shocking.  Surprise, surprise, when you don’t have stable nuclear families, and outsource your kids to the public schools, all that generation will know is government care, not parental care.  It’s no shock socialism is all they have.   — Captain Capitalism: Revenge of the Millennials

Epic planet-saving hubris from    And you think to yourself, gee, with all the caterwauling from the left about “carbon footprints” how could they possibly merge “sustainability” with a fuel consumption rate of more than 500 liters of diesel an hour?  Well, if you think that’s absurd, get a load of this quote from the article: “Today’s superyacht owners are younger and more in tune with the climate change around us”

And what could possibly go wrong with flying the Megahindenburg fleet, each one multiple times the size of the World Trade Center, and carrying a payload the size of the Edmund Fitzgerald hurtling along wrapped in flammable gas at altitude, where each payload consists of 625 containers grossing at 33.6 tons@, roughly the same payload of nine B-52H models?!?!?!? (And I’m being sportingly generous, and only going by number of projectiles, noting that the Megahindenburgs’ cargo will be non-explosive, albeit still coming down in 33 ton blivets from 40,000′.) —  Raconteur Report: OMFG

Obamas Promise To Spread Their Wealth Around New $15 Million Estate |  “We were starting to feel cramped in our 9 bedroom house in DC,” the man with a $40 million net worth continued. “As I always say, there’s only so big a house you can have. But as long as you keep them to a certain size, like, less than 10,000 square feet, it’s OK to own a few.”

Democrats, Is That Smell ‘Team Spirit’ or ‘Panic?’   Panic because the also running, also-rans, those younger more idealistic communists masquerading as Democrats who might actually live through a first term as president before being committed or hand-fed by a nurse with an at-the-ready drool towel in the White House, who Dems were hoping would break through into double-digit territory and gather their Big Mo and thunder onto the nomination — well, aren’t. Naturally, some are leaving realizing that, well, nobody really likes them, sometimes not even their own parents who will be voting for Trump.

One night, he remembers how he was riding his bike home from the radio station and he passed a roundabout in Kabul. ”I looked up and I was like, what’s that?” The sight was so horrifying that he has not been able to forget it to this day. There, hanging from a traffic pole, were the amputated hands and feet of people punished for theft. “And on the other side of the roundabout there were four people hanged. I couldn’t eat [for] three days, I couldn’t talk.”  The Reluctant Propagandist

The Cry of Geronimo –  In 1886 he finally laid down his arms and surrendered, with a reported quarter of the American military might on his tail. This gave him the dubious distinction of being the last Native American leader taken by the US. From here, his life went in an unexpected direction. After many years as a thorn in the side of the establishment, he became part of it.

Feast Your Eyes on These Delicate Glass Models of Decaying Fruit    The fruit models are part of the larger oeuvre of Rudolf Blaschka and his father, Leopold, Czech artists who spent five decades making plants out of glass. The museum has 4,300 of these detailed models, depicting 780 species and collectively known as the Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants (more casually and affectionately, the “Glass Flowers”). As the conservator tasked with caring for all of the glass models, Fulton knows them well—and he knows they can be pleasantly disconcerting for visitors. The shriveling berries, the curling leaves, the textured bark—it all looks so true to life that it’s hard to process that they’re really, truly made of glass. “Your mind tells you that if you blow on a blossom or branch,” Fulton says, “it would move.”

Inside the World of Investigators Who Know You’ve Faked Your Death    People fake their own deaths all the time, for all different reasons and with varying degrees of success. Sometimes it’s to escape financial ruin or legal problems like an impending court date, alimony payments or jail time. For others, it’s to hide from a stalker or abuser who won’t give up. Then there are the people who do it to escape from themselves — they don’t like who they are or who they’ve become, and they want a fresh start in a place where no one knows their name. They don’t do much planning. They don’t concern themselves with the ramifications. They just disappear and don’t look back. Experts call this “pseudocide.”

God is not petty. He does not settle scores. That is a very human perception, of vengeance and retaliation. The first thing to know about God, in Christ, is that He needs no power. He is not the schoolyard bully, or a trial lawyer. He does not punish men. By their disobedience, they only punish themselves; cannot break the law but only break themselves upon the law. We can see this ourselves, looking back, in love not in anger. Back & forth : Essays in Idleness

Networks: Everybody Loves Rock Starâ ‘Icon’ Ruth Bader Ginsburg  NIKKI BATTISTE: We start off with one of my very favorite women. Here are a few stories we think you’ll want to talk about today. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg made her first public appearances yesterday since had revealing she underwent a successful cancer treatment. The 86-year-old mused about her nickname before a packed crowd at the University of Buffalo in New York.

