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Time for Trump to stop licking boots.

Crowder gets louder and speaks for me and tens of millions of others. He’s right, the Right is right, and the President is… well… tired. There’s this thing called “The Insurrection Act.” Use it or lose to it.

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  • Deathray June 18, 2020, 5:16 PM

    Way past table tossing time.
    He’s right and the Republicans don’t deserve our votes.
    They have sold out and all we have is the Uni-party.
    What difference does it make if they’re all taking us to hell if its by plane or train?
    I’m a former elected republican and I walked away in total discuss.
    All they do is talk a good game and constantly ask for money.
    Let em loose and lets get this show on the road.
    Its coming to a show down anyway, and all we’re doing is getting older.

  • Hale Adams June 18, 2020, 6:25 PM


    I get it, I get it. I want Antifa and the whole bunch of BLM trouble-makers put up against a wall, figuratively and maybe literally.


    Doing so only plays into the hands of the Leftists, and allows them to point at Trump and say, convincingly, “Orange Man BAD!!”, and stampede people away from voting for him in November.

    Trump, by soft-pedaling the reaction to the rioting, by NOT sending in the Army, by letting the governors of these various dysfunctional blue states “own” the riots brought on by their asinine policies, makes clear to John Q. Public who is responsible for the mess, and it ain’t the Republicans, by and large, however repellent they sometimes are. (FYI — I’m a life member of the Libertarian Party of the United States. Don’t ask — I’m not sure why either. 🙂 It was something the Party dropped on my head 20 years ago, probably in return for my generous support of Harry Browne’s campaign for President in 2000.)

    Keep your powder dry, and vote for Trump in November. Is he perfect? No, but who is? Politics is the art of the possible, and Trump is by far the best of a questionable bunch. Or, as we engineers like to say, “The best is the enemy of the good enough.”

    Hale Adams
    Pikesville, People’s still-mostly-Democratic Republic of Maryland

  • jwm June 18, 2020, 7:56 PM

    Hale, I pray you are right.
    I’ve read a lot of comments from my generation (old farts) lately. Many of us are shell shocked, absolutely stunned st the way we seem to have lost the whole nation in such a breath-takingly short period of time. It is an election year, and this shit was timed to push Trump against the wall. I agree that they’re trying to goad him into being the Hitler they were trying to make out of GW Bush. (piss be upon him) Will the gloves come off if, and after Trump is re-elected? Time will tell. I’d give a month’s pay to see the heat come down on both antifa and BLM. If they went RICO on both groups, and total Waco on the CHAZ, I’d throw a party. I’d love to see the DOJ put a few of these clowns in Supermax. I’m hoping. But I’m not holding my breath either.


  • Firecapt June 19, 2020, 2:48 AM
  • Firecapt June 19, 2020, 2:48 AM
  • Anonymous June 19, 2020, 4:37 AM

    Not only is the left begging for Trump to escalate the violence (he won’t) but so are the “please don’t call me a racist” tri corner hat wearing“muh constiTOOtion” Normie-Cons.

    Schlichter nails it.


  • lpdbw June 19, 2020, 5:40 AM

    Schlicter has it right. I need more patience.

    On the other hand, I smile when I think of a slow march of regular troops through CHAZ with fixed bayonets, encircling and capturing all the commies.

    But victory over communism is more important than the satisfaction that would give me.

    I don’t like 4GW. But then, 4GW never asked me to like it.

  • Jack June 19, 2020, 7:07 AM

    I’m still curious why Trump hasn’t sent combat troops into Seattle and assumed control of the portions of that city being held by these communist thugs. It’s simple really: close all businesses that supply food, water and medical service, turn off all utilities, the internet and cell phone service and let them sit. No one goes in, no one comes out. That tactic worked at Vicksburg and it will certainly work here.

  • Kevin in PA June 19, 2020, 8:17 AM

    Hale and JWM I pray you are both right.

