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In the early weeks of 2005 Philip Johnson died, at the age of ninety-eight, in the most elegant sickroom imaginable, the Glass House, the open-plan interior of which had been outfitted with a hospital bed that, along with around-the-clock nursing care, made it possible for its architect to spend his final days overlooking the site of some of his happiest moments as a cultural power broker. His rigorous aestheticism persisted to the very end. Lamster poetically reconstructs his exit scene: A gentle snow began to fall through the New Canaan woods. Johnson had always thought the Glass House was most magical that way; the falling snow created the illusion that you were rising on what he called a “celestial elevator.” The Godfather

A bad day at blue rock The Day the Dinosaurs Died The asteroid was vaporized on impact. Its substance, mingling with vaporized Earth rock, formed a fiery plume, which reached halfway to the moon before collapsing in a pillar of incandescent dust. Computer models suggest that the atmosphere within fifteen hundred miles of ground zero became red hot from the debris storm, triggering gigantic forest fires. As the Earth rotated, the airborne material converged at the opposite side of the planet, where it fell and set fire to the entire Indian subcontinent. Measurements of the layer of ash and soot that eventually coated the Earth indicate that fires consumed about seventy percent of the world’s forests. Meanwhile, giant tsunamis resulting from the impact churned across the Gulf of Mexico, tearing up coastlines, sometimes peeling up hundreds of feet of rock, pushing debris inland and then sucking it back out into deep water, leaving jumbled deposits that oilmen sometimes encounter in the course of deep-sea drilling.

Transgender woman Rachel McKinnon, center – as if I have to explain —  celebrates her first-place finish at UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championship in Los Angeles MOTUS A.D.: You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

Even New York’s millionaires are fleeing to less expensive cities With the alarming outflow of city residents — many of them wealthy bankers — New York state lost a staggering $8.4 billion to other states in 2016, the latest year data are available, one study shows. And that was up from $4.6 billion annually on average during the prior four years.

Shark Bed Sheets

“The Balloon-Hoax”by” Edgar Allan Poe As soon as the balloon quits the earth, it is subjected to the influence of many circumstances tending to create a difference in its weight; augmenting or diminishing its ascending power. For example, there may be a deposition of dew upon the silk, to the extent, even, of several hundred pounds; ballast has then to be thrown out, or the machine may descend. This ballast being discarded, and clear sunshine evaporating the dew, and at the same time expanding the gas in the silk, the whole will again rapidly ascend. To check this ascent, the only recourse is, (or rather was, until Mr. Green’s invention of the guide-rope,) the permission of the escape of gas from the valve; but, in the loss of gas, is a proportionate general loss of ascending power; so that, in a comparatively brief period, the best-constructed balloon must necessarily exhaust all its resources, and come to the earth. This was the great obstacle to voyages of length.

SWAT Team Raids House To Save A Toddler After His Parents Didn’t Take Him To Hospital Despite 105F Fever In scenes reminiscent of a drug or anti-terrorist raid, police in Chandler, Arizona kicked down the door of a house to look for a 2-year-old boy, who had reportedly come down with a dangerously high fever. The boy was unvaccinated, and his mother was ignoring the pleas of doctors to take him to the emergency room. She was afraid of getting into trouble for not vaccinating her child. When health officials visited the house to do a welfare check the father allegedly refused them entry, saying that the fever had passed and the boy was now fine. This prompted the police to take the matter into their own hands.

Why Physicists Tried to Put a Ferret in a Particle Accelerator After her first run, she emerged “looking a little tired and bemused but otherwise quite healthy,” according to Beck. She’d pulled the string all the way through. As planned, workmen pulled the swab through the tubes. It came out covered with specks of dust and steel.

JR Creates Enchanting Street Art Illusion to Celebrate the Louvre Pyramid French street artist JR is helping the Louvre celebrate the 30th anniversary of its famed glass pyramid by surrounding it with a dramatic optical illusion. Along with 400 volunteers, JR placed 2,000 sheets of paper around the Louvre Pyramid to create the appearance that it’s rising from a rock quarry.

Chả Rươi- Gastro ObscuraAlso known as the sandworm omelet, chả rươi is a rare Vietnamese dish that is popular in the North, especially Hanoi. It’s uncommon even among locals because the worm, which dwells in northern wetlands, can be found only in the fall. For the rest of the year, frozen sandworms can be used, but the best chả rươi uses fresh ones.

518-Million-Year-Old Sea Creature Fossil Sheds New Light On Comb Jelly

Teddy Boy Terror: The British Subculture That Invented Teen Angst Born from post-war gloom in the early 1950s, Teddy Boys (Teds, as they preferred to be called) were Britain’s original teen subculture. All others; mods, rockers, punks, and so on, can be traced back to this phenomenon. Indeed, even the Beatles have the Teddy Boy fad to thank for their signature styles.

The Pink Car for Women in the 1950s Named the Dodge La Femme, this sassy car sported a Heather Rose and Sapphire White two-tone exterior and came complete with a matching set of accessories that, Chrysler hoped, every girl-about-town would want to be seen with.

A Brief (But Global) History of Ketchup  China – another country with which the U.S. is in the middle of a serious trade spat – was likely the original source of the condiment with something that sounded like “ke-chiap.” It likely originated as a fish-based sauce many centuries ago, a condiment akin to the many fermented sauces one finds throughout southeast Asia. It was primarily used as a seasoning for cooking.