BATTISTE: Love her! Earlier, the University School of Law awarded Justice Ginsburg an honorary doctoral degree She said her inspirations are Amelia Earhart and Nancy Drew.

GAYLE KING: Everybody loves her! Everybody is pulling for her. She gets treated for cancer and still keeps going and going and going. So great!

BATTISTE: She’s remarkable.

Shakespeare: Macbeth: Act 3 Scene 4 

At once, good night.
Stand not upon the order of your going,
But go at once.


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  • Casey Klahn August 28, 2019, 8:57 AM

    I’ll just chime in that I saw lots of cultural references to RBG in Seattle – pins, posters, etc. I found none of them to be funny or weighty. The culture of the Left is without humor and as pallid as their heroine on the supreme court. This meme of her rolling around nearly dead: so funny.

    Did I mention the book cover I spied in Seattle? It read: when did indians become straight? That shit has layers of stupid.

  • Vanderleun August 28, 2019, 9:12 AM

    Layers of stupid so deep that they rest upon the molten core of the Earth.

  • Monty James August 28, 2019, 9:16 AM

    “The root of this is the strange obsession with racism that has become a religion of its own over the last two decades.”
    “Noble Savages and the Antiwhite University – ”
    “Why White Privilege Is Wrong—”

    Those all put me in mind of this, and I hope it’s not too OT to bring it to your attention, Gerard:

    Dell Magazines is Changing the Name of the John W. Campbell Award

    “In his announcement, Analog Science Fact and Fiction editor Trevor Quachri said that “Campbell’s provocative editorials and opinions on race, slavery, and other matters often reflected positions that went beyond just the mores of his time and are today at odds with modern values, including those held by the award’s many nominees, winners, and supporters.” ”

    The John W. Campbell Award For New Writers was bestowed, starting in 1973, alongside the Hugos when they were given out at the World Science Fiction Convention. His name’s been removed for the usual reason; the racisms. Unconscionable that a man born in 1910, whose social sensibilities that don’t track within a millimeter’s tolerance of early 21st century Millenials, would have his name on an award. All he did was singlehandedly, or nearly so, create science fiction’s Golden Age and deserve a large amount of credit for creating the the genre and the market. He did that by publishing new writers, many of the greats of the field.

    It doesn’t mean one agrees with his views on some matters to recognize the very real debt owed to him.

  • Armchair Sinner August 28, 2019, 11:34 AM

    I love Comstock’s wife’s reaction upon first seeing the card: “Why are your eyes closed?”
    He then gleefully points to the ball.
    She just rolls her eyes, to his adolescent and expectant disappointment.

    So classically droll, it’s sublime.

  • ghostsniper August 28, 2019, 1:56 PM

    Where else but american politics would that de blasios animal fit in so perfectly?

    When it comes to depravity the barrel has no bottom.

  • Joe Krill August 28, 2019, 7:06 PM

    America has been the recipient of the blessings made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Founded as a Christian nation, we have been the beacon on the hill for all the world to follow. And we are letting our enemies steal our destiny.

    “We Americans are the peculiar chosen people —”the Israel of our time; we bear the ark of the liberties of the world. God has predestined, mankind expects, great things from our race, and great things we feel in our souls. The rest of the world must soon be in our rear. We are the pioneers of the world; the advance-guard, sent on through the wilderness of untried things, to break a new path in this New World that is ours.”–” Herman Melville, from White Jacket

  • John the River August 29, 2019, 7:22 AM


    It seems I can’t escape them even in retirement. The transportation manager at the town’s Senior Center departed for greener pastures and they replaced her with a millennial.
    Who has already dispatched a bitchy email to another driver and myself admonishing us for talking about disturbing politics (disturbing to him, I mean) between ourselves but within his hearing.
    Now he’s informed me that he will only give me one trip a day, but calling me in more days during the week.
    It’s a bit of an effort for a retired guy to show up for a volunteer job. I shave and put on a clean, fresh shirt; just like my grandmother was going to be inspecting me on my way to school. Drive to the center, check out a van, drive one person to their appointment then home; return the van and go home again.
    I think I need to find another volunteer gig, but odds are there will be another millennial there too.

    Maybe I’ll just wear my “Trump 2020” hat to work, he’ll either fire me or drop dead on the spot.

  • steve walsh August 29, 2019, 8:28 AM

    I love that photo of Trump and Boris, especially because of the juxtaposition of their playful, laughing faces and the dour, miserable ones on everyone else.

    Lighten the eff up!