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The Communist Tactics Of Ideological Subversion | Demoralization

The video is most effective if it is done full screen. (If you can stand it)

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  • MarkInKansas May 18, 2021, 10:49 AM

    My apologies. I tried to watch this video but found the sound effects distracting. The sound effects remind me of my real-life encounters here on America’s highways, where-in a fellow truck driver might or might not have an important message to convey to anyone listening, but the echo and reverb plus the clicks and squeals that have been electronically added to his radio system make the message indecipherable.

  • Kevin in PA May 18, 2021, 10:53 AM

    Ya, Yuri was correct and we are now there.

    I’ve seen the Yuri Bezmenov interview in full and this is a little more digestible for most people.

    The fact remains that we are in there midst of a Marxist take-over play and it is only in the early stages. It is going to get nasty soon in my judgement. It is not too late to salvage our nation, but it is going to take one hell of a battle for the hearts and minds of the average Joe.

    I would also like to share my experience with AD readers, of what happened when I went to vote in the primary today.

    For starters, some background may be insightful. I was a registered member of the Libertarian Party from about 1980 until 1995. I declined to vote in 1976, which was the first election I was old enough to vote in. It was after Billy-Jeff was re-elected that I stopped voting. My thinking was that if the nation was so stupid as to re-elect Clinton after his dismal first term (remember Waco?!) then, the nation deserved whatever happened to it.

    I was done with voting, because even at the local level everything I voted for failed and anything I voted against passed. Such was life in the Evergreen State. I moved back east in 2008 shortly before the Magic-Mulatto assumed power. I remained a non-voter until 2020. I did not vote for Trump in ’16. I didn’t trust him nor did I believe him. After watching his performance and more importantly the manner in which he was being attacked, lied about and maligned for anything and everything, and to listen to the squeals of the weasels in the GOP like Pat Toomey, Mitt Romney and the way the left was being driven insane by MAGA policies, I simply had to support the man. His willingness to confront the Chi-Comms was also a powerful reason I wanted to support Trump.

    I voted as an Independent in 2020 and after the debacle that was November 3rd (and everything that has followed) I decided to try and get involved in local politics.

    First, I attempted to get some information from the local GOP about committeeman positions. I made three phone calls and left messages every time. No response. Sent several emails requesting info. No reply. Finally, I contacted my state representative and asked them to call for me, because I was getting nowhere. Well, interestingly within 30 minutes I received a phone call and an email. The email was not signed by anyone and went into some query about who I was and the voting roles indicate the person listed at my address was not a registered Republican, therefore I would not qualify for any position unless I became a member of the GOP. I thought that was interesting. Someone took the trouble of looking me up in the voter roles before addressing my questions. Seems like this local GOP doesn’t want to engage with new blood or outsiders.

    So, I registered as a Republican in order to be involved in getting the right people in and to start culling the deadwood at the primary level.

    Today, I went to go and vote in the primary. I was greeted by some GOP who explained how I should vote on the 4 ballot questions (thanks, but I didn’t need his help) and then, he informed me that such and such candidate for the State Supreme Court that the State GOP has endorsed was not the person I had decided to vote for. My choice, after careful research, was the only judge in the commonwealth to vote not to certify the 2020 election. Got that? The State of Pennsylvania GOP is endorsing a candidate for the State Supreme Court someone other than the only judge who didn’t want to certify the rotten 2020 election.

    I take all of this info and go inside to vote. I am already smelling a rat in the county GOP. My sense is that there is a little clique of local insiders not wanting to allow new blood (especially deplorable Trump supporters) into the party.

    I give my name to the election volunteer and she confirms address and party affiliation (Independent). I said, No. I registered before the deadline and changed to Republican. “Well, the computer isn’t showing that you changed. Would you like to just vote on the 4 ballot questions?” I said, No, I want my full vote. She asks me to wait while she checked with her supervisor. 10 minutes later a fellow comes over and said he went back to last December and nothing showing that I changed my affiliation to become a Republican. I told him I was appalled and annoyed at the local GOP incompetence and someone had better get on the website and fix whatever the problem is with voter registration. He apologized and offered me a form to resubmit my info on a hard paper application and assured me the problem would be remedied in time for the November election.. However, I was not able to vote on anything other than the 4 ballot questions.


