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THE SOFT MACHINE: “Propagander? Yer Soakin’ in it.”

The five “faces” of oppression – violence, exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, and cultural imperialism – formed the backdrop for their entire educational experience. And in case it isn’t obvious, white males were the primary source of all of the above thus leading to a generation of self-hating white guys. So is it any wonder that so many of them emerge from their biological childhood uninformed, misinformed, and confused? MOTUS A.D

As you get older you spend more and more time in doctors’ waiting rooms. It’s a bug. Not a feature. A feature of doctors’ waiting rooms is that you get to catch up on magazines you wouldn’t pay any attention to in any other circumstance. And a brief browse through these slick little packages of cultural irrelevance reacquaints you with the hoary fact that no single element of our media lives can escape the latest most glittering and vibrant lies.

I spent the better part of 30 years working in magazines. Organ. City. Earth. Penthouse. Omni. Penthouse encore. I loved the field. I loved magazines. I’d spend a couple hundred bucks a month on magazines bought at the exhaustive magazine stand in the Pan Am building just before you rode the escalators down into the grand canyon of Grand Central. In those days, as editors, we’d try to make our magazine interesting for our readers. These days it seems that magazine staffs seek to make their magazines part of the media’s Soft Machine of stultifying propaganda approved by their human resources departments; all boringly predictable in their goose-stepping homage to the grand cultural lies of our leprotic era.

Here’s an example from my own visit to my own doctor’s waiting room last week. It was crowded with people both old and older and, arriving late, I found all the interesting magazines taken. Leftover was this collection of a Meridith Publishing slab of slimed pablum called “Parents.”

You’d imagine something called “Parents” would celebrate, well, normal parents. But no. Only odd “non-trad-dad” couplings or “non-couplings” seem to make the cover of Parents these days. Especially missing seems to be the fathers of the Caucasian persuasion.  Nothing all that unusual about that these days. That’s pretty much how the soft machine pumps out that pink slime percolating in the pit at the politically correct cultural clambake.

I took some photos to show you what I mean, but you already know what I mean. Don’t you? [N.B. The last layout was not only used in “Parents” but also in “Family Circle” to, I suppose, underscore that the circle of the family includes every family you can think of, and many that you haven’t even thought of yet but will be suitably informed of when necessary.]

This same spread also appeared in “Family Circle,” just in case anybody missed it.

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  • ghostsniper March 11, 2019, 6:20 PM

    So the 2 kids in the top pik with the fags are “twins”? Since when?
    That poor mutt in the bottom pik. Somebody should be brought up on charges of animal abuse.
    Can you imagine the aftermath of a saturday night in that horrifying dungeon? I gotta go scrub my ocular glands. Seems like all this weerdness accelerated when the population approached 300mil. How much has to be culled to get back to normal? 100mil? 200?

  • jwm March 11, 2019, 7:40 PM

    The poz begins in kindergarten. I know. I retired from cleaning up elementary schools a little over a year ago. Throughout the school, at every grade level, in all the classrooms, on all the posters, all the cover illustrations, every artist’s depiction of anything, you’ll find a white girl pared with a boy of color. Every staged photo for texts, same thing. Males are always depicted as being subservient to females, Whites to POC’s. It’s ubiquitous. Scholastic Books (remember them?) the major source of YA fiction, are a serious organ of social justice/ green propaganda. All the new teachers are millennial graduates of the California University system.


  • Pc no March 11, 2019, 8:57 PM

    I guess all the white guys are working…

  • Snakepit Kansas March 12, 2019, 5:15 AM

    I give blood platelets a handful of times per year and during this two hour process the Red Cross folks will turn on the TV for you. I watched some home improvement show and sure as shit, every “couple” the show helped turned out to be some freak gays or other non-traditional family. The last one I watched was of a white couple, but the dood had not an ounce of testosterone in him. He acquiesced all decisions of how to upgrade the house to his overbearing wife. Dood probably hasn’t had a chance be on top in years. I guarantee you that once the cameras turned off that household was a psycho-circus.

  • Nunnya Bidnez, jr March 12, 2019, 5:17 AM

    an acquaintance of mine knew a gay guy (a psychiatrist) who married another gay guy (a psychologist).
    No matter how hard they tried, neither one of them could get pregnant.
    (I guess that’s biological reality)
    They finally resorted to adopting a Chinese baby girl from China.
    After ten years or so, they got divorced.
    The poor girl.
    A global tragedy.