The Sweets Section at Mercado de la Merced “ Mexico City, Mexico – Gastro Obscura Multicolored piñatas and lollipops dangle overhead, while aromas of citrus, sugar, and spice waft from stalls. There’s a treat for every palate: Baskets overflow with homemade coconut-stuffed limes, peanut brittle (palanqueta), sticks of creamy, caramel-filled dulce de leche, and chili- or sugar-coated tamarind balls. Many of the offerings, from bright candied fruit to boxes of commercial sweets, are stacked in tantalizing mountains.

Hall of North American Mammals“ New York, New York

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  • BillH April 4, 2019, 8:32 AM

    Transgender woman Rachel McKinnon, center… Those two flanking McKinnon could hold their own at any lgbtq outing. Wonder if there was a keeper in the field?

  • JiminAlaska April 4, 2019, 9:00 AM

    The 3 kids seized by the state; another article notes the 105° fever had broken, a reasonable parent hence might not take a child to the emergency room. Bored Panda’s take seems to be the state always knows what’s best.

  • rabbit tobacco April 4, 2019, 9:03 AM

    where are rachel’s puppies?

  • Marica April 4, 2019, 9:30 AM

    Not to put too fine an edge on it, but shark sheets are just stupid. w.t.f.

  • ghostsniper April 4, 2019, 9:46 AM

    I must have missed the first episode.
    If your child has been vaccinated and several years later encounters a sick child that has not been vaccinated, how is that harmful to your child? I thought the purpose of the vaccination was to prevent the disease from getting to you no matter what. If it doesn’t do that, then why take it?

    If those jackboots kicked my door in for any reason at all they would have encountered a hail of shrapnel.

  • PA Cat April 4, 2019, 11:16 AM

    “. . . shark sheets are just stupid.”
    I imagine they could become quite the fashion item in some lawyers’ bedrooms.

  • Anon April 4, 2019, 3:05 PM

    If your child is vaccinated there is between a 80%-99% chance that they cannot get the disease. It varies with different vaccinations. If 100% of the population is vaccinated even that 80% number is sufficient to prevent the disease from breaking out if someone from a foreign country were to come here with that disease. But the most important point is that unborn children and very young children/babies CAN get the disease. And THAT is why everyone should be vaccinated!!!

  • Walter Sobchak April 4, 2019, 3:16 PM

    “. . . shark sheets are just stupid.”


  • Bill Chunko April 4, 2019, 7:58 PM


    Nah. The two flanking mckinnon are real women, and quite attractive at that. But then, I have an association with Track racing and most of those women are really hot!

  • Geoff C. the Saltine April 4, 2019, 8:49 PM

    Tell me you have been to The Hall of North American Mammals. Wow.

  • John the River April 5, 2019, 6:00 AM

    I’m not wealthy but NYC is at the top of the list of places that I would not accept a job offer.
    Just below San Francisco and Los Angelos.
    As close as I have come to refusing a job in NYC is refusing a job offer in Hempstead LI, just over the border of the City. I mean, Long Islanders! No way!

    Incidentally, did you hear that the bar AOC bartendered at has gone out of business due to the new $15/hour minimum wage? That’s rich.

  • JiminAlaska April 5, 2019, 11:41 AM

    Anon’s “And THAT is why everyone should be vaccinated!!!” argument could be applied and be equally valid (or invalid) to; gun ownership, anti-gun ownership, universal health insurance, uncovered swimming pools, mosquito repellent, fire places, plastic bags (reduce chance of child suffocation), smoking, revolving doors, escalators, banana peels, pasteurized milk, rice balls, boiling water, and, of course, cow farts.

  • Anon April 5, 2019, 3:46 PM

    Jimin. Yes unless you had more than two brain cells and then no.

    I will give you a C+ on pasteurized milk but doubt you will understand why.

    100 years ago and more it was common that half of the children born would die before age 18 and most of them before age 5 mostly from diseases that we now vaccinate for. For close to the last three generations vaccinations have removed us from that horror. I can not tell you the palpable fear that my mother had of polio, she had polio as a child and when I was young in the 40’s and 50’s polio was a devastating disease. When the vaccine was invented for it they gave it to me and every child in school. What a relief that was for parents and grandparents since most victims of polio were children. I can remember as a toddler my mother took me with her to visit an adult (maybe an uncle, I’m not sure since I was about 4 YO) in an iron lung in the hospital. It was a little scary the machine was noisy and the adults in the room were very somber since they all knew this man was going to die soon. THAT is the kind of thing vaccines prevent and THAT is what our younger generations of people are clueless about. What you don’t know can hurt you and it can hurt others.

    A short personal story: My three grandchildren came to live with us when their mom was put in jail for drug related charges. She was a no vaxer. I feel bad that she did hard time (actually women’s prison is more like a college dorm that you cannot leave) but I am so happy we were able to get the children vaccinated.

  • mmack April 5, 2019, 4:09 PM


    I liked the link on the 1955-56 Dodge La Femme. Chrysler marketing got halfway there to my late mother in law. As a single gal with the means to buy a new car in 1956 she bought from Chrysler all right: a 1956 Plymouth Belvedere sedan, which she still owned when she met my late father in law and brought my wife home in it from the hospital when she was born.

    I suspect part of it was her independence (Me, buy that pink Dodge? hah!) and part of it was Virgil Exner’s styling. Goodness knows what he had against Horace and John Dodge, but from 1955 – 59, every Dodge car he styled got whacked in the grill with the ugly stick.

  • Snakepit Kansas April 6, 2019, 6:17 AM

    Beautiful wildlife paintings. I’ve been working on a buffalo off and on for a couple years. This gives me some inspiration to get back to it.

  • Jeff Brokaw April 6, 2019, 6:20 AM

    I keep waiting for the females that finish second to appeal or complain or something.

    How can somebody train for years and then accept a bullshit result like that? You got screwed. Force the issue. It’s wrong.