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Tap Dancing Through the Labyrinth

Ah, Gay Paree!
“I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles “

The number of cars burned during Bastille Day festivities rose slightly from 2016, when 855 vehicles were torched, but the number of people arrested last year  — 577  — was far higher.    During Trump’s Paris Visit Migrant Suburbs Saw 900 Cars Burned in Scenes of ‘Intolerable Urban Violence’ – Breitbart

The advantage American citizens have in 2017, that we never had before, is a populist president who can sell the bejeezus out of a health care plan if someone could come up with one that makes sense. But for that to happen, Congress first had to do a hard faceplant in the asphalt, to show the country they are not the right tool for the job. That phase is complete. Time for the next phase. I Tell You How Citizens Can Fix Health Care (Now… | Scott Adams’ Blog

He no longer carried a pocket knife. He had learned long ago that things that go into pockets become habitual. He would forget to take the knife out when he rushed to catch his flight, just as he always forgot to put the knife in his pocket when he went to work in the garden. There would be a scene at the airport, confiscation of the knife, which had been his grandfather’s, and TSA questioning. They might want him to be strip searched. He could miss his flight. Such a large expensive organization as TSA needs justification, and so whereas the TSA officers might be reasonable, he could not count on it. Under the law he could be accused and prosecuted. One never knew. Times Change Out From Under Us 

You can call off trying to solve “Where’s Waldo?”. I found him today in my local Safeway in Paradise.

No doubt about it, LibProgs would love to own slaves:

No item in your life is too big or too small for this variety of liberal busybodying. On the one hand, the viral video you found amusing was actually a manifestation of the patriarchy. On the other hand, you actually have an irresponsibly large number of carbon-emitting children. Liberals can win again if they stop being so annoying and fix their ‘hamburger problem’

There was a third Apple co-founder, Ronald Wayne.Wayne received a 10% stake in Apple. … Less than two weeks later, on April 12, 1976 he relinquished his equity for US$800. Legally, all members of a partnership are personally responsible for any debts incurred by any partner; unlike Jobs and Wozniak, then 21 and 25, Wayne had personal assets that potential creditors could seize. The failure of a slot machine company, which he had started five years earlier also contributed to his decision to exit the partnership. 10 Truth Bombs to Drop at your Next Dinner Party «TwistedSifter

Fruit Punch Pickles Are the Most Walmart Things to Come Out of Walmart 

Nature doesn’t care about your egalitarian laws or your superior IQ. It cares about reproduction and power, and what the barbarians lack in intelligence, they make up for in life energy. We are the anomalies, we are the mistakes, and unless we re-discover the ways of family, tradition, and God, we must be ready to accept the inevitable end that it was us who become so weak as a people that we didn’t even bother having a gate, and that all the barbarians had to do was walk right in. The Barbarians Will Solve Your Sterile Existence 

This wasn’t a day’s ration, this was a week’s ration. Sugar, tea, a cheese slice, margarine, butter, lard, one egg, bacon and four slices of beef. Bon apetit. Food rationing began in January 1940, but excluded fish and a food-like substance called “national bread”. Life expectancy, general health and infant mortality steadily improved throughout the war. Woodpile Report

If the general public has a fear of black crime, it’s because of black crime, not footage of black crime. I mean, that’s obvious, right? How fucking elementary can something be? Because of the board’s refusal to release the surveillance videos, the marauding hoodlums will most likely not be caught (or they will not be caught as quickly as they would have been if people were given the opportunity to, you know, identify them from the footage). They’ll commit more crimes, thus leading to more people having “negative experiences” with black BART riders, thus leading to more suspicion directed at all young black men on the trains. Skeered o’ the Racisms – Taki’s Magazine

“To Murder The Faculty” – These Crazy Yearbook Quotes from a Class of 1911 Prove Teenagers Have Always Been Weird

“Accuracy is no defense against the charge of heresy.”

The term “scientific racism” is a nonsense phrase. It has no meaning in the literal sense, but it carries with it the implication that science is subject to moral scrutiny. It does not matter if the conclusions of your research are accurate, you could still be found guilty of the mortal sin of racism. Accuracy is no defense against the charge of heresy. The PC enforcers may not have an Inquisition, but they have an unlimited supply of Torquemadas. The Torquemadas | The Z Blog

When you profess to one principle, but act in a way contrary to it; when you say you’ll do something, but fail to fulfill that promise; when you disregard a business’s or your employer’s rules, even though you implicitly agreed to them in using its service and taking your job; when you act one way as an anonymous avatar online, and another in real life — in short, when you treat others in a way you wouldn’t want to be treated yourself — you create a rupture, a rift, in your character. You divide one part of yourself from another. 30 Prompts for Reflection on Your Integrity 

