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The More You Joe the More You Know Joe
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The More You Joe the More You Know Joe

Then there’s the overall enthusiasm for the campaign itself:

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  • Desert Rat October 11, 2020, 6:03 PM

    There really needs to be a maximum age limit set for anyone running for elected office. With 35 as the minimum for president then 60 or 65 should be the maximum. Personally, I would administer IQ tests as well but that would likely disqualify at least 50% of current “public servants”.

  • jwm October 11, 2020, 7:17 PM

    Both parties use their burns and out losers in incumbent year elections. It’s a way of putting them out to pasture. (see McCain, Dukakis, et al) Even so, It defies belief that the donks would throw up someone so obviously old, tired, and senile as Biden. Hugh Hewitt was mocking Biden over fifteen years ago. The donks may be evil, but they’re not that stupid. My only conjecture is that they plan on stealing the election, and putting this tired old hack in office, as a ‘Fuck You, what’re you gonna’ do about it?” It’s like the forced masking thing. There is just too much evidence out there that it’s a farce. The reason the donk governors keep it up is political theatre. They’re rubbing our nose in their power to force submission.


  • Kevin in PA October 12, 2020, 4:36 AM

    They may try to steal the election, as JWM suggests, but I think more likely, is Trump wins by the numbers and eventually they concede. The bigger issue is that the economy goes tits up next year and everyone blames Trump. Saying, “He shouldn’t have pushed the trade war with China”, and “he shouldn’t have walked away from the Paris accords”, etc.

  • ghostsniper October 12, 2020, 4:49 AM

    John sed: “It defies belief that the donks would throw up someone so obviously old, tired, and senile as Biden.”

    Indeed! As well as all the other retarded shenanigans they have tried in the past 4 years that can do nothing but hurt them, in a sane world. I keep grounding myself by thinking back to 2016 on the Bill Maher show when he asked the people at the table who would be the next prez and of all of them Ann Coulter was the out front person to say, “Right now, it looks Donald J Trump.” Silence fell upon the room and without exception all of the communists at the table fell into a state of abject incredulity. Then they started nervously laughing. Then they started their insulting comments. Then in a couple months they ate their words. They never got over it.

    In the 4 years since the communists across the board have upped their game exponentially and are now at the point of shear insanity as the silent sanity drowns them out. They aren’t even attempting to be shrewd and cunning, preferring to throw insanity right out front like a billboard hoping to silence the silent majority through hollow fear. See, what they fear is what they believe we fear, but since they have the minds of children their fears are not what adults fear. We laugh at them which makes them even angrier, insaner, more reckless and desperate.

    As the ultimate show of force from the dementia class I would not at all be surprised if thousands of the adolescent communists openly threatened to suicide themselves if the adults in the country did not vow to vote for their head communist. Again, we will open mouth laugh loudly at them.

    Still a few weeks to go, watch the insanity tactics go off the hook. Trumps lame duck 2nd term will be the likes of which the communists never imagined. The day the doors get locked on the rubber rooms and the day care centers.

  • Anonymous October 12, 2020, 6:31 AM

    He meant to say I’m trying your breast.”