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True But Forbidden 10
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True But Forbidden 10

It was on the afternoon of one of those sultry days, which, in that portion of the country, exhibit towards evening the most glorious effulgence that can be conceived. The sun, now far advanced toward the horizon, still shone with full splendour, the ocean around glittered in its quiet beauty, and the light fleecy clouds that here and there spotted the heavens, seemed flakes of snow margined with gold. Our bark was propelled almost as if by magic, for scarcely was a ripple raised by her bows as we moved in silence.Audubon’s Haiti – 

1,800-Year-Old Roman Penis Carving Found Etched Into Hadrian’s Wall   

Meanwhile, in our era, dickheads are everywhere:

Why I’m for Bernie in the Democratic Primaries |  I support him in the primaries. America needs a fleshing out — Trump vs. Sanders, capitalism vs. socialism in the main ring. This is not just for the drama, or because we’ve been burying the ultimate conflict in our politics for too long, but because socialism has increasingly been getting an unfair advantage with our youth and therefore our country’s future. Our schools, for the most part, teach it. In fact, that’s all they teach, basically from kindergarten through college.

Modus Operandi: The Methods By Which EPA & ATSDR Keep The Fear Alive    When they were originally created, both federal agencies had legitimate problems to solve. But, EPA quickly became a victim of its own success. As the environment became cleaner, there were fewer and fewer real environmental problems to address. So, they began inventing them, initially by just making their dose-specific health guidelines and media–specific comparison values smaller to create the impression of increased “risk”. Then, they would make the unsubstantiated and over-used claim that chemical X “is now more toxic than previously thought”. But, it was almost never true.

“Lizard brain”emotions such as fear and anger produce a more uniform reaction and are more viral in a mass audience. When users are riled up, they consume and share more content. Dispassionate users have relatively little value on Facebook, which does everything in its power to activate the lizard brain. Facebook has used surveillance to build giant profiles of every user and provides each user with a customized Truman Show, similar to the Jim Carrey film about a person who lives his entire life as the star of his own television show. It starts out giving users    œ”what they want,” but the algorithms are trained to nudge user attention in directions that Facebook wants. Who Controls The Platform? Archives – Quillette

Spectacular Yosemite Firefall Ignites Waterfall in Brilliant Blaze

Photographer Spends 2 Years Shooting Every Part of a Lamborghini Miura

   We Ban Books Here   That was always the scary part of the Soviet Union. The book banning and speech laws were easy to mock. You could not mock the idea of men being sent to camps or facing internal exile. Imagine being in a state where your friends and family fear being associated with you, because the state has declared you an enemy. Now, imagine losing your phone service because someone working in the Bangalore office of Apple does not like your browsing habits. Imagine American HR becoming aware of you.

Dom Krapski, Artiste – Rosie  In 1998, Rosie was caught and killed in the tuna nets of professional fisherman and champion weightlifter Dean Lukin. Via a series of events that I’m still not entirely clear on, Rosie’s corpse was bought, preserved in formaldehyde, and mounted in a steel and glass vitrine the size of a bus. Chris Cohen, one of Rosie’s subsequent owners, tells me preserving Rosie would have cost a small fortune. Somewhere in the neighbourhood of $250,000 dollars. After Rosie was pickled (quite possibly before then – maybe he was the one that dropped the coin on her preservation), she passed into the ownership of Victorian businessman Ken Armstrong. Armstrong intended for Rosie to become a star attraction at the Seal Rocks Sea Life Centre in Phillip Island. At the time, a fairly typical small-scale ecotourism venture comprising of education displays, cafes and gift shops; the Seal Rocks Centre had wild plans in the late nineties to become something far grander.

Damien Hirst – Shark – Art – Report  

 20 Best Classic American Sedans and Hard Tops From the 1960s ~  One of the most characteristic American sedans of the ’60s is the legendary Checker Marathon, famously known as the New York Taxi. They introduced the Marathon in 1960 and sold it through 1982. It was available with a straight six or V8 engine from Chevrolet. They designed and built the Marathon to be a dependable, tough machine.

And that is why it was the definitive taxi vehicle for decades in New York and in many other cities, as well. The Marathon was available as a sedan and wagon. But it also came in the form of the interesting, rare 12-seater Aerowagon.

Back in the late ’50s, Ford’s luxury division Lincoln was way behind Cadillac in sales numbers, popularity and style. Despite building big luxury cruisers with powerful engines, those late ’50s Lincolns just weren’t as nice looking as the Cadillac. Ford decided that had to change, so the 1961 Lincoln Continental was born. When Lincoln showed the new model, the automotive public was stunned.

The beautiful styling elegance, the conservative use of chrome, straight lines and futuristic design transformed the four-door luxury model into a work of modern art. All of a sudden, sales doubled and the new Continental became the official car of the White House because of its stately appearance and restrained elegance.

