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Liberals Gather to Scream at the Sky

No, I don’t see these tow-heads as fringe-kookburgers. I see them as a direction where we’re headed. We haven’t quite had anything like this before, have we? We had the hippie movement. Before hippies, there were beatniks. But this is different. It’s a heading, I think, that won’t be changed until such time as some influence from the outside produces such change. The individuals might grow out of it, as real life challenges them to recognize reality & actually solve problems. But they will be replaced by more ditzy kids just entering the phase, so that it hangs around us like a bad smell. It is the price of our success, we have all these airheads who have time to protest about nothing.

Raconteur Report: Technology Takeover: Reality Check

Even McDonalds will need people to load frozen patties into the cooking robots, top off the ketchup and mustard tanks, etc. We just won’t have pre-literate Third World troglodytes and Common Core Trigglypuff grads trying to puzzle out how to input the burgers from pictures of same, and make change for a twenty without taking off their shoes. That’s akin to telling me that the DMV will be replacing the fifty people doing make-work jobs with five machines that will actually work, without taking two-hour potty breaks, and don’t come with a pre-loaded Entitlement Chip and surly attitude. (And, for the killer app bonus, machines don’t rack up annual accrual deficits against the state’s bankrupt pension fund. They also don’t get promotions, or need family leave. They just get melted down for scrap when they quit working.) Be still, my beating heart!

Study: Diversity Proximity = Low Social Capital | Chateau Heartiste

For those who want to strike a balance between consumerist amenities, natural beauty, and social connectedness, the Pacific Northwest is the place for you. In addition, small- and medium-sized cities in the Pacific Northwest and the Intermountain West offer a good balance between social capital and quality of life concerns. These cities have both the physical and social infrastructure to help people enjoy their community while also building the sort of emotional attachment required for long-term civic health. Unfortunately, the PNW is also loaded down with the worst shitlib Whites in the country, a veritable outpost of soylandia uptalkers and bluehair fatties. You have to get away from the coast before people start resembling normal, sexually dimorphic humans again.

Bannon: China Is ‘an Enemy of Incalculable Power, Not a Strategic Partner and We Have to Understand That’ 

“The Chinese Leader’s three-and-a-half hour speech a couple weeks ago was the single most important political speech of the 21st century. I think you could actually argue that years from now people might say it started there. Because he fundamentally went through how the Chinese Confuscious mercantilist authoritative model has beaten the West.”€

“It’s their world now,”€ he continued. “€œThey’€™re a hegemonic power. It’€™s not that they’€™re rising to be a hegemonic power. It’s not that what they always wanted to be was considered a great power along with the United States and Russia. They’€™re saying, hey, the game’€™s over. And by the way there are five things the Chinese are doing right now, one is called Plan 2025, which they will dominate, they laid this out a few years ago. They will dominate ten separate industries, including robotics, artificial intelligence, chip manufacturing, all by the year 2525 and they’€™re very far down the road in doing that.”€

“Number two €œis one belt, one road, where they’€™re taking the geopolitical strategies of this guy named Mackinder, a Scottish guy and Mahan, who was this great theoretician in America that laid out what the British did in sea power. The Chinese are doing it. They’€™re tying together the central Asian countries with this Old Silk road. The World Island, who controls central Asia controls the world.”€

The kids today : Essays in Idleness

According to a recent survey of “millennials” (or as I prefer, “the kids today”), about half would like to live under “socialism,” instead of whatever they have now. They are the latest generation educated, or more precisely idiotized, by our state school systems. Among my baby-boom contemporaries coming of age in the ’sixties, the proportion was about one-quarter. We need not wait more generations to forget completely the most obvious lessons of recent history. One has only to ride the trolley through Greater Parkdale to watch the little thumbs texting.

Chiefly, they want to be taken care of. They want to make the mess that others clean up. They want a paradise in which they will not be held accountable for their actions, one that will ultimately compass the execution of those to whom they have taken a dislike. By comparison to them, one might account the earlier, minority, socialist generations heroic in a way: they were willing to do their own killings. The kids today come late to this game.

By the humble method of hospital abortions, and in North America alone, we have already killed ten times as many as the Nazi death camps, though only half as many as the Communists. I know this is to reduce modern history to mere body counts; but anything more subtle would be lost on our millennials. Indeed, even the subtlety that abortion means killing a human being is lost on most of them, so effectively have they been infused with the euphemisms of progressive thinking.