  • John the River March 12, 2019, 6:06 AM

    Not just magazines.
    The area south of Boston where I live is white, very white. The town of Rockland where my bank is located is a old white working class town.
    Sitting in the bank lobby, waiting, I picked up the banks promotional literature and looked them over. Cover and internal photos were all in the same vein; white woman with black man, latino couples, black couples, and little black girls. Same with that banks TV commercials.
    The only piece of material in the bank on which I could find a adult, white male was the brochure for the Investment Banking division. Buy-in starts at $50,000.
    Even on that photo the white guy didn’t look happy, he looked greedy.

  • jd March 12, 2019, 7:35 AM

    As a volunteer at my local library, I used to enter new magazines into
    the computer every week. My iPhone now holds pictures of 95 magazine
    covers depicting our President as everything from an axe murderer to a

  • PooPoo Bongo March 12, 2019, 8:49 AM

    There ain’t nothing left to to do but go all in and start snuffin’ anyone associated with the publications, publishers, etc — anyone…
    F-ck this shat

  • Ray March 12, 2019, 8:55 AM

    I used to know a man that owned a media company. All of their presentations were politically correct. In other words, they were all fake presentations, not really true.

  • Watauga March 12, 2019, 9:11 AM

    I am happy someone is finally exposing this deceit. WRSA also posted this article, worth reading carefully: https://parallaxoptics.wordpress.com/2018/11/12/on-woke-capital/ The Progressive-Marxist propaganda machine is unrelenting in its attack on traditional (i.e., Christian, Western values of God, family, and community above all else) values. I cannot watch 99% of television programming or advertising, as it is as if I (i.e., white, male, Christian, conservative, traditionally minded, hard working, committed to the idea of freedom-and-responsibility and self reliance) am under constant attack for all that I am and all that I have ever been and all that I ever will be. Please continue to call out the Progressive-Marxist deceit for what it is. Reverse the culture war, go on the offensive, and stop this effort to destroy all that is right and good in the world.

  • JiminAlaska March 12, 2019, 9:27 AM

    I stopped all magazine subscriptions well over a decade ago (one exception I lately renewed my NRA membership & receive American Rifleman.). I do buy the occasional boating, woodworking, outdoorsie mag at the supermarket, so far, knock on wood, none of them are “Woke”.

  • Anon March 12, 2019, 10:07 AM

    This is all about power for the left. Traditional white males don’t vote for the left and believe in the constitution. This threatens the leeft’s grip on power. Therefore white males must be pushed aside.

  • Dan in Ohio March 12, 2019, 12:15 PM

    I leave Gun magazines (NRA,Firearm news, CMP youth shooting,etc.) in doctor’s,dentists waiting rooms, barber shops, and laundromats. I’m trying to help.

  • PA Cat March 12, 2019, 12:29 PM

    I don’t see any obvious transgender folks, illegal aliens, or polyamorous threesomes with kids– these rags need to up their WQ (Woke Quotient).

  • churchladyiowa March 12, 2019, 1:07 PM

    I’ve been commenting to hubby for at least the last three years about the actors in TV commercials. Rarely traditional white couples . . .always some kind of “mixed nuts” variety; white man w/black woman, black man w/white woman, two blacks, white man with hijab-wearing woman, two gay women, two gay men. In magazine ads I see the same, only lately catch a tranny or two. Statistically, these category people cannot possibly be the majority. I’m guessing nationwide it’s probably something like 60% normal, 40% non-traditional. But into the mix, in my town the population is 3/4 Hispanic/Sudanese. Some school classes only have 3 or 4 white kids out of 26. Also, a few people have adopted Russian children within the last 20 years. Overall, that has not been good either. Kids have terrible attitude issues and have given their adoptive parents nothing but heartaches. Cherry on top is a young, inexperienced liberal mayor, county dem party head is a screaming feminazi who has started inserting herself into local government meetings that don’t concern her political position at all, and their assorted young liberal friends who make sure they get all the publicity they want in the local paper.

  • ghostsniper March 12, 2019, 2:16 PM

    wiki says the county I live in is 97.6% white and .3% negro.
    .3%? Where? I never see them. Where they hidin’, in that woodpile over there?

    (snake said dood lol)

    Seriously, we go months without seeing any of those people. And when we do see them, it is only when we go to the big city, and that is almost always at a long distance. Yeah, long. As in, situational awareness. Say, 100 or more feet away. Almost never any closer. Why would anyone tolerate being closer than that? Jeez, just thinking about that give me the eeby-jeeby’s. (cringe)

    I spent a couple hours in the little city this morning and saw not even one, ahem, “minority” anywhere. Didn’t miss em, not at all. How does one miss the ghetto mindset filled with crime and despair?