The best exterior feature was the suicide doors with the rear doors opening towards the traffic. This wasn’t the best solution, but it only added to the charm of the Continental.

“You show up on time. When you say you’re going to do something, you try to do your best at it. You don’t backstab people.You don’t bitch and complain about what you’re doing. Being compassionate is big. And it’s always important to act like a gentleman.”  – Scott Eastwood on the code taught by his father Clint Eastwood (1986)

The Truth about Violence |   The moment it is clear that an assailant wants more than your property (which must be assumed in any home invasion), you must escape. What if your attacker has a knife to your child’s throat and tells you that everything is going to be okay as long as you cooperate by lying face down on the floor? Don’t do it. It would be better to flee the house—because as soon as you leave, he will know that the clock is ticking: Within moments, you will be at a neighbor’s home summoning help. If this intruder is going to murder your child before fleeing himself, he was going to murder your child anyway—either before or after he killed you. And he was going to take his time doing it. Granted, it is almost impossible to imagine leaving one’s child in such a circumstance—but if you can’t leave, you must grab a weapon and press your own attack. Complying in the hope that a sociopath will keep his promise to you is always the wrong move.

“What a year it’s been for the national Democrats. So far, they’ve gone all in on baby murdering, they’re apparently OK with their members appearing in blackface (for which they would’ve absolutely crucified Kavanaugh or any Republican elected official ), sexual assault is also a forgivable offense, and most recently, they’re having trouble coming to a consensus on whether blatant anti-Semitism and Jew-hatred is actually wrong. And all this time, they’ve been spinning more and more unhinged anti-Trump conspiracy theories. In a sane world, one in which the Democrats didn’t have a compliant, supine, sympathetic media that pretty much has their back on every issue instead treating them adversarially as they do Republicans, they would be extinguished as a national party. But even so, if what we’ve seen so far is any indication, and it’s only March, 2019 is going to be lit af.” The Morning Rant

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  • John Venlet March 6, 2019, 9:56 AM

    Audubon’s depictions of birds are quite lovely, indeed, and his written musings during his birding outings are worth consideration. And though Audubon is said to rue the fact that he killed birds in order to depict them in his paintings, he didn’t really make money from those paintings, but rather from the sale of the birds’ skins. He also wrote this in regards to his birding outings – “I call birds few when I shoot less than one hundred per day.”

    In regards to Roger L. Simon’s piece, “Why I’m for Bernie in the Democratic Primaries,” I think he’s on to something.

  • ghostsniper March 6, 2019, 10:30 AM

    The time to think about home invasion is BEFORE it happens, not after.

    The new folks down the road are young, in their 30’s, from California.
    They leave their front porch lights on all the time.
    They are from the big city where everybody leaves every light on all the time.
    I think they think lights scare off intruders.
    Their house sits back 200+ feet from the road, down a gravel drive that winds through the trees.
    Normally, at night, a stranger would never go down that drive for their are thousands of gravel roads around here that lead to nowhere. Now, criminals know there are idiots lighting their way.

    There is no way to convince insanity it is wrong but can you make it very difficult for it to harm you. However you first have to acknowledge insanity exists and the only way to deal with it is to kill it immediately. Anything less will leave horrible results. But then, maybe that’s a good thing if the victims are insane too.

  • Donald Sensing March 6, 2019, 12:35 PM

    “What if your attacker has a knife to your child’s throat and tells you that everything is going to be okay as long as you cooperate by lying face down on the floor? ”

    I would reply, “My weapon is aimed straight at your head. The only way you get out of here alive is to let my child go. Harm my child, I kill you immediately. Let him/her go unharmed, you live. There is no other possible outcome.” And if he let my child go, I would still put the entire magazine through his skull.

  • Marica March 6, 2019, 5:30 PM

    ghost– you have a point.

    Years ago, when we were moving in & setting up our our Electricity accounts (plural, multiple structures, multiple bills) I balked at the $7 charge for the pole light. We moved to rural Mississippi to have no lights when we wanted no lights. The nice lady at the Electricity Co-Op office explained that the pole light was a way for EMTs, et al., to find us at the end of our gravel road.

    It a gentle balance, isn’t it? Self-reliance vs. acknowledging that you really do not have the equipment to clean your own septic tank.

  • Casey Klahn March 6, 2019, 5:38 PM

    “…a handful of companies to have seized control of the public space.” Z Blog. I have to travel back in my mentalscape to the Sixties, and a show that began with a monologue from Rod Serling. Then, I can begin to internalize the importance of that sentence. F_zebuh_k, Tglitter, GuuGull…in charge of the public square.

