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Suffer Not the Communist (Apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

All we have of freedom, all we use or know—
This our fathers bought for us long and long ago.

Ancient Right unnoticed as the breath we draw—
Leave to live by no man’s leave, underneath the Law.

Lance and torch and tumult, steel and grey-goose wing
Wrenched it, inch and ell and all, from the Communist.

Till our fathers ‘stablished, after bloody years,
How our Communist is one with us, first among his peers.

So they bought us freedom—not at little cost
Wherefore must we kill the Communist, lest our gain be lost,

Over all things certain, this is sure indeed,
Suffer not the Communist: for we know the breed.

Give no ear to bondsmen bidding us endure.
Whining “He is weak and far”; crying “Time shall cure.”,

(Time himself is witness, till the battle joins,
Deeper strikes the rottenness in the people’s loins.)

Give no heed to bondsmen masking war with peace.
Suffer not the old Communist here or overseas.

They that beg us barter—wait his yielding mood—
Pledge the years we hold in trust—pawn our brother’s blood—

Howso’ great their clamour, whatsoe’er their claim,
Suffer not the Communist under any name!

Here is naught unproven—here is naught to learn.
It is written what shall fall if the Communist return.

He shall mark our goings, question whence we came,
Set his guards about us, as if in Freedom’s name.

He shall take a tribute, toll of all our ware;
He shall change our gold for arms—arms we may not bear.

He shall break his judges if they cross his word;
He shall rule above the Law calling on the Lord.

He shall peep and mutter, and in the night shall hiss
Watchers ‘neath our window, lest we mock the Communist—

Hate and all division; hosts of hurrying spies;
Money poured in secret, carrion breeding flies.

Strangers of his counsel, hirelings of his pay,
These shall deal our Justice: sell—deny—delay.

We shall drink dishonour, we shall eat abuse
For the Land we look to—for the Tongue we use.

We shall take our station, dirt beneath his feet,
While his hired captains jeer us in the street.

Cruel in the shadow, crafty in the sun,
Far beyond his borders shall his teachings run.

Sloven, sullen, savage, secret, uncontrolled,
Laying on a new land evil of the old—

Long-forgotten bondage, dwarfing heart and brain—
All our fathers died to loose he shall bind again.

Here is naught at venture, random nor untrue—
Swings the wheel full-circle, brims the cup anew.

Here is naught unproven, here is nothing hid:
Step for step and word for word—so the old Communists did!

Step by step, and word by word: who is ruled may read.
Suffer not the Communists: for we know the breed—

All the right they promise that their Utopias persist.
Stewards of America, suffer not this Communist!

[apologies to Rudyard Kipling]

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  • PJ July 2, 2020, 2:27 PM

    Well done.

    And that photo is all the more haunting because the victims look to be living in 2020.

  • Gordon Scott July 2, 2020, 2:57 PM

    I don’t think Rudyard would be too upset. He was as keen an observer as there ever has been.

  • Stargazer July 2, 2020, 3:37 PM

    Heartbreaking! Where and when was that picture taken?

  • RigelDog July 2, 2020, 3:55 PM

    The photograph appears to have been a picture of a staged protest. From Snopes, who acquired an actual physical copy: “It was taken in the late 1980s at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and depicts a performance by a local “guerrilla theater” group.”

  • OneGuy July 2, 2020, 4:07 PM

    The important part of that picture (even if it is staged) is the look on the young ladies face. She just now realized that Che was not the dashing handsome freedom fighter she believed he was. My operating theory in life is if anyone seems friendly on the street my sixth sense starts telling me to look around, keep walking, say something meaningless and placating as I put distance between us. For sure there are nice people in the world but it is a little unnatural and unnerving for a perfect stranger to come up on you smiling and trying to glad hand you. The lesson in the picture is she/they should have had a gun themselves. They/she should have seen this coming. And when they came to her door and said “come with us” she should have used the gun. Can you imagine how history would have been different if every Jewish family in the 1930’s had a gun? Now come up with any reasonable answer to why Democrats want to take our guns.

  • Joe Krill July 2, 2020, 4:23 PM

    Why do people keep calling them democrats? They are Marxist Communists aching for a fight.

  • Kevin in PA July 2, 2020, 5:01 PM

    Joe Krill for the win!
    Filthy, Marxist Communists.

  • Jack July 2, 2020, 5:03 PM

    I would derive much pleasure from eradicating marxists, especially the home-grown variety that are popping up with impunity, running their games and finding no forceful and bloody resistance and retaliation for their emergence.

    Freedom of speech exists for free men to protect free men and it should not be permitted when its sole intent is sedition and the destruction of this Republic. Fuck’em and fuck’em again, they deserve death upon arrival and no quarter. They exist, therefore, they die.