    Been here in the woods for 13 years now and life in that regards, as stated above, seems normal. Absent the insanity. But the previous 40 years were spent on the coast of southwest Florida (sun, sand and surf, yay!) where all that retardation exists. While living there I innately knew that something was wrong but didn’t know what, for the creep was very slow, and therefore didn’t know how to deal with it. That’s just the way it was and we had no idea life elsewhere would be diff. But we knew we had to get out, some way, some how. It wasn’t that we believed life might be better anywhere else, we just believed we could not take it any more. The final straw was when a mexican clan moved in across the street from our very nice dream home. That’s when the bottom fell out and all the horrors you can imagine started. We had to go.

    So go we went and that’s when life started changing back to normal. Now, the only time I’m aware of the insanity that has kidnapped this country is when I turn on these pixels of doom and gloom.

    Lately I’ve noticed the scale of balance in the web has shifted to the other side. Having been online in one form or another since 1988 the “virtual” creep has been very slow. My methods of dealing with the creep are always upgrading but lately it is all becoming unworthy. My day to day web sleuthing is dropping off. The chore of just dealing with it is becoming too much. I’m down to about 3 or 4 blog sites, a couple google searches, read some noows til I can’t stand it, read/send an email or 2, then I’m at a loss as to what else to do. So I peel my ass outta this chair and go outside with the mutt, or out in the workshop with the mutt, anywhere else with the mutt, or without. I can feel it in me bones. All this internet nonsense, the matrix, is only “representatively” real but it all goes away if I don’t lend it my participation. My mindset and mood is much better away from the pixels. I’m actually a fairly nice person to be around and always guarantee interesting conversation interspersed with some sort of physical activity, when I’m not online pretending to be an horrendous ogre. I become as fake as the fakeness around me on the now fake web. The fakeness is taking it’s toll. I need to cut it loose before it pulls me all the way under. One of these days and it won’t be long the ghost of yesterday will just vanish like smoke in the breeze….

  • Becky March 13, 2019, 6:09 AM

    Wow. You read my mind. I just received my last issue of FC, and after the two dad article, that I didn’t read, knew I wouldn’t renew. It used to be a magazine with crafts and decorating and recipes you could use. Now, it is just a waste of space with copious amounts of drug ads. (I used to get it 40 years ago and thought I’d give it a try, it was cheap). Women should save their money and time, there is nothing in that magazine worth the paper and time.

  • Jewel Atkins March 13, 2019, 7:06 AM

    I’m curious about how two dudes of mixed race managed to sire babies that look like each of them.

  • Anonymous March 13, 2019, 8:28 AM

    I’m actually a fairly nice person to be around and always guarantee interesting conversation interspersed with some sort of physical activity, when I’m not online pretending to be an horrendous ogre+++++++++++++++

    Yeah, this kinda describes me, although I much prefer listening. Moreover, small doses of people go a long way with me. As for the Tubez: I skulk from one place to the next (no shit fer brains Left sites) and jump into the fray now and then. After a while, I detect a change for the worse in me and have to Leave It Alone for a spell. I’m reckoning that within 5 years the Left will have expurgated any right-of-center, conservative doubleplusbadspeak.

  • Richard March 13, 2019, 8:31 AM

    A bit to quick with the trigger finger. I am Spartacus, not Anonymous.

  • Dan Patterson March 13, 2019, 12:02 PM

    They all look alike?
    (tee’ d it up for me; had to take a swing)

  • phillip morgan March 13, 2019, 12:52 PM

    I only subscribe to a few gun and NRA magazines becuase I am tired of seeing all this interracial crap in just about everything printed. The horror for you young parents is the propaganda your kids undergo in the schools to teach them to be politically correct. Two teachers tried to dump this “white privilege” guilt trip in me. I guess they figured what was good for kids was good for us old folks too. Didn’t turn out too well for them!

  • Aggie March 13, 2019, 12:55 PM

    “Especially missing seems to be the fathers of the Caucasian persuasion. Nothing all that unusual about that these days.”

    Well, that’s not completely true. Proctor & Gamble has been doing a pretty good job devoting some attention as their champion.

  • ghostsniper March 13, 2019, 3:01 PM

    I thought Kirk Douglas was Spartacus?