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Their Brains Were Small and They Died

By Mark Graham

When I sit in contemplation
Of our human situation
I often get a certain sense of pride
Our achievements are many and mighty
The evidence cannot be denied

But my reverie is shaken and my thoughts are always taken
By that tragedy that happened long ago
When they moved through the land
Beings awesome and grand, the fabulous dinosaur

They were creatures in a manner quite reptilian
In their unique and stylish way
And their numbers could be reckoned in the millions
But there are zero of these heroes in the world today

They had music, art and fashion, there was dinosauric passion
And I think they’d be enraged and mortified
When they’re mentioned today it is only to say
Their brains were small and they died

Perhaps some asteroid that Mother Earth could not avoid
Became the agent of their premature demise
I’ve heard these things can happen but who are we to criticize
When we spend most any price to make the ultimate device
That insures a perfect global suicide
I would venture instead that the humanoid head
Is where the tinier brain resides

And when we’re gone our works will start to crumble
Till nothing can be found
In ten million years some other guy
Will stumble on our fossils
And some expert will begin to expound
In some scientific study to his cockroach science buddy
How the evidence can never be denied
They were big, dumb and slow
They couldn’t go with the flow
Their brains were small and they died

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