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Today’s Top Headlines from America’s Newspaper of Record, The Babylon Bee

July, 1942

Gavin Newsom Alerted To Illegal Activity By The Sound Of Children’s Laughter 

‘I Definitely Wouldn’t Have Supported The Holocaust If I Lived In Nazi Germany,’ Says Woman Who Supports Abortion Today

Governors Reinstate Lockdowns To Combat Recovering Economy

International Manhunt Under Way For Those Who Signed Letter Supporting Tolerance Of Differing Viewpoints

Facebook To Require Masks In All Profile Pictures

Equality For The Elderly: Grampa Simpson Will Now Be Voiced By Joe Biden

People On Boat Drifting Left Wondering Why Shore Is Drifting Right

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  • Steve in Greensboro July 9, 2020, 6:38 PM

    Babylon Bee is wonderful. Just how wonderful it is is confirmed by the fact that Snopes fact-checks it.

  • Steve in Greensboro July 9, 2020, 6:41 PM

    I’ve been kicked off Twitter, so I don’t get to see her wisdom as much anymore, but Titania McGrath (Andrew Doyle’s alter-ego) is almost as much fun as the Bee. One of my favorites:

    Titania McGrath: “Future generations will thank us if we successfully eliminate heterosexuality.”

  • Vanderleun July 9, 2020, 7:58 PM

    You don’t have to be “on” twitter to read twitter. Just enter


    And you are right there. Pro tip… just click close if it asks you to login.

  • j July 10, 2020, 3:01 AM

    Thanks Steve, living out here in Oak Ridge NC, and working in G’boro, you know our Governor is an a$$hole. Need the laffs.

  • mmack July 10, 2020, 7:15 AM
  • Harry July 10, 2020, 9:30 AM

    “Fake news you can trust,” indeed. They’re more accurate than most of our mainstream news sources.