Sense of Events: Enough warning flags about Devin Kelly to have started a semaphore battalion

This is a case of Templatus Interruptus:
1. Man commits mass murder.
2. Media and Dems blame weak gun laws and the NRA.
3. Oops – existing law covered it.
4. A federal entity failed to follow that federal law.
5. Hey, let’s talk about Trump pouring koi into a fish pond in Tokyo!
So, a federal agency, the USAF, failed to follow federal law requiring it to report Kelley’s domestic abuse conviction to the DOJ. The law is 8 U.S.C. 922(g)(9), which bans firearm possession by anyone “who has been convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.” The USAF’s gross negligence was why Kelly was able to buy his weapon.

Jon Stewart Mill on Twitter: “Modern Westerners have the strange disposition of wanting to be cultural relativists across space, but moral absolutists across time.”

Harvard University hosts anal sex workshop – The College Fix

Students were also allowed to take whatever they wanted from a bountiful amount of male and female condoms, sex toy cleaners, and literature from Planned Parenthood. Anal 101 is one of a number of events as part of Harvard’s student organized sex week observance. Other events later in the week include “Beyond the Hub: Broadening Your Porn Horizons” and “Unleashed: Kink 101.”

The Big Switch | Belmont Club

The Western progressives rule at all the kingly courts: in Hollywood, the media, elite universities, in Washington and Brussels. Today social justice means government, regulation, constant nudging, endless investigations of suspicious sexual activity and and an unblinking cross-examination of anyone in contact with Russia.

 MOTUS A.D.: I Love Being Hated

What would Andrew Breitbart make of the country in general and the Donald in particular if he were still alive? I think that the man who invented conservative citizen journalism and activism would have LOVED Trump. How could he not?  Trump is the archetype of Breitbart’€™s everyman: an ordinary, outside the Beltway citizen disenfranchised by both parties as well as the media. Trump is the everyman who found his voice — yugely – and in the process the voice of millions of other disenfranchised Americans — the deplorables.  He also discovered the power of one of Andrew’€™s favorite media work-arounds (hint, TWEET, TWEET!), for better or worse.

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  • Monty James November 9, 2017, 10:30 AM

    The way the news has been the past couple of weeks, I’d forgotten about the Great Tantrum. Thanks for the update. Looks like they had fun.

    That reminds me, did Antifa bring the government down in an orgy of executed Trump supporters and fire? That was supposed to be on the 4th, I think, but maybe they postponed it, because I seem to be here at home, and not in a labor camp.

  • Gordon November 9, 2017, 11:16 AM

    I’ve seen the DMV machine. It’s just inside the door in Walgreens stores in Wisconsin.

    Of course, because it’s Wisconsin, one can also purchase beer and wine in Walgreens. But you have to go through the register for that.

  • Mikey NTH November 9, 2017, 11:49 AM

    Oh, it’s the Chinese that are now going to bury us. Well, maybe. I remember very well when it was the Soviets, no the Japanese, no the Germans, no it was….
    That’s unimportant. There is always somebody out there who is going to bury us, because they are so much smarter, harder working, they play chess while Americans eat the checker pieces thinking its just hard licorice, they have organization, a plan, a complicated, multi-step plan they are all in lockstep following, and Americans find alarm clocks too difficult to set.

    And then on the way to the churchyard reality steps in and the grand multi-stage plan to defeat America and laugh, laugh, laugh over its corpse runs into complications that the great vision of the leaders could not account for and can’t adapt the master plan to and we all go back and wait for the next one that we are sure, absolutely, sure, positively sure will bury America.

  • ghostsniper November 9, 2017, 1:15 PM

    Looked up this Spacey cat, as I know almost nothing about him and never seen any of his movies or especially TV shows. What a piece of work. For anyone with 2 brain cells he was obvious for a long time. For years I’ve been reading about a link between faggotry and child molestation and never seen facts one way or the other though I had my suspicions. Now, that Spacey has admitted his faggotry all the previously admitted faggots are slamming him for linking his faggotry to child molestation. IOW, the faggots themselves are lending credence to what was previously a rumor. Males sense. If your brain is bent then it is bent all the way through not just in certain places. Dabbling around with someones anus is about as foul as it gets.

    Regarding the DMV. Who needs robots? We’ve been doing that stuff online for years. Haven’t had to put up with them 3″ purple fingernails, knotted hair, and surly attitudes of people that can barely speak english – commonly thought of as gov’t welfare recipients.

  • ghostsniper November 9, 2017, 1:16 PM

    Makes, not Males.

