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This. Is. The. Truth. About. Iran. Iranian Woman Speaks Truth On Recent Attacks

Simple. Direct. Heartfelt. Knowledgeable. True.

Show it to as many who need to see it as you can.

[HT: Cultural Offering ]

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  • John Venlet January 9, 2020, 7:45 AM

    Watched this young woman yesterday, when it was posted at Ace’s place. Eloquent.

    God is in control, not man.

  • Jeff Brokaw January 9, 2020, 7:51 AM

    Common sense is so refreshing these days because it’s not all that common any more.

  • ghostsniper January 9, 2020, 9:54 AM

    On one side you got simple silliness and on the other you have a crack upside the head.

    While listening to news reports of what a monstrous threat Iran is, I’ve been wracking my brain to think of a single terrorist attack in this country committed by an Iranian. If there is one, now would be a good time to mention it! But I can’t find any.

    Nor any child rapes, Medicare frauds, heroin dealing or general anti-social behavior making life in America such a pleasure these days.

    Even the 9/11 report could tie Iran to the attacks only on the thin reed of several hijackers passing through Iran on their way to the U.S. — where our customs officials welcomed all 19 of them with open arms.

    Thirteen of the 19 terrorists had been given Florida drivers’ licenses. If we’re going back to 9/11, maybe Trump should consider dropping a drone on Jeb Bush.

    To get killed by an Iranian — or even to be harassed by an Iranian — you have to go the Middle East.

    Breaking News: Unrest in the Middle East!

    Why is the solution to this problem always to gather up our best young men … and send them to the Middle East?

    More here:

  • Terry January 9, 2020, 10:42 AM

    Brave woman.

    This mess with Iran and the USA was started by the CIA in 1954. AKA, the Deep State, in current times. The CIA is still in the business of creating problems for the world. I would believe we would do better by eliminating the CIA, who are already here in dangerous positions than getting into WW 3 over these rag heads.

    Hats off to the lady for her comments under camera. More guts than all the righteous clowns in both political parties.

  • theduchessofkitty January 9, 2020, 12:11 PM

    Saw this film not long ago. It concurs with what this woman is saying. Have tissues ready. You will cry. And prepare to be shocked. Comparisons with the Book of Esther are right in the money.


    Even an evangelist in YouTube just said in recent days that Iranians younger than 40 generally f@#$&ing HATE the mullahs and want them gone. This woman is not wrong.

  • Casey Klahn January 9, 2020, 12:39 PM

    Terry I agree we need to fold over the CIA, but they did not “start” militant Islamism. get real.

    I was trying to tell my son about the Shah’s Iranians whom I’ve known and how there is a large population of western-type and liberally educated people in Iran. The theocracy is run by force and needs as much violence as we can deliver to them.

    Stop it with the WWIII shittalk. FFS. We are in an ongoing war on the Arabian Gulf and of course everyone is aware of that right? How much is that son of a bitch costing is daily?

    A few thousand severely wounded vets from the IED war that Iran fought against us in Iraq deserve some justice. Quit pissing yer pants my friends. Stand up for once.

  • Jimmy January 9, 2020, 6:14 PM

    ^^ What Casey Klahn said.

  • Nori January 9, 2020, 8:51 PM

    “A few thousand severely wounded vets from the IED war that Iran fought against us in Iraq deserve some justice. Quit pissing yer pants my friends.Stand up for once.”

    Ever hear of EFP’s? Explosively Formed Projectiles. Fires a molten copper slug able to penetrate armor.
    2004-Quds Force began flooding Iraq with these.
    EFP’s could be made only by skilled technicians,and are often triggered by sophisticated motion sensors.
    General Stanley McChrystal,at the time head of Joint Special Operations Command-“There was zero question where they were coming from.We knew where all the factories were in Iran. The EFP’s killed hundreds of Americans.”

    Piss Be Upon Suleimani,and the mullahs.
    More so,on those right here,in OUR country,who allowed this horrific travesty to happen.

  • captflee January 9, 2020, 8:52 PM

    This tango with the mullahs, which is stretching into its fifth decade, has been rather a recurring motif throughout my professional career, from having the rather rare privilege of experiencing, as a dashing young AB, the New Jersey lobbing 16 inch shells into the Shouf Mountains, a visceral assault on one’s senses at even at a mile’s remove, to having, as a sixty-ish skipper, to politely converse on the VHF with some abusive damned lunatic IRGC Navy moron, reading to an unappreciative audience the CENTCOM authorized responses, while maneuvering through the SOH, wondering whether that suspiciously quick dhow on the starboard bow or the CHICOM crewed bulker we’re passing is the greater threat.

    I’ve had a few decent conversations with Iranians across the years while cooling my heels in a Kuwaiti Customs office, they generally engaged in obtaining the domestically unavailable consumer goods, me waiting for the return of the passports for my crew. All quite amiable,and I must note, held in my language, and not Farsi. Those folks, at least, deserve better than twelfth imam down the well fanatics, but I am afraid they are going to have to get just a bit more proactive.

    Regarding the late and unlamented Q.S., having carried back to CONUS various destroyed HMMVs and MRAPs, I have no doubt that I have at some point laid hands on the aftermath of his handiwork; a hole in an armored door no bigger than a dime, with utter devastation within the passenger compartment, which has not always been as well sanitized as one would hope. I have offered many prayers from various cargo holds over the years for the souls of young Americans scarred or slaughtered by the gentleman. I will pass, in his case, on praying for the repose of his soul.

  • Snakepit Kansas January 10, 2020, 4:48 PM

    What Casey said, FFS. Maybe nobody remembers all the American hostages taken from our embassy for 444 days. I do.
    The mullahs hate us and would cut our daughter’s throats in the middle of the night if we let them. Zap the Iranian leadership, not the general Iranian public. Modernize the Phoenix Program… what’s that? Google it. There are still many good folks inside Iran. Encourage them to take back their country. In the interim, don’t let them get nukes. EVER.