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They’re Back: “Every Time I Buy Gas I Hate Biden More” Bumper Stickers

This was my total when I filled up my modest 2000 Nissan today. It was the MARK OF THE BEAST FILLUP! It reminded me yet again that…

So here’s the deal. If you want one or more of these for your own uses*** just send $5.00 each to:  
Gerard Van der Leun
1692 Mangrove Ave
Apt: 379
Chico, CA 95926

Or one of the Paypal link to the right.
(I don’t get much activity there but I shall monitor it closely for a week or so.)

Then, if you wish, send me an email right now and tell me you did it and the quantity ordered and I’ll mail you the strip(s) right away. No waiting! This page is a high-trust zone.

The email address is:

***USES: Many may not want to put one of these on their vehicle if they live in a low-trust, high progtard area. Fine.

  1. You just might be able to sneak one of these onto a Progtard Prius or some such slathered with lots of “Free Tibet,” “CoExist,” “Bernie,” or “Joe/Blow 2020” stickers and see how long it takes them to notice.
  2.  You might place one on a pump at a self-serve station or on a sign going into the same place.
  3. You might mount one on a lawn sign on a busy street and wrap the sign with razor wire.
  4. You might hand one out to a truck or two in a trucker convoy to carry into DC.
  5. You might think of other uses. If so put them in the comments, please!

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