  • Casey Klahn November 9, 2017, 1:18 PM

    This post, and the comments, are pregnant with content and may take me until the 11th to digest it all. Always the best reading, Mr. Vanderluen.
    Dear Monty: It was an Antifa adherent (read: member!) who slew a couple dozen Christians last Sunday. This is the same week! The barrels are still warm from the atrocity. Resisting the urge to say something shitty to you right now.
    Dear Mikey: here we are on the eve of Veteran’s Day, and you are shitting on my father’s grave. Fuck you very much.

  • Casey Klahn November 9, 2017, 2:37 PM

    Monty James. My apologies. I just heard that was the Nov 4th Anitfa revolution, and you were making fun of that. Still, they are coming off of a banner week, so I don’t underestimate them. But, at the same time, I laugh in their faces.

    Carry on.

  • Hale Adams November 9, 2017, 5:27 PM

    Casey, you write:

    “Dear Mikey: here we are on the eve of Veteran’s Day, and you are shitting on my father’s grave. Fuck you very much.”

    Maybe there’s been some back-and-forth between you and Mikey NTH that I’m not aware of, and so I’m missing something here. But it seems to me that Mikey is only poking fun at the Chicken Littles who over the last few generations have been prophesying doom for the United States. So far, we’ve been able to play the Roadrunner to the other countries’ Wile E. Coyote. How is pointing that out “shitting on [your] father’s grave”?

    [scratches head]

    Hale Adams
    Pikesville, People’s still-mostly-Democratic Republic of Maryland

  • Casey Klahn November 9, 2017, 6:08 PM

    Hale, it’s a mission vs troops support thing.
    On the eve of Veteran’s Day, Hale, I am pleased to remember those who served America when our sovereignty and our very lives were endangered by Japanese imperialism, German aggression, or Soviet political and nuclear menace. Belittling that gets no happiness from me at this time.
    You state it a bit differently, and I get that we’re superior in might, economically and militarily. But, freedom here and throughout the world, where it exists, is only secured by the heartbeat of every young man and woman in uniform. Our success in war and statecraft is by no means a given: it is actually owed to a well-deserved fear of our service members.
    Yes, catastrophism doesn’t serve us. But, give these young people their due, on their day. Many actually died for our freedom, and I get my fight up whenever I read snark about our military. Too much of it, nowadays! We sat and took too much of that during Vietnam, and for my part, I give it straight back with venom. Indeed, the sanctity of wars such as WW II, the Civil War, and the War for Independence are under attack by many, today. I don’t apologize for calling bullshit!

  • Guildofcannonballs November 9, 2017, 7:46 PM

    Casey you write like a sausage.

  • Mikey NTH November 9, 2017, 7:46 PM

    And Fuck You right back, Casey.

    Though I do not know why you even opened hostilities. I was not denigrating your father or his memory, I was denigrating the latest in the decades – centuries – long chorus on how America is always *doomed* by some other group that is always [smarter, more diligent, better planners, play chess, more organized, etc, etc.]. Today it is the Chinese, the inscrutable Mandarins of China, who are goldarned guaran-damn-teed going to put America in the grave that her more cultured detractors have been predicting with ill-concealed glee.


  • Mikey NTH November 9, 2017, 7:51 PM

    By the way, I am very aware of Remembrance Day as my paternal grandfather was a Canadian in the Royal Flying Corps during the Great War.

  • Casey Klahn November 9, 2017, 7:54 PM

    We can agree @ China, Mikey. Your point at only that point is sound. Leave Soviets, germans and Japanese out of it, though. We respect that time in our history. Don’t tread there is my message.

    Guild. You commie batsard. It’s a comment thread! Best wishes.

  • Mikey NTH November 9, 2017, 8:07 PM

    Hale Adams – thank you. Yes, I was being sarcastic about the doom-mongers. I tire of them, I tired of them back when I was eleven. The indecent joy that so many of them – ostensibly Americans – take in prophesying the doom of their own (so they claim – but I don’t buy it) country is disgusting. But I guess they have to find somewhere, anywhere, a champion that will finally take those crude, vulgar, deplorable people down a notch or everything, just so those…Americans (picture sneer on the lip of that barista)…get the comeuppance they so deserve.

    Maybe then they will learn to listen to their betters, and perhaps regret giving their obvious betters so many swirlies back in high school and laughing at them when the asked for those dates, just so…they…(sob)…could feel the touch…(sob)…of a woman’s fingertips.

    Again – this has a lot of sarcasm and attempts at *humor* in it. Perhaps I am too subtle.