  • Bill Jones July 2, 2020, 5:22 PM

    Anybody know what’s up with Remus?

    No Woodpile for three weeks.

  • Vanderleun July 2, 2020, 5:50 PM

    Nobody seems to know and he is not answering emails.

  • Callmelennie July 3, 2020, 6:04 AM

    Seeing as how Remus finishes every post with a picture referencing WWII, I’m guessing he is (was) old enough to have actual memories of that era, making him at least 80 years old

    And seeing as how his wife just died, all these signs seems to point to one thing … hes with his wife now

  • Neuday July 3, 2020, 8:56 AM

    I’m just going to start saying heartfelt goodbyes to everyone over 60, every time I leave them.
    Woodpile was one of the best ever. Truly, what the internet was supposed to be; simple, without ads, no videos or spinning logos, no begging for money, intellectually and creatively profitable, and infused with one man’s personality. An old friend sharing links of what he found interesting or enlightening, interspersed with old ads or photos, and no fluff. You guys know all this, but still . . .


  • ghostsniper July 3, 2020, 9:04 AM

    I don’t think there’s anything ominous with Remus.
    I think he’s leading by example.
    Going dark has no down side.

  • Joan Of Argghh! July 3, 2020, 10:24 AM

    I did not know that “Remus'” wife had died. Condolences to him and the boys.

  • Jack Lawson July 5, 2021, 11:32 AM

    The real story of a “Communist legend…”

    From ‘Mr. Young’ of my Special Forces Association Chapter…

    “Mr. Young.” I call him that because he looks younger, not older, each time I meet him at the SF chapter breakfasts. He trained the Bolivian Army unit and assisted them in hunting down that murderous, Cuban wannabe ‘soldier’ Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967. They killed Guevara’s men and captured him.

    The United States wanted him alive for intelligence purposes… but the Bolivian Army Commanders were petrified of Guevara and ordered a Bolivian Sergeant into the hut where a wounded Guevara was kept and shot nine rounds from an American .30 Caliber Carbine into him, killing him.

    Guevara is worshiped by the impassioned young, confused and seriously misdirected people looking for a social hero and who believe the legend… but don’t know the facts.

    According to ‘Mr. Young,’ Guevara quickly became a joke of a tactician to them. The Bolivian Army and ‘Mr. Young’ couldn’t believe the blunders Guevara was making as they tracked him down.

    At first, they thought he was trying to fake them out… then they realized that he was simply screwing up… and that he didn’t know what he was doing. Apparently, the same bungling strategy he was using in Bolivia caused Guevara to flee from the Belgian Congo in his attempt to overthrow that country earlier.

    An incompetent tactician, terrible leader and a poor excuse for a soldier, who rode to fame on the wave of revolution in Cuba and his personal execution of thousands of innocent Cubans, along with the bad ones.

    Most ‘Bourgeoise Cubans’ Guevara executed, were simply guilty of making something of themselves… showing ambition, hard work and building something out of nothing. Many of them good people executed under protest by the common people who liked them. Communist hysteria outdid these protesting people.

    Far from a proficient or capable soldier, Guevara began to believe the fantasy stories about himself. Like Clint Eastwood said in the movie… “A man has got to know his limitations.” Guevara didn’t, and that caused his death.

    As a side note for the worshipers of Guevara, he was obsessed with not bathing and proud of his foul body smell. The story goes, one of the women in the Cuban cane fields he had sex with vomited from his body odor. His death was the best thing for clean air, hygiene and humanity since Mother Teresa.

    But as the saying goes… “When the story becomes a legend, print the legend.” Che Guevara has become a legend.

    The moral of the story… Do not fear the Communists any more than you fear the boogeyman… most all of their image is deception.

    Jack Lawson
    Honorary Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Author of “The Slaver’s Wheel”, “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil,” “Civil Defense Manual” and “In Defense.”

    “As we fought for the ideals of freedom and for those on the left and right of us, we judged each other only by the most important of characteristics… nerve, courage and the willingness to stand in harm’s way for others… those abstract values that transcend the color of skin or the shape of eyes. During this respite from human pettiness, whatever our race, creed or ethnicity, at that time we were one.” – An anonymous Special Operations soldier

  • Vanderleun July 5, 2021, 2:16 PM

    Excellent anecdote, Lawson.

    And that reminds me to give a good shout out to Lawson and his encyclopedia CIVIL DEFENSE MANUAL. I commend this to my readers since, even though a bit pricy, it is wall to wall and floor to ceiling chock full of excellent information.

    Found at


    This manual was so compelling to me that I began to carry one of its two volumes around in my car on the passenger seat for perusal over lunch or other times when I needed to read something that made sense.