  • robert kendall May 18, 2021, 11:14 AM

    basically you cant trust ANYONE who’s been in Politics for more than 5 minutes, the “parties” are both on the Chi Com Influence payroll, even if they dont realize it.

  • Richard May 18, 2021, 11:27 AM

    @Kevin>>>The fact remains that we are in there midst of a Marxist take-over play and it is only in the early stages. It is going to get nasty soon in my judgement.>>>

    I do not want to put to fine a point on it, but when antifa scum and burn, loot, and murder criminals are not only allowed, but encouraged to create and get away with mayhem, while the law-abiding are tased for non-compliance during the scamdemic, it’s already nasty. Things will ratchet-up exponentially when the state makes its play to abolish the Second amendment.
    Your voting experience is unfortunate to say the least. After the ruthless assassination of what was left of the country last November, I see little point in voting anymore. I probably will, however, out of respect for those whose sacrifices have given me the right to do so . I hate how defeatist that sounds, but after witnessing how the November putsch was enacted and executed, I’ve no capacity for optimism. Soap box, ballot box, and jury box all rendered useless by the cancer that is Marxism/Communism.

  • H (science denier) May 18, 2021, 2:24 PM

    Thus Kevin provides yet another shining example of GOP arrogance and dumbassery that explains why the GOP has of late been referred to as “the stupid party”.

    The GOP is a big party, Kevin, and we ain’t invited.

  • Kevin in PA May 18, 2021, 4:45 PM

    I’ve called them the stupid party for a long time. Now, I refer to the GOP as the Dead Elephant Party (credit goes to Pete over at Western Rifle shooters for that nickname).

    With respect to the party we’ve not been invited to I was trying to employ the strategy that Bannon has shared on his WARROOM.COM site. I think the guest’s name is Dan Shultz. He has initiated a nationwide attempt to have MAGA take over the party at the local level….and as they say – all politics is local. It is a fact that across the country there are literally thousands of unfilled seats as committeemen on the GOP side. I understand that roughly half the seats are vacant. The position is vital for being involved and having a voice to get the right candidates past the primary and into the general. So anyway, it’s happening in a lot of states. MAGA people are totally energized from being burned in November 2020 are looking to take control of the party and drive forward the Trump agenda.

    and Richard,

    Yeah, I get it. Things are nasty, but I live in the country. So far it doesn’t effect me…..but I see big trouble on the horizon. Really.

    As a reasonable adult, I’d like to try and get through life without the thrill and excitement of the first-hand experience in a civil war, but I guess sometimes fate doesn’t smile. She scowls.

    I simply can not be silent and sit by complacently. Fuck these people. They know what they did.

  • Rob De Witt May 18, 2021, 7:12 PM

    This would be a very powerful and useful encapsulation of Yuri Bezmenov’s message…..without all the goddam sound effects.

    Now it’s crap.

  • H (science denier) May 18, 2021, 7:41 PM

    Yeah, Kevin, Western Rifle Shooters, where they also say of the dead elephants “they lust for death.” Ours, of course, not theirs; Romney and those of his ilk have already crossed over to the other side. Anyway, perhaps that party without invitations, should be crashed. As in, wrecked.

    Speaking of WRSA, there is a world of good information still up at the old site and well worth archiving for later use:


  • gwbnyc May 20, 2021, 6:58 AM


    all true and blatantly applied, their hold is so firm they are very quickly not bothering to mask the obvious strategies&tactics at all.


  • pie May 22, 2021, 9:46 PM

    Interesting and dramatic. do not fear. embrace your freedom no matter the time or place. we live in a turbulent time and must lead the way for those who would be free. read “tragedy and hope” and you may survive your time in history.