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“They come through me but they live with you.” A Rancher’s Life on the Biden “Border”

Enclosed in the morning’s mail with the admonition:


If you pass this on, make sure you delete who sent it to you and pass it on as a BCC.

Actually, I don’t care if you delete my email address… but please delete the others out of courtesy.

I didn’t fight for this way of life so corrupt and greedy psychopaths, ‘social justice warriors’ and Communists can ruin this one and only wonderful experiment in Individual Liberties for people in a land called America…

Like the Globalists are doing with this overblown hysterical issue of “Covid-1984” and funding billions to BLM, ANITFA, OFA and the “peaceful protests,” the “election of Joe Biden” and encouraging authorities to let leftist elements rampage… blaming the Capitol Hill riots on Trump supporters, where in reality, it was elements of ANTIFA with Mainstream News support… and now suspected FBI instigation.

Open immigration and freebees for those illegals… (my mother in law has had to pay about $10,000 to date and gets nothing free). I’ve lived in this climate of disinformation, lies and omissions in another country… and it’s now a miserable shytte hole.

Don’t let it happen here… as MB says… “Be a bad comrade!”

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  • Terry August 18, 2021, 1:59 PM

    Discouraging for sure. But we must resist. We are the last line of defense for our nation. The enemy is gaining strength but is not unstoppable.

  • Dirk August 18, 2021, 2:40 PM

    This too is about to change. Find it amusing even the lefts have had it with Biden/ Harris. Change is around the corner.

    Since the fall of Kabul, the F-15s are flying balls to the wall here. Appears every sorties been a combat simulation roll out. After Burner clicked, short roll out down the ramp, pull up head for the clouds.

    Recently a groups of F-5 tigers and T-38s, with Gen 5 avionics packages arrived are now stationed here, and have been playing aggressor for the F-15s. Usually the aggressors come from Fallon NV, fighter town USA.

    Am told we’re getting the next upgrade 15s, have the C models now, the newest are supposed to be pretty slick lethal. The Drive. Com has some performance package concerns. Friends if your into mil planes ships choppers and fast bitchen cars you need to check out “ thedrive.com”.

    View this as a significant training bump.

  • ghostsniper August 18, 2021, 2:55 PM

    I saw an F18 yesterday. A rare treat. Hadn’t seen a fighter jet around here for about 2 years.
    See C130’s a couple times a year, maybe 300 feet above the tree tops. LOUD. Can hear em coming. A squad of AR10’s will drop em like flies.

  • Skorpion August 18, 2021, 2:59 PM

    @Dirk: Wonder what all those combat aircraft are preparing for?

  • Vanderleun August 18, 2021, 4:13 PM

    Oh yes dirk… thedrive.com

    Thganks for that one. You have to admire titles like “Red Bull Sorry for Unauthorized Drift Shoot After Ukraine Confiscated Its Cars”

  • Dirk August 18, 2021, 5:22 PM

    The F15s have chilled. It’s dinner time here, after all they are Air Force. the pilots are at the O Club,,,,,, debriefing! at 19:00. This is the only F15 training base in the world, remarkable airframe really. Average age on these trainers is 25/35 years.

    Remarkably tough. The 15 is the aircraft we will be fighting with into 2035, with airframe and avionics upgrade. Of course we’ll have 22s and 35s. And drone aircraft which will be remarkable, imagine the G load a main line fighter can pull without a human in the drivers seat. But the pack hunters will be 15’s 16’s 18 super hornets with the upgrades

    Not aware of any F15 vs Chinese F20 engagements. Am aware of many SU 27 and 31 and 35 Russian aircraft contacts. The Russians 31 and the 35 are clearly going to be a hand full in air to air. What I think will give us an edge is the gen five avionics and the new cutting edge missles, fire and forget.

    While the 31 and 35 mags are stunning to watch in flight, again “ Theddrive.com”. we don’t have to fight them face to face. When a 15 with a package of up to 20 fire and forget missles, can pickle at 100 plus miles, so,e at 160 miles, saves a lot of airframe wear and tear.

    Once the missles away, at that distance unless the MiG has already launched their package, they are in big trouble. The new passive tracking birds can be tracked by E3s, linked down to the fighters, and shot. All without lighting up our radars.

    Russia has the same stuff, not as capable-as ours, nor do the possess the numbers we do.

    China F20, is another story. Their capabilities are pretty much unknown.


  • Snakepit Kansas August 18, 2021, 7:34 PM

    Flew out of San Diego a number of times the past three years. From the window seat on the plane you can see the border wall for quite a while and from quite a distance. That tall wall may not stop them all, but a barbed wire fence keeping in cows stops no human.