    Evidently, others thought so as well since one afternoon upon returning to my car in the Trader Joes parking lot here in Chico I found t hat both volumes had been stolen. It was the only thing t hat the thieves thought worth stealing. A solid endorsement even if I am the less for it.

  • Jack Lawson July 5, 2021, 3:08 PM

    Mr. Vanderleun…

    Post or don’t post… your decision.

    Thank you, but it is not necessary to plug my book… I have sold thousands of them. It is not cheap… but I am a patriot believer in Individual Rights and a concerned citizen first… and from experience… I try to be a business fool last.

    I comment because, even though I’ve lost most of my hatreds over the years, I still loathe Communists with every fiber in my body. They are not human… the only way in which to coexist peacefully with them is to remove them from our existence.

    I’ve seen these barbarous bastards first hand… an African woman with her ears, nose and lips cut off. Her husband forced to cook them and eat them in front of the entire village in the dead of the night. Why? Simply because their son was in the Rhodesian Army. WTF!? What sane person could conceive of that?

    Six-month-old babies bayoneted… a Grandmother forced to choose between her whole family living and beating her six-month-old Grandson to death with a club… ad nauseum. Those ‘cruel whites’ (sarcasm) flew this black African woman to Salisbury, Rhodesia Africa where a plastic surgeon reconstructed her face. I could tell you more stories of what I saw and know… but few would believe them.

    It was one of the only wars that the Communists trained an 85-man unit to go into Rhodesia… not to fight us, but kill their own men because of their ‘Communist Zeal.’ After his election, mugabe, the head Commie mucky-mucky, herded the remaining 32 of these men into a building in Mozambique and shot each one in the head after he assassinated his General who formed this unit. Read “Blood… the ink of my autopsy” if you can find it. Written by a surviving member of this unit.

    My black combat partner was scared to death of the Commies winning. He would be a hunted man… and was killed after the “Truth and Reconciliation” hearings during the Commie’s ‘Justice Killings.’ “Justice Killings” …sounds similar to the semantics dribble now coming out of the Liberal’s mouths. Both my COs beat it the hell out of there after the ‘cease fire.’

    We won all the battles and defeated the terrorists… but lost the country to Commie Carter and Commie Andrew Young, along with the Leftists (Commies) in the British Government. That we won is not my opinion… but that of the Communist’s Commanding General who admitted it, after they took control. ‘Zimbabwe’ has now been raped of every last dollar for Swiss bank accounts and black and white machined gunned for protesting starvation. But you’ll never read that in the mainstream news. I know because my wife is from there and gets the bush telegraph news.

    But, if you listen to the mainstream news media and American African Historians (‘Experts’ who have never set foot on the continent), those white Rhodesians were so horrible (sarcasm). Africa is the “Continent of the Apocalypse Now” …and “The Land of Blood and Tears.” I know… because I lived amongst the black Africans in the bush there for almost three years. They are beautiful and caring people… just fucked over by their ‘leaders.’

    Not to appear ‘mercenary’ for listing my books. Mercenary is the term ‘Mr. Young’ jokingly calls me from my African exploits, but my name signoff is one of many I use.

    Just like this one…

    Jack Lawson
    Honorary Member, Sully H. deFontaine Special Forces Association Chapter 51, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Author of “The Slaver’s Wheel”, “A Failure of Civility,” “And We Hide From The Devil,” “Civil Defense Manual” and “In Defense.”

    As one member of our Commando wrote in later years: “That country (Rhodesia) has cast a long shadow over our lives, has it not?”
    As one struggles to endure the daily mundane of life, I realize he is right. He wrote on…
    “Rhodesia is a woman whose name is forever written upon our hearts – against whom no earthly flesh and blood of female can ever compete. We shed our blood, sweat, tears and the blood of others answering her siren call. Now that the winds and the rains have washed away the stench of the rotting corpses, we remember only the flair of our youth as we jousted lockstep with an opponent equally as determined to rid the world of us, as we him.”
    “Anoma – Anoma – Anoma!” Swahili for “I am a poor man – I am a poor man – I am a poor man!”
    “But I am a rich man and she (Rhodesia) has made me so. We loved her like no other. Oh, how I miss her and my friends so!”
    What amazing words, from yet another one of the guys in my Commando who appeared so ignorant that I didn’t think he knew how to read, let alone capture the spirit of then with such eloquent words.

  • Jack Lawson July 5, 2021, 3:10 PM

    Mr. Vanderleun…

    Send me your postal address and I will send you a couple of more copies of the Civil Defense Manual… one for at home/office and one for your vehicle.


  • Casey Klahn July 5, 2021, 9:04 PM

    Upthread is: required reading for all. My hat’s in my hand.