    They don’t want you to defend yourself in your home, by the way. Don’t try to think that one through. Thinking don’t enter into it (said in Michael Caine accent). You are persona non grata. You are the shitcaste of the American culture.

    As I write this, I am watching a raven devour a carcass 500 yards away from my house. He’s a good teacher when it comes to violence. His thoughts go to tactics alone.

    Anymore, my thoughts turn to defense. Our 2A rights are totally in the toilet, and that happened almost overnight. What’s the next move by our wonderful politicians and bureaucrats? Should I worry about the home invader wearing a badge? Think this through. Your gun rights exist to keep the government at bay; your personal arsenal is now vouchsafed by the government. See what happened there?

  • DAN March 6, 2019, 5:38 PM

    i do remember there being one checker car in paradise, odd duck that it was, & find out years later that it was probably the smartest car in town, hell it still might be running.

  • Casey Klahn March 6, 2019, 6:21 PM

    The dick-do. Words cannot suffice.

  • ghostsniper March 6, 2019, 7:56 PM

    Casey asked rhetorically: “What’s the next move…?”

    You buying an 80% lower.
    Or, better yet, a 10 pak.

  • ghostsniper March 6, 2019, 7:59 PM

    We have been on septic systems continuously since 1988, one for 14 years straight, and never needed to have any of them maintenanced. If you do, fats/oils are probably the culprit.

  • Casey Klahn March 6, 2019, 10:09 PM

    Ghost, I prefer an old school carbine. I never much liked the AR platform.

    Looking at a Scout Rifle, though. Longer barrel.

  • Casey Klahn March 6, 2019, 10:16 PM


  • Jaynie March 7, 2019, 5:15 AM

    Thanks for all the interesting articles.

    Clint Eastwood’s advice. I appreciate any and all who live by those ideas.

    The summation of the democrats’ year is interesting. The depths they sink to, however, always move the overton window. Because they have control of the narrative each new extreme they push to becomes the starting point for their new crazy. How those twisted souls come to control the narrative is a sick mystery also.

    Sam Harris’ article on violence, shudder. The flip side of Clint Eastwood’s quote. To my eternal gratitude, I have always lived in safety. And I get it that this is completely thanks to men, civilized men. Thus, appreciating the behavior of civilized people, sometimes I cannot even comprehend the nightmare of one human who’d rain violence on another and am woefully less than prepared. I’ll read that a few more times.

  • Dan Patterson March 7, 2019, 5:17 AM

    Casey: M1A is a good option. SKS also? The Scout Rifle concept is borne of the same seed that bred the Winchester saddle guns and that need has not left our world. I see the value in the AR but there are other good choices including a semi shotty; with loads from #8 through sabot-slug you can take doves or airplanes.
    Mr. Sensing and ghostsniper have it exactly correct: Violence is best met with greater violence until the smoke clears. Preparation is defense against defeat. Good to see the soiboi movement is only a fad. Is there anything more repellent than a betacuck? Ok, a betacuck politician maybe.

  • John the River March 7, 2019, 6:30 AM

    The house was on a septic system, actually a cess pool, for 22 years. Four hundred feet from the street. Had to be pumped once and part of the pipe replaced due to root damage.
    Then we had a fire and rebuilt. Town had installed sewer lines just before we bought the place and the previous owner opted out of the initial hook up because the cost of town water and sewer was ten times higher than being off it. But any new construction and major addition wasn’t permitted unless the structure was connected to the town sewer system.

    Four hundred feet of a ditch ten feet deep and two feet wide, copper pipe for water cast iron for sewer. Cost $44,000 plus the new water/sewer bill moved the decimal point one space to the right. My brother-in-law worked for the town DPW and got me the copper pipe at cost. He also talked them into an variance from being forced to install a full manhole after three hundred and fifty feet ($15,000).
    Had to pick a sewage contractor from a short list given us by the town. But he did great work. A month later the furniture store van was backing down the gravel driveway covering the water and sewer installation and as I watched my new living and dining room set arriving I noticed that one side of the truck seemed to be lower than the other. The wheels on that side continued to sink into the ground until the truck tipped over and rolled. Corner of the box hit a tree, luckily, otherwise the truck would have rolled into the gully.
    Afterwards I spent another $3,000 re-compacting the driveway. Good times!

  • ghostsniper March 7, 2019, 7:06 AM

    “How those twisted souls come to control the narrative is a sick mystery also.”

    That IS the question, and one I think about a lot.
    Why does the media side with the communists unquestioningly?
    Why do they do that, and get their asses handed to them over and over?
    Why is the media suiciding itself for the communists?

    It can’t be because the media believes what the communists say or claim for no one in the media is willing to live under the communist lifestyle.

    Are they being paid off, or have some obscure agenda?
    Or, and I almost didn’t write this part, are they just plain stupid?
    I can’t really get my head around that last question.