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The Plan of the Klahn Clan

Casey Klahn comments on AD at this post from yesterday.

My family and I were discussing what changes brought by the Chinese Virus would remain as part of public life going forward.

For my part, I see a terrible political battle that’s already here. Sure, the dems will attempt to run against The Donald between now and November but that’s going to be a hellacious loss for them. It’ll be funny to watch, except for the corruption they’re getting ready to roll out. I hope POTUS puts it straight up their collective asses just like he does to the press when they talk egregious and stupid shit.

However, the dem governors, mayors, bureaucrats, et al., will be harder than hell to root out. Re: the Moses riff video posted down page. Funny that. AG Barr is attempting to do the Lord’s work now and I hope he succeeds.

Anyway, there will be powers evolved to the dem statists that will remain, both in law and in precedent or in reserve. Their eternal love of fucking with the people is in evidence, and they will not change that shit easily. It’ll be a dirty fight, but I am hopeful that more Americans now see the handwriting on the wall: dems are shitbirds. They must be rooted out.

I have a feeling that pathways to online work have become revealed, and more jobs will morph that direction. Just put my brain in a GD belljar and hook me up to a mainframe.

Schools may become much, much more online. Can’t mass shoot an empty classroom, can they? Teachers and their ilk will try to hold onto old brick and mortar institutions, but in my opinion their act has gotten very shabby in the last 30 years at least. My sympathies do not lie with their old ways. Free the kids.

Healthcare will be given more attention; it’s workers mostly seen in an heroic light. Deservedly so. The masked scrubs protestors notwithstanding (those fuckers), we will uphold our american health system, I hope. Obamacare was attempted murder of our healthcare system; I hope we have the good sense to unfuck that quickly. Free the medicos.

Not the planners and prognosticators, though. Those fuckers have lost my trust forever. Especially the UW futhermuckers whose event profile model the USA listened to, and it was a big fail. They will get off scott free for that, and that burns me up. Anyone in industry or the military who messed up that badly would be fired and then hung. Academia – what a group of idiots.

Cops. HFS they’re taking it in the shorts right now. Barney needs to get his act together fast, and I mean we are not very happy when we see beach arrests, and mom and son in the park, etc. Church harassment (deBlasio is anti jew now, and he’s the fukking NYC mayor) by cops.

The military looks good, except for the civilian secretaries and their same shit is spraying onto the pantlegs of the uniformed chiefs, I hate to say. But, we relied on the military through this crisis, and they looked great, as usual, doing the work of increasing safety to Americans. Especially my alma mater, the Nasty Girls. Very proud of them. (National Guard).

The public is also looking pretty good. They are protesting and pushing back. Yes, shitbirds abound, as always, but by and large people have done their part in this. Except for the hoarders.

China. Don’t fucking get me started there.

I think the supply chain is still in peril right now. I’ve never been gladder that there is a freezer full of venison in the pantry.

Take care.

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  • James ONeil April 30, 2020, 10:11 AM

    Sincerely hope President Trump wins in November but it looks like the demoncrats have very successfully built an “It’s the economy, stupid” platform to elect very slow Joe, then declare him incompetent and, most regretfully, replace him with the yet un-chosen LGBTetc. handicapped black ostensibly female 100 miles to the left of Marx VP.

    “It’s just terrible what that COVID19 thingie has done to our economy isn’t it?”
    “Why yes it’s a shame, and just before the November elections, it’s just terrible.”
    wink,wink, nudge, nudge.
    “But we all know and understand, we all know and a understand, if it saves the life of one child or sea turtle it’s all worth it!”
    “But of course, and just before the November elections, let me show you my ice cream freezer.”
    “But of course, and just before the November election, let me show you my wine cellar.”
    wink,wink, nudge, nudge.

  • Nori April 30, 2020, 3:01 PM

    Very interesting ruminations,Casey.
    I have no doubt POTUS has a plan/plans for disenfecting the parasites embedded at every dot/gov agency. They’ve put him through Hell for 3+ yrs,and have plagued We the People,well,forever.