    Mikey NTH

  • Nori November 10, 2017, 5:53 AM

    Casey and Mikey: You are each hereby awarded a black AR-15 with chainsaw bayonet modification,for most interesting commentary.
    Happy Friday!

  • ghostsniper November 10, 2017, 6:41 AM

    “But, freedom here and throughout the world, where it exists, is only secured by the heartbeat of every young man and woman in uniform.”

    This hasn’t been true for a very long time except in fertile imaginations.
    You know better than that.

  • Snakepit Kansas November 10, 2017, 9:19 AM


    “faggotry” is now a new word in my vocabulary. You always raise the bar.

  • Casey Klahn November 10, 2017, 10:48 AM

    Ghost: take the American military out of the last 125 years, and now give me the outcome.

    Dismal thread for the Vet’s Day weekend. Let’s take an inventory of our freedoms, and consider those provided us by our esteemed congress, vs. those enumerated in the constitution. Originalism is a critical political vein, but ignorance of the world is also a poison. A poison in some ways slow acting, and in another perhaps a cataclysmic kind. I’ve left the conservative movement behind mostly because of isolationism, and also because of it’s inability to function in the political realm of reality.

    The longer I think about it, the better I like Anarcho-Capitalism. Anyway, I’m wandering in this thread. Threat assessment worldwide is critical. We used to joke about the Karmic wheel being wrapped so tightly that when your boot kicks someone in the ass, that another boot appears magically out of the wall, kicking your ass. My view of the best use of our military is to appear to be the meanest MF-er in the world, and by all means don’t go back and re-adjudicate our successes into failures. That is farking stupidity and gets no appreciation from me.

    Obama much?

  • Ed November 10, 2017, 9:51 PM

    Casey, regarding your disagreement with Mikey: I read Mikey’s comment, and had to think a bit while I read, but had to agree with him from my experiences. Before you get steamed at me, let me explain a few things I recall. I think it must have been in the ’80s when the Japanese economy was a dynamo, prime real estate was being gobbled up by them, and I even recall a wrangler friend of mine telling me of some young Japanese fellers who were here learning to cowboy so they could work the then recently acquired ranches. So, yeah, we were told things about Japan that somehow faded after the boom (but interestingly, I have two Toyotas parked in the drive, and I love ’em both, the sum of their ages = 35). Same recollections of German economic boom, though not as vivid as the image of Japanese expat cowboys. As for the Soviets, they’ve always been a threat, or so we’ve been told. I read Time Magazine for too long, and then gave it up, even before dropping my Scientific American subscription. My point being that depending where you got your news there was always somebody out there who was gonna bury us. That’s what I took away from Mikey’s comment. Your mileage obviously varies, but I’d say you were a little too quick to take offense at what was said.

    I’m a vet, so share your sentiments regarding respect for our military, though not always the military leadership. Read the recent coverage of the USN investigations into the McCain and that other destroyer (USS Fitzgerald, damned memory always blocks at the wrong time), particularly at Cdr Salamander’s blog, http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/2017/11/uss-fitzgerald-mccain-collisions.html. Seventeen sailors died in collisions between our destroyers and lumbering cargo ships during routine passages through busy sealanes. The operational fuckups on the bridges of both USN vessels leading to the collisions will blow your mind. The blame will be concentrated at the ship level, maybe some limited pain will be felt at one or two levels higher, but the problems creating those fuckups go all the way to the top, mostly due to Obama, and his cronies, IMO. I recall photos from dad’s war scrapbook of bodies of American and allied p.o.w.s sitting on benches in slit trenches where they’d been starved and then the bodies hastily burned as the Americans advanced through the Philippines. That was Palawan. Dad was in the SeaBees. So, yeah, give no quarter to anyone denigrating them and their sacrifices. Mikey’s comment did not do that, by my reading.

    Kansas: I too always look forward to Ghost enriching my vocabulary, most recently with “hoon.” Had to look that one up. Another of his apt sayings: “If you can’t get out of it, get into it.” So true. I now use that one often with my kids.

  • ghostsniper November 11, 2017, 4:35 AM

    “The longer I think about it, the better I like Anarcho-Capitalism.”

    On this we can agree.
    When I became a business owner in 1986, that was when my “world education” started and the the unweaving of the massive amount of lies that had been injected into my brain by the system, including 4 years in the army.

    Quickly I learned that it is better to make friends than enemies as the enemies do not fatten my wallet but friends may. The world became my friend, but always with cautious eyes.

