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The Day After the Night Before

Relax, things could be worse. Right? Right?

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  • Anonymous November 9, 2022, 11:16 AM

    We’re left a Lego government further populated with diminished participants to inure us of the worse coming.

    Watch for the “Fetterman/Neck Tumor” ticket, ’24.

    It’s over.
    We had a shot in ’20.

  • ghostsniper November 9, 2022, 12:30 PM

    So, they did it again didn’t they?
    Maybe this is the new normal.

    • Anonymous November 9, 2022, 12:52 PM

      Maybe this is the new normal.

    • Mike Austin November 10, 2022, 5:31 AM

      Such antics have been going on a very long time in nations that have allowed voting. Remember that there is no doubt that Nixon won in 1960, but that voting “irregularities” in Democrat Party-run Chicago and parts of LBJ-run Texas threw the election to JFK. The out-and-out corruption we see in plain view in the USA is indeed the “new normal”. There is not one damn thing to be done about this, even though everyone knows about it whether they admit it or not.

      It is an odd thing that probably every state on earth has some sort of voting, including North Korea. People here link “voting” with “democracy” even though the ruling class links “ballots” with “democracy”. “Voting” is the smoke and mirrors that provides the masses with the illusion of freedom. It is the “ballots” that matter: who creates them, who decides how many are required, who fills them out and when they are released. Voting keeps the plebs happy in their “democracy”. “Ballots keep the elites happy in their tyranny.

      Voting now has become a ritual practiced every two years. It has become more and more meaningless, and resembles prisoners being allowed to vote for their taskmasters.

      Pundits and politicians babble on and on about “reform”, but this itself is part of the illusion. There is no “reform” except that which emits from the barrel of a gun.

  • Gagdad Bob November 9, 2022, 1:03 PM

    Looks like Trump has become a drag on the party. Just like truth, energy independence, economic sanity, secure borders, law & order, clean elections, free speech, and opposition to groomers.

  • Casey Klahn November 9, 2022, 2:08 PM

    Trump is being declared a drag by FOX and all media, but another report says he lost 9 of his endorsees, but won on 174. The media narrative is: trump must never run again, and they’ll say anything to make it so.

    The day after the night before: feels exactly like I had a rough night, woke up with a hangover, and because I am still glued to the election results, feels like on top of the hangover I just started drinking again to cure it! Will a nice, wretched barfing cure me now? Make it stop!

    As far as I can tell, the Honorable Steve Hobbs, who is my SecState in Washington, has the cure for election hangover. Stop counting! When your crony Marxist senator incumbent is declared the winner, with 57% of the vote counted, and with a vote percentage of 57%, then fuck it and quit counting! Quit drinking, assholes! Hobbs, like Hitler, neither smokes nor drinks, he’s a sober azz whole but I’ll be damned if he doesn’t know how to cleanly steal an election count.

    As I write, Alaska is for sure GOPe, Georgia is a recount, with the GOPe guy (Heisman trophy football hero) down I guess under 1% last time I looked, and AZ and NV each lean 1 senator each party. 46 dem/48 rep. and two other party senators. As far as I’m concerned the odd party people redound to the benefit of whomever is in power, but I don’t know their politics – just a guess there. Looks to be like 48 dems if they get what they want, and 50 for the GOPe, unless they get GA and that makes 51.

    Three more hours and I can start drinking again.

  • ghostsniper November 9, 2022, 2:15 PM

    There is a problem with the system and the problem is two fold.
    One, the democrats keep stealing elections.
    Two, the republicans keep allowing the stealing.
    “We the people” have not the tools to prevent the stealing.
    “We the people” have the tools to prevent the allowing of the stealing.
    Why continue to reward the republicans for allowing the stealing?
    What if they had an election and the republican voters put out the word that they would not be voting? Would that ignite the republican politicians running and rerunning for office?

    “We the people” will NEVER take up arms against this tyrannical and criminal gov’t.
    But “we the people” can stop providing the tools for the steals.
    That’s probably the only thing that can be done until the whole things fails under it’s own weight, which I believe is inevitable eventually. Just stop voting.

  • ThisIsNotNutella November 9, 2022, 2:56 PM

    I moved to Hong Kong for the car chases and all I got was a 15% flat tax rate and a six month flying visit from the NED in 2H 2019. There have been a few times with speeding golf carts, I guess. But it’s really a stretch. Can I get a refund?