    I’ve been watching this shit-show in absolute disgust at the cowardice on display. The GOP is so pathetic. These ruling class cowards are indeed not worthy of our votes.

    Here is my quandary: I walked away from voting when Clinton was re-elected. My opinion at that time was that if the country was so stupid as to let a crook like Clinton have a second term after the nonsense of the first (Waco, Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell, etc), there was simply no point in me wasting time voting….some idiot will just cancel me out.
    I had always leaned Libertarian and was an active member for a period of time in the 70s- 80s. I walked away from them when it was clear that in-fighting was preventing the party from making any reasonable inroads to affect change to the political system.
    I did not vote for Trump in 2016, but I have watched and noted some of the good he has done, in spite of monumental obstructionism from both elephants and and donkeys with the help of a rotten press. He appears to be an outsider and certainly plays like one and that’s a good thing. Is he the ultimate 3-D chess player that some of his base would have us believe? I kind of doubt it, but the guy knows how to negotiate hard, if we look at the Chinese situation. A hard-nosed negotiator is what the countries needs on the world stage to stem the tide of Globalism….but he is one man.
    At times, I get the sense that this Globalist-commie-homo cabal that wishes to take the world to destruction….or at least seeks the destruction of the Western tradition of liberal democracy, is so far along that the only hope is to let the shit hit the fan and see how it all shakes out.
    I’m registered to vote. I have been planning to vote for Trump’s re-election for more than a year….actually looking forward to voting for the man. But I want to see some teeth….and then I read this post/thread and associated link to Schlicter’s piece and I hope that there is a larger strategy of really annihilating the left upon winning a second term…..or will Trump turn out to be just another con-man seeking to improve the standing of his own brand.

  • James ONeil June 19, 2020, 1:28 PM

    Sigh. Gerard I like you in spite of your shady past (You can deny pushing your brother Tom off the ledge all you want but… & the fact that you had your name on the masthead of an (The) Organ in San Fran in 1970 is, of course, nobody’s business but your own.) but I gotta call BS on this one.

    Loud Crowder doesn’t speak for me nor to me with that almost incoherent rant.

    Hale Adams, in the comment above, speaks, quite succinctly, for me, thank you very much.

  • Vanderleun June 19, 2020, 3:21 PM

    He asked for the BB gun and I handed it to him. Case closed.

    And I just got a fresh set of Organ magazine from my old partner who kept a garage full. And I would like to say that, if you are as observant as you seem to be, you will note on the right sidebar the line from Dickinson, “This is my letter to the world…”

    It might be a bit odd to single out one item from the whole of that letter which I have written here since 2002. I think those items now number… just a second while I check …. yes… 41, 291 entries. So I think it safe to say you have to consider the content and the character of those other 41,290 entries against this one.

    Of course, I could be wrong. I often am. I’m just curious why we don’t see the Trump Campaign, flush with donations, coming to the aid of Trump supporters who have been beaten up, fired, or cancelled. The Left actually PAYS tens of thousands of organizers to run their scam but we don’t seem to see any bucks flowing down to the little guys on the bottom. And what is one to think of a general who doesn’t pay and care for his wounded warriors…. well?

  • James ONeil June 19, 2020, 4:19 PM

    OK Gerald I’ll consider the other 41,290 entries against this one along with cutting you slack for your shady past but I still go with H. Adams in this case, “… and Trump is by far the best of a questionable bunch.”

    & your first 3 paragraphs above; I can’t believe you don’t know I was just jiving with you and your apparent umbrage is just a return in kind, but regarding the last paragraph:

    Seriously I don’t think that any of us that support, like him or not, the man and the office at this time would ask for for nor expect any monetary return if the fit hits us in the shace.

    I want the man re-elected in November, period, the alternative and the subsequent lasting damage to our nation would be rather hard to accept.

    None the less,
    Judge however you wish – of Me

  • lpdbw June 19, 2020, 4:43 PM

    I can’t say how long I’ve been reading van der Leun, but it’s been years.

