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‘I simply thought that something should be done about the humiliation we must endure to pay our taxes in this country’

In Brazil in 2014, a tax lawyer named Vinicius Leôncio created one of the world’s largest books as a form of protest.

The result of 23 years’ work, Pátria Amada (Beloved Country), is a 7.5-ton testament to the ridiculous immensity and complexity of Brazilian tax laws. Leôncio was the first to bring together every Brazilian tax code in one volume (complete for only a brief moment, as 35 new tax laws are added to Brazilian legislation each day). Its 41,000 pages mean that the book is 2.10 meters thick, towering over any prospective reader. Leôncio spent R$1 million (£205,000) of his own money to print the book in a shed, using an imported Chinese printer accustomed to cranking out billboard posters. He spent an average of five hours a day researching and collecting the laws, with a staff that grew to 37. Three heart attacks, a divorce, and a new marriage failed to dissuade him from his task of highlighting “the surreal, punishing experience” of dealing with a tax system gone haywire. “I simply thought that something should be done about the humiliation we must endure to pay our taxes in this country,” he said. — From cut-out confessions to cheese pages: browse the world’s strangest books 

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  • PA Cat October 3, 2020, 4:18 PM

    In a just world, all 7.5 tons of it would be dropped from a C-130 Hercules right on top of Lois Lerner.

  • ghostsniper October 3, 2020, 5:30 PM

    In an unjust world, the one most of us live in every day, that book is but a molecule compared to the tax laws in the US. Back in the 90’s I heard G Gordon Liddy do a 15 minute monologue on his radio show about the tax laws in the US and it almost dropped me to my knees. Til then I had no idea the depth of the criminality. The average person today has absolutely no idea what it’s all about. This rotten assed gov’t continues to find new and conniving ways to tax everything that moves and does not move in a thousand different ways. Between inflation (another form of taxation), direct taxation, and regulation, this sorry assed gov’t has reduced the lifestyles of virtually every citizen by at least 99%. It is by far the worst criminal organization the world has ever known. People that piss and moan about the taxes the NYT lyingly said Trump pays are light years beyond retarded.