    He plays the elites like a Stradivarius. They hate him (and us) so much that they can no longer even pretend to be Americans. That video of Madame Speaker standing in front of her $24,000 SubZero fridges,cackling about chocolates and ice cream? Yah,we feel your pain,Nance. Have another vat of wine,dear.

    The supply chain concerns me also. I have seen more big rigs on the road lately,and shelves are being restocked,for now anyway.
    One thing the Lunatics have always been good at is monkey-wrenching.I fully expect there will be “incidents” to disrupt life getting back to Normalville.
    Of course,Normalville looks more like the Twilight Zone these days,but that’s ok.
    We the people will be just fine.

  • H April 30, 2020, 6:50 PM

    Surgical. My compliments to the Chef.

  • Casey Klahn April 30, 2020, 7:45 PM

    Thanks, Gerard and fellow travelers. Just thinking out loud and sometimes it makes sense.
    The economy will roar back in a trend line like an F-15 in a steep climb. Yes, there will be big, ugly bruises; some will remain in deep economic red.
    How do I know the economy will come back strongly? Trump/pent up demand/ America. And, the news media says it’ll come back slowly (often take the opposite to be true).
    Government liabilities will be a drag on us, too. But, I’m no economist, that’s for sure.
    Back to my binge movies. Remodeling kicked my ass today.

  • ghostsniper May 1, 2020, 4:43 AM

    Casey sed: “Remodeling kicked my ass today.”
    I have a big one coming up and it may kick my ass.
    Not big in a size sense, but in a matter of complexity.
    It is the 8′ x 16′ laundry room.
    It is more like an all purpose room.
    Within are a 1/2 bath (sink and toilet), washer, dryer, sink, furnace-AC, water softener, electrical panel, an exterior door to the back porch, a window to the rear, an interior door to the kitchen and a bank of cabinets along one of the 16′ walls.

    It will be stripped to the wall studs, floor joists below, ceiling joists above, and redone completely.
    Right now there is no order to anything. Just one big room with a corridor down the middle and stuff flanking both sides, an organizational disaster. The new design will create “compartments”, that is, specific areas for specific tasks. We will no longer hafta go through the laundry area to get to the bathroom, etc. The biggest expense will be a brand new furnace-AC at about $2500. I will sub that part out, the rest I will do myself. This will work all the physical “winter kinks” out of my system that accumulate over the past 6 months. If it don’t kill me I’ll look like the incredible hulk when it’s done. And my wife will get off my ass for a bit.

  • Anne May 1, 2020, 7:07 AM
  • Aggie May 1, 2020, 10:26 AM

    The Trump administration and Congress have bailed out businesses bit and small to allow them to keep employees on hire. Now the US guidelines for Social Distancing are set to expire and the authority to re-open delegated down to the governors. It is a brilliant strategy for Trump, because it places authority where it should be more accountable, the state level. And now, the state governors and congressmen must choose – and we can see how that is settling into party divisions. Most importantly, and this is the brilliant part, voters everywhere will have other states to compare their plight to. They will actually be forced to think for themselves when they balance the risk of infection versus the opportunity for providing and prospering. And all of the pandemic data is out there for them to balance it on. Already the state governors in those states that have ….chosen poorly…. are looking ahead at their public graft requirements and squealing for more federal slop in the trough.

  • John the River May 1, 2020, 5:10 PM

    I’m seventy, A- blood type, male with ‘stable’ angina; I have excellent reasons to self-quarantine. But it seems clear to me that working people in the twenty, thirty, and forty year old age groups at the very least have compelling reasons to go to work with a very favorable Risk/Reward ratio. And the country has very compelling reasons to allow them to do so; not the least is that the questionable Constitutional right of the government to prevent young healthy people from exercising their own rights and doing so.

    I thought we abolished slavery, especially from the Democrat Master class.

    On the “every cloud has a silver lining” page, for the third time my lady and I dined on cheap, premium lobsters from the local (Plymouth MA) grocery. The restaurants being closed, the big multi-pound sea creatures are crowding the saltwater tanks and selling for six bucks a pound.