The Third Law of Female Journalism: Hostile writing by women about White men as a category tends to be an expression of their yearning to be ravaged by one, compounded by their frustration over remaining unnoticed as an object of such desire. The Third Law Of Female Journalism – PA

A list of common methods of discovering the truth:
1. Personal Experience
2. Experience of People You Know
3. Experts
4. Scientific Studies
5. Common Sense

Pattern Recognition

So a good bullshit filter is taking the list as a whole. A lie will not pass all 6 items. Neither is it likely to even pass a majority of them. Studies and experts may, for instance, tell you that Islam is a religion of peace. But common sense, pattern recognition, and the experiences of people you know would tend to counter the assertion. Discovering Truth | Declination

All You Need To Know For The 2018 Mid-Terms | Western Rifle Shooters Association

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  • ghostsniper July 18, 2017, 6:25 PM

    He no longer carried a pocket knife.
    Cave, thru attrition, let em own you.
    Fuk that.
    Fuk TSA, fuk riding on gov’t hijacked planes, fuk everything gov’t.

    Here on estancia I wear whats comfortable due to conditions and sometimes that means 3/4 naked – shorts only.
    But when I leave the compound for any reason I have my full personal load out installed and capable and that includes 2 tactical folders ready to work, taking lives or saving them, starting with my own, and a host of other things they tend to on a daily basis. Knives are just dammed handy, and sometimes necessary, to NOT have one on me when I step out into society. Same with my flashlights. Fenix LD09 w/ 14500 3.7v battery in my right front pocket and my Photon Freedom on my key ring.

    Once, a sloppy blob of gov’t watchdog visually stalked me walking across the parking lot of a gov’t facility and as soon as I entered he accosted me with firearm drawn, but not pointed, and said I need to leave my knife in my vehicle. Obviously he had seen the pocket clip on my Gerber Quick Draw and did his best batman impression to subdue the imminent danger before skoonz of working people were slaughtered by this white privileged menace.

    I almost spontaneously burst out laughing when that obese glob of shit approached. He could have been instantly dispatched with a sharp nutkik and then a punch to the throat as he lurched forward and his next of kin would have reaped their pending gov’t reward. A Buck 112 was in my back pocket the whole time.

    Fuk em ded, nobody gets to say what I’ll possess.
    It would never even occur to me to tell other people what they can have.
    Frankly, I have better things to do with my time than waste it by sticking my nose in other people’s business. People hired to mind the business of others should be condemned to live on a deserted island a few miles off the coast of Antarctica along with the people that hired them.

  • Snakepit Kansas July 20, 2017, 4:34 AM

    I’ve carried knives twice to airports, forgetting they were in a pocket. Once in Kansas City when it was caught through the scanner in a coat pocket. TSA kindly gave it to me and pointed me to a small drop box where I could easily mail it to myself for $10. That was all reasonable. The second time I had to relinquish it since there was not a drop box in Wichita to mail it back and I did not have time to take it back to my parked car on the back 40. Coincidentally I was the winner of the “random search” at the gate. In both cases TSA was reasonable about the whole thing. Similar to Ghost’s experience, while taking a elderly friend to the social security office, I was met a the door by security and told to get rid of my Spiderco folder that goes with me most places when I am not wearing wing tips. The guard was an ass.

  • jwm July 20, 2017, 8:44 AM

    We have legions of lefties whose purpose in life is to “CHANGE THE WORLD”. Four decades, now, children have been taught this from kindergarten to grad school. “The world” means people. Human nature can not be changed. But the children can dream up something to be offended by, and work very hard to pass laws against it. This is religion to much of America, and they are fanatical. And look at the result: It is impossible to take a close look at daily life and not be reminded of the creeping totalitarianism that has taken away so much of our liberty. Pocket knives, cigarettes, grocery bags, self-censoring our speech both in person and on-line. 24/7 lies and disinformation from the media. Roberts hit on it all. The very serious problem that this creates is personal. If you allow yourself to focus on it you become angry. And the anger is real and poisonous. So you tend to avoid that which sparks the rage, because the rage is misery, and the rage is hell. I drive less. I hate walking into a market. The beach has become a disgusting freak show of once-pretty girls who trashed their bodies with tattooing. Radio sucks, and I can’t even think of watching a TV set. Keep dodging the crap, avoiding the reminders. I wait for some well meaning sort to suggest that I “get involved” and join the fight against the left. Yes, that’s it. I shall become a wholly and totally political creature and devote my time, money, and energy, attention into changing the world back the way it was, and ought to be. Surely happiness lies in that direction.


  • Howard Nelson July 21, 2017, 6:32 PM

    Ah, Waldo, some see your shirt of stripes red and white, but quite miss across your chest the field of blue where glow the 50 stars so true.
    Clothed in glory, thank you for your story.