    And I’m puzzled by James ONeill’s statement “pushing your brother Tom off the ledge” and equally puzzled by Gerard’s answer “He asked for the BB gun and I handed it to him”

    Am I dense? Forgetful? It sounds like there’s a story there, and good, bad, or indifferent, even when I disagree with Gerard (as in this post), his stories are worth reading.

    Hell, he posted a shopping list once that I thought was poetry, after all.

  • Vanderleun June 19, 2020, 5:01 PM

    I judge that you are a fine and squared-away American, O’Neil and I’m proud to say I stand with you.

    And yes, there is a story about my brother, the BB gun, the lava flow from Lassen in Paradise; a story in which I am judged and never found (as I am) innocent. I might tell it but I should probably first tell the story about the rodeo star, the Cadillac convertible, and hitch hiking through Texas with long hair in 1968.

    Or maybe about teaching a the band of a traveling French circus (aka “CIRCU”) words and the way to sing Billy Joel’s “My Life” on the outskirts of Cognac in 1980.

    Which one would those readers deep enough into the thread want to hear first?

    Taking requests.

  • D S Craft June 19, 2020, 7:50 PM

    Guys – Crowder is out to lunch on this one, and I generally like him. There are a couple things going on right now. 1) The left doesn’t have a viable candidate for President this November and they know it. They are in deep, deep shit and they know it. Since they don’t have a candidate to build up they need to tear Trump down. 2) Right now the spotlight is on the Democrat governors and mayors of the cities where the riots are taking place and they’re virtually all Democrat run and have been for a long time. The left would really like to shift the spotlight and what better place to shift it to than Trump. Because of these two issues the left is desperately trying to bait Trump in to using the Insurrection Act against the rioters. Doing so would immediately shift the spotlight off the Democrat leadership (an oxymoron if ever there was one) in the rioting cities and states and on to Trump. The leftist national media would jump in and paint Trump as an evil, violent, racist dictator who, hopefully, is killing innocent protesters and is unfit to lead the nation and must be removed in November. Going forward it would be all Trump, all the time. Biden would lay low, as he must, and would eventually emerge as the peace making hero we need as President. And the thing is, Trump doesn’t need to get involved yet. The governors of the affected states have the National Guard at their disposal if things get too out of hand. If they’re not using them, that’s between them and the people in those states who elected them to office. And maybe, just maybe the people in those states who are voting Democrat will think twice this November if things get too uncomfortable in the interim. It’s absolutely crucial that Trump lets this play out without overplaying his hand. Personally, I think things are going swimmingly right now. I think we’re going to pick up a lot of voters in November. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • James ONeil June 19, 2020, 9:06 PM

    Yea, yea, what D S Craft said!

  • Anonymous June 20, 2020, 3:11 AM

    Trump supporters….in SEATTLE??? (Or Minneapolis for that matter) Are you out of your minds???

    Democrat governors and mayors made their own beds and Trump is allowing them to wallow in it.

    End of story.

  • Dan Fowler June 21, 2020, 8:47 AM

    Crowder’s beef is with the corrupt and cowardly Atlanta D. A. charging the Atlanta policeman with felony murder, spitting in the face of the barely began internal investigation into the matter. Yes, Schlichter is correct about the election information campaign and yes, Trump is correct about letting the communists fester in Seattle. Yes, we will pick up a lot of votes in November. Yes, the time is not right to launch the military, yet. However in the matter of the policeman in Atlanta, HELL NO,, it is not right to remain silent and do nothing. I agree with Crowder, it is table kicking time in Atlanta. Trump, but especially Governor Kemp of Georgia, must not only say something. it is time to do something in defense of police. Rescind the premature criminal charges and release him now, then post the Georgia National Guard and whatever state and Federal back up is needed to prevent further rioting. Crowder speaks for me too.

  • Vanderleun June 21, 2020, 10:42 AM

    Fowler types for me.