    Quickly, also, I learned the US gov’t was my enemy and in time it became the worst enemy there is. Then, and still. It exists only to harm, and harm as many as possible. It is a parasite that attaches itself to everything upon its conception or creation, and like all parasites will not stop ever unless it is killed.

    I believe you, Casey, are a business owner as well and if we were to meet I’m sure we’d get along fine. We understand the bigger picture. I also understand the bigger picture of this rotten assed gov’t. It lives by the *Broken Window Theory* and thus, it relies on it’s soldiers to clean up it’s messes. If the gov’t starts the mess then sends in it’s soldiers to clean it up, it can hardly be said those soldiers have defended my freedom. My freedom exists regardless of anything this rotten assed gov’t does or doesn’t do. The highest threat to my personal freedom doesn’t come from distant lands but rather from this rotten assed gov’t itself.

    As stated, out here in realityland I get along fine with almost all people and haven’t had a serious disagreement with anybody now for well over 10 years, and for me that is gargantuan since I come from a place where every single day brought instances of conflict, mostly of the personality kind regarding clients. It became unbelieveably tiresome.

    So now, I don’t believe soldiers defend my freedoms because my freedoms are rarely threatened by the people the soldiers fight with. The day the soldiers take on the rotten assed gov’t will be the day I stand with them and not one second sooner.

  • ghostsniper November 11, 2017, 2:08 PM

    @Ed, hoon was a word I took away from my time in germany, uttered by another soldier in one our drunken binges. My understanding is it was german for dog. But from that point forth it was used interchangeably with the word “dude”. FWIW, I frequently put the word barren in front of it. “The employee started whining again so I put my foot all the way in his ass and he took off like a barren hoon.”

    Hardly a week goes by that I don’t invent a new word. The temp this morning was around 24 degrees and there was a slight film of ice on the deck boards. As my wife was going out the door to make the rounds of all the bird feeders I told her, “Careful the deck boards are slickery”, . She chuckled and said “OK”.

  • Casey Klahn November 11, 2017, 3:37 PM

    Peace, brethren. Even and especially Mickey. I do perceive a re-telling of the wars America has fought, and it gets my hackles up. Maybe I see it where it doesn’t intend. Sorry if so.

    Ed and Ghost. Yes, gubmint is a huge problem. I liked the statement somebody made where we now have 2 parties in America: the bureaucrats and the citizens.

    Catastrophism aside, I got a new determination when San Bernadino went down. Between ISIS and Auntie Fa, I’d say there is something to worry about. Yes, Ghost, I worry @ gubmint. 2 politicians, in particular, are evil beyond my contempt. They are local; here in the West. They’d cashier me at the drop of a cowboy hat, and sell my DB for the price of a pair of shoes, if given half the chance. For my part, offer them no threat. So goes the culture war, compatriots.

    Here’s what does upset me (you expect this form me, now). Again I have to open up a tweet and see some business offering happy Veterans Day, and the photo is of flipping Russians in uniform!

  • Casey Klahn November 11, 2017, 3:38 PM

    Peace, brethren. Even and especially Mickey. I do perceive a re-telling of the wars America has fought, and it gets my hackles up. Maybe I see it where it doesn’t intend. Sorry if so.

    Ed and Ghost. Yes, gubmint is a huge problem. I liked the statement somebody made where we now have 2 parties in America: the bureaucrats and the citizens.

    Catastrophism aside, I got a new determination when San Bernadino went down. Between ISIS and Auntie Fa, I’d say there is something to worry about. Yes, Ghost, I worry @ gubmint. 2 politicians, in particular, are evil beyond my contempt. They are local; here in the West. They’d cashier me at the drop of a cowboy hat, and sell my DB for the price of a pair of shoes, if given half the chance. For my part, offer them no threat. So goes the culture war, compatriots.

    Here’s what does upset me (you expect this form me, now). Again I have to open up a tweet and see some business offering happy Veterans Day, and the photo is of flipping Russians in uniform!

  • Casey Klahn November 11, 2017, 3:40 PM

    I just wrote a nice, long make-up post. I think they take time to post, so I’ll hold on.

  • Casey Klahn November 11, 2017, 5:18 PM

    Here’s what I wrote.

    Peace, brethren. I’m sorry if I went on a tripwire at you, Mikey. I agree with the faults of catastrophism, as you wrote. In my opinion, there is a concerted effort from the Left, and other extremists, to revanch our good wars. Not on my watch.

    My latest peeve: a tweet by some company commemorating Veterans Day with a photo of uniformed military from some other country! The worst thing in war is to be forgotten.

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